Lindsay Lohan wants to produce more romantic comedies
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Lindsay Lohan wants to produce more romantic comedies

Lindsay Lohan has recently branched out into film production. According to the star, she is looking forward to producing more romantic comedies in the future.

Lindsay Lohan knows the world of romantic comedies well

Speaking to Allure, Lohan’s work outside of Hollywood was talked about. This included her partnership with Nestig and fashion company Lavish Alice. However, Lohan also mentioned that — when it comes to movies — she would love to do more romantic comedies.

“I know this arena so well,” Lohan said. “I dreamed of working with Scorsese and del Toro, but I’m not going to try to produce their films. I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, I want to do a Marvel.’ »

“Do I want to create my own brand? Do I want to start a new production company? I can take the time to think about all that stuff,” she continued, before noting that her new home in Dubai “gives me that space to have my own vision of what I need to do next.”

Lohan is no stranger to comedic or romantic films. Most recently, she starred in the holiday rom-com Falling for Christmas, released in 2022 on Netflix. Around this time, she told Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried in a discussion for Interview Magazine that she felt romantic comedies were a dying breed.

“I noticed that before I did Falling for Christmas,” Lohan told Seyfried. “I was like, ‘Well, if I’m going to make a movie, it has to be a romantic comedy because there aren’t any right now.'”

Next up for Lohan will be yet another romantic comedy. She will star alongside Ed Speleers in Irish Wish, a fantasy romantic comedy directed by Janeen Damian. This film is currently set to release in 2024 on Netflix, as part of Lohan’s partnership with the streamer.

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