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manhwa is like Boarding diary . Nntheblog will cover today’s adult manga and other manhwa like it. Nntheblog presents lists with top 10+ manhwa like Boarding diary This is Toptoon’s Greatest Manhwa. Current Rank 1 (China) and Rank 4 (Korea). The art is the most beautiful artwork in all 18+ Korean manhwa. Story Sweet story without NTR (MC perspective). It’s Vanilla. It’s not drag-driven, like Toptoon Manhwas. Characters Each character has a unique style that will make you enjoy their time on screen. Overall, a great manhwa that anyone can enjoy. If you are a fan of Vanilla or MILF you should read this.

Meena Chano is the author of the story. It can be found in chapter 120. The full story of an interesting person is shown to you. It’s amazing and people love it. The story is now available.

TOP 10+ Manhwa like Boarding diary

This manga is similar to Boarding diary.

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13: Father’s Lust

Father lust

Yeon Hee’s family lives a miserable, but happy life in the rooftop room of a college dorm. Her father’s eyes saw the image of her old daughter one day. My body won’t listen, even though I don’t want my daughter.

Father’s Lust manhwa can also be called jamaewa’s sister and stepfather’s father; sister, and New Father Zi Yu Ji F. The webtoon currently in production launched in 2019. Alien illustrates the story. Webtoon The Father’s Lust focuses on Adult, Drama.

12: Sweet Man

Sweet man

Once upon a time there was an unlucky loser, but one day he was given a power. It may be difficult to understand. The answer is… Hard to explain but he knows how to teach lost girls.

The Sweet Guy Manhwa can also be called (AKA: “He Do a Good Job with a Body”). The final version of the webtoon was launched in 2014. It was created and illustrated by LEE WON SIK.

11: Mother Hunt

Mother Hunt

Would you like to include it? Wedding ring Wedding ring! When Sanghyun heard moaning in the lecture hall, he found the location of Junbeom, the star instructor who assaulted an unmarried woman. He is made to listen to an exclusive lecture about Baekjung’s married woman in exchange for keeping her secret.

Mother Hunt manhwa can also be known as Mother Hunt. A webtoon in production released in 2020. Naru illustrates the story and OUM creates it. Mother Hunting Webtoon is a drama, adult, and romantic story.

10: Housemaid

Household servant

A depressed and unhappy father neglected by his wife and daughter. He also suffers from a midlife crisis. Then, a beautiful housekeeper came to help him.

Housemaid Manhwa, also known as Housemaid Manhwa, is a webtoon created by Housemaid Manhwa. The webtoon currently in production is launching in 2021. The series is written by HEAUN, Kimono, and illustrated by HEAUN, Kimono, and Kimono.

Housemaid Webtoon focuses on Romance and Drama stories

9: The Amazing New World

Amazing New World

Ho-Seung is an arrogant worker in an office in Korea who installs cameras in the women’s bathroom.

Ho-Seung is eventually found not guilty. His demotion was announced by the manager after a while. Even though it looks like he won,

8: The Virgin’s Son-in-law

Virgin Son-in-law

Jung Eunkyung, who has been in love with Park Kyutae Park Hyungsoo for seven years, started to take an interest in her older brother’s partner.

Hyungsoo was not only attracted to Jung Eunkyung but also to Da Boyoung. His sister-in-law is the woman he likes. She wasn’t sure which option she would choose in a forbidden marriage, where everything had to remain private.

7: Runaway Family

Runaway Family

I’m looking for a big family…” Eunyul is a single man living in a big house after his father divorced him. Eun-Yul wants to experience the joy of being part of a family connection and invites a group of people with their own stories and experiences to join her on her journey of creating a harmonious family.

He had not considered the lust he would feel for his sister. He felt a strong desire to have something he had never had. A strange cohabitation begins.

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6: Stay with Ajumma

Live with Ajumma

Jeong Hoo Middle School graduate is now an abandoned child. His only source of joy and warmth comes from Ajumma, an old woman.

He gets fired and moves into his house, where he starts a new chapter with Ajumma Noona. Even though he gets lost every day, he can still overcome the obstacles in this space and will be with Ajumma for the rest of his days.

5: My owner Noona

My owner Noona

The story is about Min-woo, a 20-year-old boy who forms an interesting friendship with Hari. Hari takes care of Min-woo around the clock and is a very considerate property owner. His home is where he lives.

Min-woo uses “Ajumma” Day, not noona. However, he admits Hari… But, when Min-woo claims that he doesn’t believe Min-woo is an individual, his pride is affected, and new developments begin to occur.

4: Stepmom’s friend

Stepmother's friend

When I was little, my mother died. I was left to live with my father. Father did everything to ease my sadness so that I could live life without worry.

My father introduced me to an attractive young woman when I was a teenager. She was his favorite because of her husband’s wealth. After witnessing her love for my father, I was slowly able to confess my love for her.

Seowoo is a child who has never had a close relationship. However, Seowoo didn’t realize it until she watched the clip online. Seowoo learns about the secrets of her stepmother’s daughter and other acquaintances. This made them feel closer to each other, their stepmother and family.

3: Dance Department Female Sunbae

Dance Department Female Sunbae

Tae-Ho is the only member of the Dance Department who finds strange pants in the Dance Room. Her eyes opened to the world around them and she began to stretch.

Sunbaes for Girls Manhwa is the dance department which includes the women from the Dance Department. It is also known as Dance and Ladies, Ballerino. In 2022, the webtoon was launched. This webtoon was created and written by RISE UP King. It is illustrated by Black Rabbit. The Dance Department’s Women’s Webtoon, Webtoon Sunbaes, is all about Harem Drama and Romance.

2: The Perfect Roommate

The perfect roommate

These girls are not related! These girls are gold diggers! They will not let me down.

Jay, a 21 year old college student, is the main character of the story. Jay’s life is about to change completely when his father announces that he is remarrying and two half sisters enter his house. His friend said that they wanted to inherit his father’s fortune.

1: Keep this a secret from your mom

Keep this a secret from your mother

Hae-Seong is accepted into an elite school and lives with Yeona, his daughter who loves sports and their new life.

Although he believes that being a good student is enough to succeed in life, the best student can also be great at love.



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