Manga Like Chainsaw Man: Our Top 10
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Manga Like Chainsaw Man: Our Top 10

This is our list of the top 16 Manga Like Chainsaw Man. We really hope you will enjoy it too. Let’s do it.


The story takes place in a world where demons are born out of human fear. Demons are generally dangerous and evil, their power is proportional to the fear they cause. However, humans could contract them to use their powers, and there were individuals who specialized in hunting and employing them, called Demon Hunters. Demons originate from Hell and exist in a cycle between Earth and Hell: they migrate to Earth when killed in Hell, and vice versa. In Hell dwells extremely powerful demons called Primal Fears, who have never been killed. The transit between planes seems to be overseen by the Devils of Hell.

16. Sankarea: Eternal Love

    Sankarea: Eternal Love (Manga Like a Sawman)

Chihiro Furuya is a male high school student who is very interested in zombies, collects videogames, movies and manga related to zombies, and even wants to “kiss zombie girls”. After the death of his pet cat, Babu, he tries to revive him using an ancient script, which describes the process of making a resurrection potion. At this time, he meets a girl named Rea Sanka, who has run away from home. In an attempt to kill himself, he drank a sample of the “resurrection” potion made from poison Hydrangea macrophylla interest, although this failed to kill him.

After a fight with his father, he fell off a cliff by accident and died. However, as a result of the potion, he becomes a zombie that eats hydrangea leaves to survive. The story follows the lives of Chihiro and her new ‘zombie boyfriend’.

15. Death Note

Death Note (Manga Like Chainsaw Man)

Manga Like a Saw Man. In Tokyo, a high school student named Light Yagami finds the “Death Note”, a mysterious black notebook that can kill anyone as long as the user knows the name and face of the target. Initially fearful of his godlike powers, Light considers the possibility of the Death Note’s abilities and kills famous Japanese criminals, then targets international criminals. . Ryuk, invisible to anyone who hasn’t touched the notebook, reveals that he dropped the notebook into the human world out of boredom and was amused by Light’s actions.

14. Fire Blow

Fire Blow (Manga Like Chainsaw Man)

Fire Blow takes place on an Earth that has become frozen and barren, supposedly in the hands of a person known as the Ice Witch. Witches are one of the few who have the special ability known as “blessing”. The protagonist Agni is a boy who has the gift of regeneration, along with his sister Luna. They help several elders in the village live off the flesh of Agni’s severed arm. One day, their village is visited by a blessed man named Doma who offers to take Agni to his town Behemdorg. Doma, fed up with their practice of cannibalism, burned the inhabitants with his unquenchable fire. Luna, whose regeneration is slower, also gives in, but not before begging Agni to “live”.

13. Uzumaki

Uzumaki (Manga Saw Like Man)

Manga Like a Saw Man. In the city of Kurouzu-cho, Kirie Goshima lives a fairly normal life with his family. One day, while going to the train station to look for his girlfriend, Shuuichi Saito, he sees his father staring at a snail shell in an alley. Unsuspecting, he mentions the incident to Shuuichi, who tells him that his father has been weird lately. But his father’s obsession with fitness soon proves deadly, setting off a series of horrific and inexplicable events that drive the people of Kurouzu-cho crazy.

12. Gachiakuta

Gachiakuta (Manga Like a Sawman)

The story follows a young sky man named Rudo (Ludo in some translations) who, after being found guilty of murder, is cast out of Heaven into the Abyss. There, he meets a nearby janitor named Engine, who saves him from a pack of beasts, and is assigned as a fellow rookie for the purposes of the other janitors.

11. Heaven Hell: Jigokuraku

Heaven Hell: Jigokuraku (Manga Like a Sawman)

Gabimaru the Hollow, a ninja from Iwagakure Village who is known to be cold and emotionless, was founded by his fellow ninja and is now on death row. Tired of murder and betrayal, he wants to die. However, none of the execution methods worked on him because even though the seemingly apathetic Gabimaru refused to admit it, he did have a reason to live. He wanted to return to his wife, which was the reason why he softened and failed to be an effective assassin. Therefore, he refused to die.

10. Dandadan

Dandadan (Manga Like a Saw Man)

Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura are two high school students who are opposites. While the former only believed in spirits, the latter only swore by extraterrestrials. However, each will have a different type of encounter. who will turn their lives upside down and tie their fate together. This is the start of a heated romance where the occult, the paranormal, and the supernatural are jostled in awe-inspiring chaos!

9. Homunculus

Homunculus(Manga Like a Sawman)

Manabu Ito is a wealthy medical student with an interest in the occult, while Susumu Nakoshi is a very rational employee, on extended leave and recently living in his car. Due to money problems, Susumu accepts Manabu’s offer to undergo trepanation in exchange for 700,000 yen. This betrayal activates the new function of Susumu’s Sensitive Homunculus, who then acquires a sixth sense.

8. Angel of Destruction Dokuro-chan

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan (Manga Like Chainsaw Man)

Manga Like a Saw Man. Angel of Destruction Dokuro-chan tells the story of 13-year-old junior high school student Sakura Kusakabe, who twenty years in the future develops technology that causes all women to stop physically aging once they reach the age of twelve in an attempt to create a “Lolicon World”. However, this act inadvertently created immortality among humans, thus offending God.

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7. Others


In 1972, a 3rd year student in Yomiyama, died in a fire. This studious and athletic person is admired by all his classmates. After his mysterious death, in complete denial, the latter decides to act as if he is still between them and this, until the end of high school. There he found a mysterious atmosphere and frightened students. Her name is Mei Misaki. For months, the students in the class and the people around them died one after another…

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Kaisen Jujutsu

Manga Like A Saw Man. Yuji Itadori is a very healthy high school student living in Sendai. On his deathbed, his grandfather instilled in Yuji two powerful messages: “always help others” and “die surrounded by people.” Yuji’s friends at the Occult Club attract Curses to their school when they unseal the rotten finger talisman Yuji swallowed to protect Megumi Fushiguro and their friends, hosting a powerful Curse named Ryomen Sukuna. Due to Sukuna’s evil nature, all wizards are required to expel him (and, by extension, Yuji) immediately.

5. Take care

Take care

Shintarō Jagasaki is a neighborhood cop living a boring life, imagining shooting anyone who gets in his way. And following the rain of frogs that hit the city, some humans began to lose their minds, becoming monsters in the image of their will: crushed humans. Chosen by the whimsical owl Doku-chan, Shintarô will become Jagaaan, a shattered human with an easy trigger!

4. Tougen Anki

Tougen Anki

Shiki Ichinose at first glance is a simple rebellious teenager but it turns out that he is the heir of Oni blood. The latter lived his entire childhood ignoring who he really was. The one who tried to attack Shiki was a Momotarou, Oni and Momotarou could never coexist and always fought endlessly. What will Shiki do after all these revelations? Will he be able to reconcile Oni and Momotarou?

3. Demon Man: Crybaby

Demon Man: Crybaby

High school student Akira Fudo lives with his only friend and longtime crush Miki Makimura, his brother Taro, and their parents Noel and Akiko. Ryo tells Akira that his recent expedition to the Amazon rainforest revealed the existence of demons, but the world government is hiding this information. Ryo plans to expose the demon and take Akira to an underground nightclub. He attacks the guests with a broken bottle and causes a demon to appear. Akira’s will is to defeat Amon, a powerful demon who is trying to possess him. Akira transforms into Amon’s demon form and defeats the demon.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

In the city of Tokyo, a creature called a ghoul has appeared and eats human flesh to survive. To stay alive, he received a transplant from the ghoul that attacked him and became a half-human half-ghoul hybrid. Quickly, he realized that he could no longer eat the same food as before. He then enters the service cafe “L’Antique”, a haunted lair, where he learns to feed himself without hurting humans. But he will soon find himself at the heart of a bloody war between the CCG, determined to find and exterminate them to the end, and the Aogiri Tree, a merciless ghost organization. He discovered that ghosts were not that different from humans, and little by little he would begin to adapt.

1. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro (Manga Saw Like Man)

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world divided into two hermetic dimensions: the Pit, the human dump, and the wizarding world. Witches can travel to the human world through magical gates. The story revolves around Caiman, a character who has lost his memory. Transmuted by a magician, he has a reptile head and impressive strength. He is accompanied by a young woman, Nikaido, with whom he tracks down the witches to discover his true identity.

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