Lois Lane Reveals The Worst Day Of Her Life
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Lois Lane Reveals The Worst Day Of Her Life

Lois Lane reflects on the day her all-powerful husband was taken from her in The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1.

The following contains spoilers for Special 30th Anniversary of Superman’s Death #1, on sale now from DC.

Lois Lane tells her son Jon that the day Superman died at the hands of Doomsday was the worst day of his life. Special 30th Anniversary of Superman’s Death #1.

The story of “The Life of Superman,” written and illustrated by the original Superman’s Death scribe Dan Jurgens with finishing touches by Brett Breeding, coloring by Brad Anderson and letters by John Workman, show Jon Kent learning about the Apocalypse during a school event. After she confronts her mother, asking why she never told her about her father’s death, Lois reveals all her painful memories. He details how Doomsday dug his way from Earth and leveled Metropolis in the 1993 story before taking down the Justice League and ultimately the Man of Steel himself.

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“I consider it the worst day of my life,” Lois said, explaining why she and Clark waited until Jon was older before telling him. “The Day of Judgment is like something your father has never seen before… He is like a hurricane with legs… An irresistible force of nature, resulting in death and utter destruction.”

Lois continues to compare her husband to “a soldier who goes to war and ends up paying the highest price,” and Jon ends up confronting his father, who tries to convince him. Jon soon gets the chance to see his father fight a variation of Doomsday — a mutated civilian named Doombreaker — but this time, Superman emerges victorious instead of once again paying the ultimate price.

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Reflection on Superman’s Death

“The more I look back overall Superman’s Death era, both in terms of what we put together as a story, as well as the way the world reacted, I realized how special and unique that was,” Jurgens said in a Q&A with CBR. It would be something we would talk about and work on thirty years later. Comics tends to have a much shorter view than that, so the fact that we’re still here shows how special it is.”

Apart from “Life of Superman,” Special 30th Anniversary of Superman’s Death #1 features story by Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern and Louise Simonson, art by Tom Grummett, Butch Guice and Jon Bogdanove, ink by Doug Hazlewood, colors by Glenn Whitmore and letters by Rob Leigh. An array of superstar artists donated pinups for the special event, including the likes of Bill Sienkiewicz, Clay Mann, Lee Weeks, and Carmine di Giandomenico. The special is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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