Identity Theft: Are You A Victim? Are You Sure?
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Identity Theft: Are You A Victim? Are You Sure?

One thing we are all paranoid about these days is Identity Theft. AND rightfully so.

I can tell you first hand that it can ruin your life. I am a victim of one of the worst Identity Thefts on record in the U.S. today.

Don’t believe me? There are numerous videos, news stories, and articles all over the web telling my nightmare of a story. Plug my name into any search engine.

You see, there are different types of Identity Theft out there. The most common is Financial Identity Theft, where some scum-bag uses your personal information to steal from you or rack up debt in your name. You usually can find out pretty quickly that it is happening. It’s a pain in the keester to clear up, but eventually you can get it all back.

Then there is Criminal identity Theft. Of which I am a victim. Totally different ballgame. This is where an even worse dirt-bag uses your personal information upon arrest to avoid any consequences. If they get away with it, you suffer the consequences. The bad part is: You never even know! If you are lucky enough to find out, it is usually by getting fired from your job due to a background check, getting arrested for warrants that you knew nothing about, or being denied a place to live or employment due to a Criminal Background Check.

IF you are lucky enough to catch it, that is just the beginning. There is just not enough legislature out there to help you correct it. THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM! The methods of correction do not work.

I got semi-lucky. Mine was caught early. I was told it was corrected. Limbo It was 6 years of hell later that I actually found out that it had never rightfully been cleared. Six years of not knowing that there were multiple warrants for my arrest. I had no idea that there were multiple felonies on my Criminal Background Check. These felonies included Capitol Murder, Participation in Organized Criminal Activity, Robbery, Evading Arrest, and a few more. Try to get a decent job with that popping up on your record. Flotsam And Jetsam

How bad can it get? How about living on the streets, homeless and hopeless, with no idea why? And hardly anyone in the legal system willing to help. Oh yeah, did I mention that after I was made aware of this, it took another 6 years to get my record cleared. Not very easily either. Ditto I had to get the media involved, i had to get Identity Theft advocates involved, attorneys, politicians, you name it I tried it.

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