INFERNO GIRL RED Launches as Comic Miniseries in January Via Image Comics
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INFERNO GIRL RED Launches as Comic Miniseries in January Via Image Comics

I’m so excited to read Red Hell Girl after supporting the successful Kickstarter. If you missed the opportunity, Image Comics has your back. It was recently announced that the long-awaited superhero saga will be released by Image in a 3 issue miniseries starting January 2023. Red Hell Girl written by Groom’s mat (Ultraman) and illustrated by Erica D’urso (Mighty Valkyrie) with color by Igor Monti. This addition to the Massive-Verse must be absolutely incredible.

A new school, a new relationship, a new possibility—for any teenager, the big step is both challenging and exciting. But it’s something completely different for Cássia Costa in Inferno Girl Red…because an ancient cult and their demon army have snatched her new home in Apex City from the universe and thrown her into darkness!

To have any hope of saving her, Cássia must survive the worst night of her life, embrace a secret legacy, and find the courage to fight when all seems lost—as a burning light of hope in the darkness, Inferno Girl Red!

Talking about Red Hell GirlThe groom told io9:

This book is about Cássia deciding who she will become, in a dark and uncertain world. And that aligns with the question we ask ourselves as creators: what will superhero comics be? What should they be? Inferno Girl Red is the next stage of Massive-Verse’s urgent, electric and heartfelt response.

D’urso added:

More than just a superhero story, it’s important to me that the environments and emotions of the characters are real to those who will read Cassia’s story. Because IGR primarily tells of the need to believe even in what seems unreal to us, whether it’s the trust someone feels for us or a simple magic bracelet that falls from the sky.

Monti also shared his perspective:

In Inferno Girl Red, teamwork is essential—both within the story and among us creators. Internal and external conflicts are easier to deal with when there are people we can trust to help us unlock our true strengths. While working on this book, I learned what Cássia does in the story—all it takes is a glimmer of hope to unleash that power.

They weren’t the only ones excited. Kyle Higginscreator Black Shine who launched the ever-expanding Massive-Verse shared his praise:

When Mat first threw me Inferno Girl Red, long before Radiant Black stood up, it was the fastest ‘Yes’ of all time. From the start, this was a project I wanted to do everything I could to help make it happen—I’m very proud of the books that Mat, Erica, Igor, Becca, For The People and Michael have created. It’s a bold and striking debut from a creative team that I think many will fall in love with.

you can read Red Hell Girl #1 on January 25 at your local comic shop and on your favorite digital comics platforms. The main cover features artwork by D’urso and Monti with a variant cover from Francesco Manna, Nicole Goux, Nicola Scott and Annette Kwok, Eleonora Carliniand Marcelo Costa and D’urso.

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