Jon Bernthal Will Return As The Punisher in Daredevil: Born Again

Jon Bernthal Will Return As The Punisher in Daredevil: Born Again

Jon Bernthal will play Frank Castle in the MCU’s Daredevil series.

If you needed another reason to look forward to the MCU’s upcoming Daredevil series, Daredevil: Born Again , you now have it. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter , the upcoming Disney+ series will see the return of Jon Bernthal , who will play our favorite anti-hero, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Bernthal becomes the third actor from the Netflix series to reprise their roles, after Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, who reprise their roles as the vigilante and villain Kingpin respectively.

Bernthal started the role as The Punisheron the second season of the Netflix series Daredevil, which premiered in 2015 and ran for three seasons before being canceled in 2018. The cancellation had nothing to do with the show’s ratings, but mainly because Marvel’s parent company, Disney, had regained the rights to the project. movies and TV licensed to Netflix, and is preparing to launch its rival streaming service, Disney+. Prior to the arrival of Disney+, Bernthal’s Punisher had his own spin-off series that ran on the streaming service for two seasons, ending in early 2019. Bernthal’s performance as Frank Castle, an ex-marine and vengeful father, was critically acclaimed. from the fans,

Born Again was touted to be a follow-up to the original Daredevil series, but because Marvel has always been closed, plot twists are still unknown even as the series heads into production in the next few weeks. What is known about the plot of the series is that it will be based on a 1980s storyline from the comics. However, it seems Marvel has had some surprises in store with the addition of The Punisher, who wasn’t part of the story at first. The story is a classic tale of good and evil, with Daredevil confronting Kingpin.

Bernthal, Cox, and D’Onofrio are now officially the only Daredevil stars returning to their roles, and it remains to be seen if there will be more. Since production is about to begin, it won’t be long before we may get our first glimpse of how things are going behind the scenes and maybe even get some hints about the upcoming series.

Daredevil: Born Again will be part of Phase 5 of the MCU and is expected to release on Disney+ in the spring of 2024. Season 1 will span 18 episodes, a large number of episodes by MCU show standards.

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