Jujutsu Kaisen is a Good Anime for Naruto Followers

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Good Anime for Naruto Followers

Naruto is one anime that set a complete tradition and created a era of anime lovers. The anime that started in 2002 continued till 2017 with its second half Naruto: Shippuden. At present, Naruto’s story is being continued by Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations, which focuses on Naruto’s son in addition to Naruto’s time because the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Although Boruto is giving glimpses of an grownup Naruto, it’s simple that the followers of the OG anime miss the tales of the younger Naruto and his mates. Luckily, there’s one anime which may deliver again this nostalgia another way.

Launched in October 2020 with 24 episodes thus far, Jujutsu Keisen appears to be fairly just like Naruto. Whereas Naruto is a shonen traditional and “part of the Legendary Large Three” Jujutsu Keisen is seen as “the most effective new-generation anime”. Nonetheless, there appear to be some important similarities between these two animes, in flip, making Jujutsu Keisen the proper look ahead to these lacking Naruto.

A Pure and Loopy Protagonist Who’s Shunned

The important thing cause why Naruto grew to become so profitable was as a result of its orange-haired protagonist that everybody adored. Naruto Uzumaki appears to be the best character to ship out optimistic messages to the younger viewers. Naruto continuously reminds the viewers of how the protagonist was shunned by society due to the beast, Kurama (nine-tailed fox) that was trapped inside his magnificence. With the villagers solely understanding a part of the entire story, they continuously solid Naruto apart. Thus, a lonely and remoted protagonist was created. Equally, Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of Jujutsu Keisen is solid apart as a result of he’s being possessed by a robust curse named Ryoumen Sukuna. Like Naruto, Yuji is being tracked by many and has grow to be the goal of many assassinations. Each protagonists have these “creatures” trapped inside them to avoid wasting their pals or fellow residents. Maybe, one distinction between these two is that whereas Naruto has been dwelling with Kuruma since beginning, Yuji’s encounter with Sukuna begins while he was in highschool.

One more reason why each protagonists are admired by anime followers is that they’re each very pessimistic, in flip, making them fairly pure. Opposite to the “monsters” trapped inside them, these two protagonists appear to have one another’s greatest pursuits at their coronary heart and are all the time desperate to sacrifice their very own selves to avoid wasting their pals.

A Killer Kurama

Talking of “monsters” trapped inside, it is usually necessary to notice the similarity between Sukuna and Kuruma. For one, each appear to have a troubled relationship with their “hosts”. Whereas Kuruma develops an awesome bond with Naruto and finally ends up having the most effective character developments within the historical past of anime, it’s but to be seen relating to Sukuna. Nonetheless, Sukuna is, nonetheless, differ of Yuji being killed as he appears to be keen to make sure Yuji is stored alive. Whether or not that is for the achievement of his personal needs is one other story that’s to be revealed.

To date, Jujutsu Keisen has solely given glimpses of Sukuna’s powers. It’s potential that Sukuna is likely to be a extra highly effective model of Kuruma, since he’s a mere curse with a thirst for killing. Nonetheless, on condition that Sukuna’s previous remains to be a thriller to the viewers, it’s arduous to say whether or not he’ll finally come to love Yuji and present a extra “humane aspect”. Kuruma and Sukuna are additionally handled as weapons in each animes, with villains searching them down to make use of them for their very own profit.

A Workforce 7

If the inclusion of a Naruto-like protagonist and a killer-Kuruma is just not sufficient, maybe a unique model of Workforce 7 is likely to be attention-grabbing. As Yuji enters the world of cursed power and sorcerers, he befriends and groups up with two different characters. Megumi Fushiguro, who appears to be his closest buddy, is likely to be just like Sasuke Uchiha, however he appears to be extra involved about Yuji than Sasuke was about Naruto. Nonetheless, Megumi carries an analogous “don’t-care”, however highly effective persona when in comparison with Sasuke.

The one lady on the group, Nobara Kugisaki, reveals off extra highly effective traits from the start itself. In Naruto, Sakura’s character, sadly, continuously took over the damsel-in-distress trope till her large character improvement when she grew to become Tsunade’s apprentice. Nobara, alternatively, is raring to show her “Straw Doll Approach”. Nonetheless, just like Sakura’s annoyance with Naruto, Nobara appears to be fairly harsh on Yuji.

Lastly, Jujutsu Keisen has its personal white-haired Kakashi Hatake who known as Satoru Gojo. Equally to Kakashi, Gojo is highly effective and feared by many. His powers additionally lie in his eyes, and thus, he continuously has his eyes lined. Nonetheless, one main distinction between these two tutors is that Gojo appears to be extra carefree and comical when in comparison with Kakashi. All in all, Jujutsu Keisen’s model of Workforce 7 is likely to be solely a tad just like that of Naruto’s, however the variations solely make it extra entertaining.

Related Humor and Battles

Naruto’s success additionally has loads to do with the proper steadiness between humor and journey. With the comical nature of the protagonist and different characters bringing in a very good chuckle, the anime made positive that the audiences weren’t left all critical and in suspense all through the entire sequence. Nonetheless, the place needed, this anime didn’t fail to herald stunning and weird battles that left the viewers wanting extra.

Jujutsu Keisen takes a really related strategy with its humor. With Yuji, Gojo, and the crew bringing within the much-needed laughter, the anime offers solution to the discharge of rigidity. But once more, the few battles which were displayed within the first season have been fairly thrilling and are indicative of the roller-coaster experience the anime is making ready for.

For anime lovers who’re nonetheless not over the conclusion of Naruto and are searching for an analogous thrilling journey, Jujutsu Keisen appears preferrred. With its variations, it permits the anime to take its personal type, in flip, bringing in a unique world of villains and heroes.

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