How to Attract Online Traffic to Your Website
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How to Attract Online Traffic to Your Website

At GETPUBLIQ we talk about online business opportunities, how to drive traffic to your business, and Business Marketing. we bring to you the required information for you to become the number one entrepreneur and begin to drive traffic to your business. whether it be online or offline what every business needs is traffic and this is achieved through marketing. if you are someone like me you would not only limit yourself to the internet to drive business to your website, you could also try thing like flyers and posters and business cards.

but in the modern word the internet is the major driver of traffic to any website so you turn to FACEBOOK and other social media advertising and discover that they are too expensive. in fact the cost of advertising is growing daily and even when you spend the money there is no assurance that such advertising will be profitable.

The solution is organic traffic, this type of traffic is free and if you place your cards right, it can bring you fortune. so how do I get this kind of traffic to my website. well, I will be discussing more on this subsequently.

1.integrate video tutorials into your website:

this is one of the ways a drive traffic to your website by making short less than five minute videos to go with my articles. You see YOUTUBE is one of the major drivers of traffic to a website and through the advertising Google places on your video content you make extra money and can use this medium to drive website traffic to your website. the high number of shares and views that goes on YOUTUBE can make your video go viral and as such you can attract more audience to your website.

2. Email marketing is a cool choice to go with when you are trying to drive more traffic to your website. as more and more people visit your website you can integrate your website with email subscription news letters to allow first time visitor to exchange their email for a nicely written eBook you have written especially for them. you can then use the emails they have provided to reach them giving them more useful information they can use and informing them of useful products they can buy to enhance their life and business. constantly communicating with your website visitors via email provides a sense of trust. so that your customers begin to depend on your advice. This is why honesty is very important in email marketing.

3. Use great Content to attract new visitors

there is no substitute to putting great content on your website. this is the only way to get more and more people to your website. this is because there are millions of people online daily searching for unique content on different topics. the days of rewriting software are over because there are lost of errors associated with such software; we bloggers have to return to the old fashion way of creating content: research and old fashion typing your articles.

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