How Fast is Batman’s Batmobile?
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How Fast is Batman’s Batmobile?

Batman: Urban Legend reveals exactly how fast the legendary Batmobile can go.

Preview for Batman: Urban Legend #21 features pages from the “The Wheelman of Gotham” story published by writer Anthony Falcone and writer-artist Michael Cho, in which Batman chases a mysterious driver who has fled the Gotham City Police Department for weeks. Batman catches up on the Batmobile and is surprised to see how the driver continues to overtake him in a mere sedan. Batman’s inner dialogue details that the Batmobile’s top speed is 230 miles per hour, but it is capable of reaching 350 miles per hour in just ten seconds when the thrusters are activated. As Batman was about to approach the villain nicknamed “Getaway”, the driver pulled a fast U-turn which sent the Batmobile colliding with a dump truck.

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  • Cover by MICHAEL CHO
  • Cover variant by JORGE FORNÉS
  • Cover variant by EDWIN GALMON
  • $7.99 US | 64 pages | Prestige
  • (all covers are card stock)
  • FOR SALE 11/8/22
  • This month’s edition brings you the Dynamic Duo that pushes the Batmobile to its absolute limits. The Murder Club has thrown Batman’s life into chaos—how will Robin, Alfred, and Nightwing put it together? Arkham Academy opens its doors to the first class of students associated with Gotham’s greatest villain—will they get a grade? And we see Renee Montoya’s final days as a detective before she becomes Gotham City’s newest commissioner.

The Batmobile first appeared alongside Batman in 1939 Detective Comic #27, which starts out as a plain red car. Images of vehicles have completely changed over time, with modern depictions typically showing the Batmobile as a high-tech, versatile, crime-fighting machine. Appearances vary from heavily armored tanks to sleek race cars as seen in “The Wheelman of Gotham,” but most versions of the sporting elements fit in with Bruce Wayne’s bat theme.

Batman’s Batmobile is just one of many flashy vehicles

The Batmobile is just one of several other bat-themed vehicles owned by the Caped Crusader. There are Batplanes and jets like the Batwing, along with themed rocket ships, ships, helicopters and motorbikes. At one time, Batman even rode a giant red batarang, called the Batarang X. For many of the scenarios the Dark Knight faced, Batman was often depicted as having the right vehicle for an upcoming mission.

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Batman: Urban Legend is an anthology series focusing on the titular hero and his allies, each issue featuring multiple storylines either as part of a larger arc or a standalone short story. “The Wheelman of Gotham” and “Survivor’s Guilt” are two independent stories in urban legend #21, which begins the three-part “Arkham Academy” arc. This issue also continues the story of the “Murder Club” title, which features a young Batman investigating the mysterious murders of Gotham’s wealthy elite.

Along with Falcone and Cho, “The Wheelman of Gotham” features colors by Dave Stewart and letters by Lucas Gattoni. More stories on Batman: Urban Legend #21 was contributed by writers Julio Anta, Dennis Culver and Joey Esposito, artists Miguel Mondonca, Hayden Sherman and Vasco Georgiev, colorists Roman Stevens, Jordie Bellaire and Alex Guimarães, and letterwriters Becca Carey, Pat Brosseau and Carlos M. Mangual. Along with the main cover art by Cho, this edition features variant cover artwork by Edwin Galmon and Jorge Fornés, and goes on sale November 8 from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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