Kodansha USA Licenses Matcha Made in Heaven & The Food Diary of Miss Maid Manga Series For Digital Release

Kodansha USA Licenses Matcha Made in Heaven & The Food Diary of Miss Maid Manga Series For Digital Release

Kodansha USA have announced that they will be releasing digitally Heaven Made Matcha and Miss Maid’s Food Diary manga series this November.

Heaven Made Matcha is a manga series by Umabachi Yamanaka which will be released digitally on November 8, 2022. It was first published in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine on October 1, 2020. Five tankoubon have been released in August 2022.

© Umebachi Yamanaka, 2022 KODANSHA USA PUBLISHING

Kodansha USA describes the manga’s synopsis as:

Chako Hananoki thought she had found happiness in a handsome fiancé, but when she realized that marriage to him would mean her complete elimination, she broke it off and moved back to her childhood home in the countryside—only to find a strange man. and the young woman who lives there? She finds a way to coexist with them, but when her stalker fiancé follows her home, she reveals to him (and accidentally the rest of the village too) that this new man in her life is her husband?! A dramatic fake marriage, a family story discovered over the centuries, by the illustrator of the manga adaptation “LOVe” Ossan!

Meanwhile, Your milk Maeya‘s Miss Maid’s Food Diary the manga series will be released digitally on November 29, 2022. It first launched on Kodansha’s Comic Days website on December 2, 2019. Four tankoubon volumes have been released in March 2022.

miss maid's food diary volume one cover
© Susumu Maeya, 2022 KODANSHA USA Publishing

The manga series is described by Kodansha USA as:

What is a maid to do when she is suddenly stuck in Japan for a year? Eat, of course! Follow maid-in-training Suzume Tachibana as she tries all kinds of Japanese food, from sweets like taiyaki and melon bread to savory snacks like takoyaki and onigiri! However, be warned—while Suzume satiates her appetite with delicious treats after tasty treats, she may end up getting you hooked!

Source: Kodansha USA

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