Kodansha’s K MANGA Launches Today on Mobile with 400 Manga Titles, Tickets, and Points System
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Kodansha’s K MANGA Launches Today on Mobile with 400 Manga Titles, Tickets, and Points System

On March 21, Kodansha announced plans to launch their own official manga distribution service. Now, this service, K MANGA, is available on iOS and Android devices today, with the browser version slated to launch “in a few days.”

Kodansha has announced that approximately 400 manga titles, with a total of 61 titles also simulcasting (see K MANGA Simulpub’s launch lineup; the March announcement called for 70 simulpubs planned at launch), are now available on the service. (scroll below for the list of manga added). The service will allow readers to use a combination of points and tickets for K MANGA titles.

For tickets:

  • Normal tickets are issued once per day for each title and can only be used for that title.
  • Premium Tickets can be used for all chapters of all titles for which the Notes are eligible. Users can receive three to four tickets per day with login bonuses or by viewing advertisements.

For points:

  • $1 equals 100 points which can unlock manga chapters, the cost of which varies depending on their length.
  • The required points also vary depending on whether the chapter is older or newer. (For example, a serialized manga released in 20-page installments requires 69 points for older chapters, while 99 points would be needed for the latest chapter – the number of points will vary by title.) Once a reader has redeemed points to unlock a chapter, they can access it indefinitely through their account.

Kodansha has confirmed that the first chapters of the approximately 400 titles available on K MANGA can be played for free.

“We are a publisher that makes the link between mangakas and readers. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to protect manga artists against piracy and other forms of copyright infringement, including traceability of translations. said Project Manager Yuta Hiraoka regarding today’s launch of K MANGA. “We are only starting with the United States at the moment. However, we know that there are Kodansha manga readers all over the world who want to try K MANGA and read the latest simulpub chapters. We hear you and we are doing our best to make K MANGA available in your countries as soon as possible.

Here is the list of new titles published by Kodansha in English:

From left to right: Baby Steps, Capeta, Why the Bell Tolls at Dusk, Manchuria Opium Squad, A Raven for All Seasons, A Psycho's World

by Koji Megumi ACMA: GAME
At Hikaru Katsuki’s no baby
by Yusuke Osawa GREEN WORLD Z (was previously published on MangaBox)
At Kouhei Nagashii The two faces of Misaki Hoshino.
Masahito Soda’s devil
At Mitabi Irohara Watch: Ogres of Greed
At Negi Haruba The Quintessential Quintuplets: Color Version
Kou Wanatsu and Kei Aomi Why the bell rings at dusk
At Nahoko Uehashi’s The beast player
Morinari Miyagi & Satou’s Return of the Ultimate Fire Wizard: Through Hellfire and Back!
Tsukasa Monma and Shikako Manchurian Opium Squad
Chisato Abe and Natsumi Matsuzaki A crow for all seasons
by Asuka Konishi Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii (This title is also published by Seven Seas)
by Kitsuneko Asami Kuroki is on A(other) Bender!
Asahi and Aiue Okaki The Russian transfer and the polyglot
At Wakatsuki Hikaru’s Fujisaki-kun’s Life of Prey
At Yuri Shibamura and Daisuke Kimura Marginal operation (This title is also published by J-Novel Club)
Hajime Inoryuu and Takahiro Oba A psycho world
At Hifumi’s The 47 Great Wars
Konpai Hirou and Natsuka Tachibana The ultimate healer restores everything

Here are the titles from the Kodansha catalog – finished or in progress – that can be read on K MANGA:

As the gods will do series two
The Ace of Diamond Act II
The seven deadly sins
Domestic Girlfriend
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
real account
love and lies
Aho-Girl: A Distraught Girl
ace of diamonds
A silent voice
My wife is Wagatsuma-san
Fairy Tail: The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth
Fairy tale
bloody monday
GE: good ending
fire force
Juliet boarding school
Attack on Titan: High School
Air Gear
Fairy Tail: Rhodonite
fairy girls
The attack of the Titans
To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall
Attack on Titan: The Lost Girls
flying witch
Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai
The evil flowers
Fairy Tail: Gods of Lightning
Mardock Scramble
Master Rave
magic sempai
Until your bones rot
school rumble
O maidens in your wild season
Dolly Kill Kill
Tokyo avengers
Fairy Tail Zero
Will it be the world or her?
Fairy tales
Smile on the track
The Quintessential Quintuplets
Red Riding Hood’s Apprentice Wolf
happy land
Stylish Apartment Life Yokai
Welcome to the ballroom
Your lie in April
Sherlock bones
I love Hina
princess resurrection
Princess Resurrection Nightmare
Farewell, my dear Cramer
She adopted a high school student!
Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence
Battle Angel Alita
Dr Ramune -Specialist in Mysterious Diseases-
What I like about you
Fairy Tail: Town Hero
Can you just die, darling?
Altaïr: a tale of battles
Those notes of Snow White
Kakushigoto: My Father’s Secret Ambition
pumpkin scissors
Bye! I am reincarnated!
Cells in action!
Cells NOT at work!
giant murder
Hungry Anonymous
Shikimori is not just a cutie
Knights of Sidonia
Cells at work: bacteria!
Cells in action! CODE BLACK
Cells at work and friends!
Ao-chan can’t study!
shaman king
missions of love
I guess I became the mother of the 10 children of the great demon king in another world
Cells at work: platelets!
Seven Deadly Sins Seven Days
Fort of the apocalypse
Vinland Saga
Immortal’s Blade
Are you lost?
Wave, listen to me
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Trinity in Tempest
The invincible Ponkotsu reincarnated
The line of devils
Kounodori: Dr. Stork
Piano Forest
1122: For a Happy Marriage
Burn down the house
The Witch’s Dawn
Cells in action! White Brigade
Versatile Meguru
Sachi’s Monstrous Appetite
HEROES of Mashima
Star ⇄ Crossed!!
My dearest self with Malice Prévoyance
Whisper me a love song
Shadows of who we once were
Cells at work: baby!
My roommate is a dinosaur
My Maid, Miss Kishi
Maga Tsuki
Rent-a-(really shy!)-girlfriend
The Sage of Abandoned Reincarnation
sweat and soap
I’m not
Hozuki’s composure
We are new in this field
Go! Go! Loser Ranger!
Best of Attack on Titan: In Color
Quality assurance in another world
HERO SQUAD: The taciturn hero will not be convinced!
Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan
Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku
The Divine Guardian and the Love of Six Princesses
Half-Human Class
Library Mage
I want to hold Aono-kun so badly I could die
The parasite has returned
Font in a capsule
say i love you
dragon head
The ghost in the shell
something is wrong with us
Defying Kurosaki-kun
Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex
Nina the starry bride
my boy in blue
The Prince’s Black Poison
don’t kiss me
Nodame Cantabile
A girl and her guard dog
perfect world
Ran the matchless beauty
Prince Gakuen
Waiting for spring
A condition called love
Kiss me at the stroke of midnight
Matsunaga-san Lounge
It’s smoky
call today
real girl
Lovesick Ellie
my little monster
The reach of love
my sweet girl
Beware of the Kamiki brothers!
Asahi-senpai’s favorite
Liar X Liar
my boyfriend in orange
The walls between us
witchcraft works
fishing girl
We must never fall in love!
You got me, Sempai!
Shaman King: Zero
Can I kiss you everyday?
My Boss’s Kitten
you are my pet
A kiss, for real
Ya Boy Kongming!
Tokyo Tarareba Girls
Love Massage Fondant Beauty Treatment
My best (♀) butler
The Tale of Genji Dream at Dawn
house of the sun
Our precious conversations
Those not so nice boys
Jam from the end of the world and apricot
What did you eat yesterday?
Land of the Shining
Full Time Wife’s Escape
Hotaru’s path
Holy Young Men
drowning of love
Watari-kun is about to collapse
Unlimited fafir
Sweetness and Lightning
Monster Girl Interviews
Is kichijoji the only place to live
street girls
Everyone out!!
Kokkoku Moment by Moment
I fell in love after school
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Boss Woman
The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls
10 Dance
Momo’s Iron Will
imperfect girl
The Witch and the Beast
The boys run riot
The life of men -His secret life in the boys’ dormitory-
Undead girl murder prank
Clockwork Planet
shojo fight
He’s my knight
The spring of my life started with you
The golden sheep
I’m in love and it’s the end of the world
With a dog and a cat, every day is fun
animal costumes
Princess Medusa
Number 6
My brother locked him up
Honey Maid
beauty bunny
peach paradise
Ex-enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania
the gods lie
Chi’s Sweet Home
Location – Ten Blacks
Either way, I’m falling in love with you.
A school frozen in time
BLAME! The leak of electrofishers
Lost Stories of Noragami
GP of Toppu
Residence Paradise
BLAME! academy and so on
The Ghost and the Lady (The Black Museum)
The writer and his governess
queen bee
When we cry out for love
My rose is overflowing
It is practice makes perfect
Atsumori-kun’s future bride
Araki will not be tamed
Wake up sleeping beauty
Four kisses, in secret
How are you Koharu?
heroine for rent
mermaid peach
Let’s secretly kiss tomorrow
The dormitory of love and secrets
Mistral Blue Fairy Tail
kitchen princess
I am the!
With the sheikh in his harem
monster soul
YUZU the pet veterinarian
Let’s dance a waltz
The prince’s romantic bet
A spring with ninjas
Black Panther and Sweet 16
Confessions of Aoba-kun
I will win you over, Sempai!
Stellar Witch LIP☆S
manga dogs
those summer days
The Prince in his dark days
attack on titan no regrets
Attack on Titan: No Regrets Complete Color Edition
Honey-Blooded Beauty and Her Vampire
The magician and his fairy
Good dog, Cerberus!
love in focus
Fairy Tail Ice Trail
parody on titan
Tokyo Tarareba Girls RETURNS
To write your words
The story of our unlikely love
Keeping Your Tantrums Under Control
Fishing Girl NEXT
ice knight
Key fob lock
Mrs. Faust
FukuFuku Kitten Tales
Sue & Tai Chan
complex age
Baron Crocodile

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