Hanako-kun’s Bathroom-Certain Undertaking Will get An Anime Reboot

Hanako-kun’s Bathroom-Certain Undertaking Will get An Anime Reboot

The Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun anime venture is getting a reboot, as introduced earlier right now with a teaser visible and an announcement trailer. The discharge date is ready for 2023. There are nonetheless no particulars in regards to the employees.

Megumi Ogata and Akari Kito may be heard within the particular trailer. The 2 voiced Hanako and Nene within the first season of the TV anime, which was animated by Lerche. The primary season premiered in 2020 and had 12 episodes, however lower out many components from the supply materials. Masaomi Ando directed it. In 2020, the collection additionally introduced a musical.

The anime is predicated on a manga by AidaIro. Yen Press describes the plot as:

“Hanako-san, Hanako-san… are you there?” At Kamome Academy, rumors abound in regards to the college’s Seven Mysteries, considered one of which is Hanako-san. Mentioned to occupy the third stall of the third flooring women’ lavatory in the old fashioned constructing, Hanako-san grants any want when summoned. Nene Yashiro, an occult-loving highschool lady who goals of romance, ventures into this haunted lavatory… however the Hanako-san she meets there may be nothing like she imagined! Kamome Academy’s Hanako-san… is a boy!

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun: Characters


Hanako (花子くん)

Voiced by: Megumi Ogata (Japanese); Justin Briner (English)

Probably the most well-known rumor within the college, Hanako-Kun is the Seventh Thriller of Kamome Academy Seven Mysteries. In accordance with his rumor, Hanako may be summoned if one knocks on the third stall of the third flooring of the ladies’ lavatory in the old fashioned constructing; he is ready to grant needs to those that summon him in change for an acceptable worth. The strongest and the chief of the Seven Wonders, Hanako fights with a kitchen knife and his two haku-joudai, spirit orbs that help him in monitoring others and summons to him a cloak that grants immunity to exorcism lightning. His responsibility is to observe the entire supernaturals within the college and preserve the stability between people and supernaturals.

Although infantile and mischievous, Hanako places up a entrance to masks his true feelings and is fairly severe beneath the floor. He takes his duties severely, having been promised by God that he could be absolved of his previous sins if he fulfilled his duties. He’s secretive about his previous life. Beforehand, his title was Amane Yugi (柚木 普, Yugi Amane) and he additionally attended Kamome Academy. A second-year center college pupil in 1969, he typically got here to high school with bruises and cuts, having been repeatedly abused by somebody he refused to disclose the identification of. He harbored a deep ardour for astronomy and had goals of turning into an astronaut and going to the moon. In accordance with Tsuchigomori, the Fifth Marvel and his homeroom instructor on the time, Hanako was destined to develop into a science instructor, till his destiny modified for unknown causes. He killed his youthful twin brother, Tsukasa Yugi, and died younger. Hanako is the one identified individual to ever have altered his destiny.

By inflicting himself with the Mermaid’s Curse, he sure his and Yashiro’s souls collectively. Although he typically teases her, Hanako involves deeply cherish Yashiro and can go to excessive lengths to assist her when she is in want.

Nene Yashiro (八尋 寧々, Yashiro Nene)

Voiced by: Akari Kitō (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)

Nene Yashiro is a first-year highschool pupil at Kamome Academy. She summons Hanako and desires for her crush, Teru Minamoto, to return her emotions. A flip of occasions happens, and Yashiro swallows a mermaid’s scale, inflicting her with the Mermaid’s Curse and turning her right into a fish. To grant her new want of turning into human once more, Hanako swallows a scale from the identical mermaid to inflict himself along with her curse and unfold its results, allowing Yashiro to stay human except she is immersed in water. Having sure their souls collectively by means of the curse, he has Yashiro develop into his human assistant as fee. Yashiro works with Hanako to vary and unfold new rumors of supernaturals within the college to maintain them underneath management. She is able to destroying a Faculty Marvel’s yorishiro, their supply of energy; upon doing so, she falls asleep and views the reminiscence related to the yorishiro.

Yashiro wears two hair clips resembling magatama and a cranium brooch on her college uniform. Yashiro is a really optimistic, delicate, and caring lady. She is deeply insecure and genuinely fears that nobody will ever love her again; after receiving the curse, she confesses to Hanako that she had realized what her true want had been: she needed somebody, anybody, to return her emotions, not Teru particularly. Yashiro is insecure about her giant ankles, typically being in comparison with daikons as a working gag within the collection. Her greatest good friend is Aoi Akane, who loves to inform her new rumors.

Regardless of repeatedly claiming Hanako just isn’t her sort and Hanako’s relentless teasing, she cares immensely for Hanako and after studying about his previous, needs to have the ability to shield him. She is intuitive and delicate to adjustments in his persona and is deeply affected at any time when she learns new details about his previous life.

Kou Minamoto (源 光, Minamoto Kō)

Voiced by: Shōya Chiba (Japanese); Tyson Rinehart (English)

Kou Minamoto is a third-year at Kamome Academy’s center college division and the second eldest son of the Minamoto Clan, a household of robust exorcists that imagine all supernaturals are inherently evil. He makes use of a spear known as the Raiteijou, a weapon handed down within the Minamoto household that transforms the wielder’s religious energy into lightning that exorcises supernaturals. Tasked by his older brother, Teru, to exorcise all Seven Wonders, Kou makes an attempt to exorcise Hanako however doesn’t possess sufficient religious energy to take action. Not giving up, he tags Hanako and Yashiro across the college for some time and involves the conclusion that Hanako didn’t appear to be an ‘evil’ supernatural. In consequence, Kou vows to study extra about him and different supernaturals (like Mitsuba) earlier than blindly exorcising them, a lot to the dissatisfaction of his brother.

When Kou finds Mitsuba haunting the lockers, he presents to spend the day with him in try to satisfy his remaining regrets so he can move on peacefully. The 2 had been in the identical homeroom class within the first yr and Kou feels responsible for not noticing him again then. After Tsukasa turns Mitsuba right into a violent supernatural towards his will, Kou watches Hanako destroy Mistuba and is devastated by the lack of his good friend. Enraged and upset, he vows to get stronger to destroy evil supernaturals like Tsukasa.

Kou is a seeker of justice with a courageous and sort persona, although he typically finds himself in bother as a consequence of his inexperience and low religious energy. He’s protecting of Yashiro when he interprets Hanako as being imply or perverted. A working gag within the collection is his earring on his proper ear, an omamori that claims ‘交通’ (visitors).

Sōsuke Mitsuba (三葉 惣助, Mitsuba Sōsuke)

Voiced by: Daiki Kobayashi (Japanese); Kyle Igneczi (English)

Mitsuba was Kou’s center college classmate of their first yr who was killed in a automobile accident. He grew to become a ghost and haunted the center college lockers, calling out to college students and hoping somebody would keep in mind him. Kou sees him after listening to about his rumor and although he does not recognise him from college, decides to assist him fulfill no matter remorse was retaining him on the college with a purpose to assist him move on.

Mitsuba regrets having no associates whereas he was alive, and in his want to Tsukasa, stated he needed everybody to recognise him. As a result of Tsukasa believed his preliminary want was too imprecise, he decides that Mitsuba’s actual want was that he needed to stick with his associates eternally. He grants him this want as an alternative and adjustments Mitsuba’s rumor, turning him right into a violent supernatural towards his will. Tsukasa forces Mitsuba to kill Kou and fulfill his want of being along with his good friend eternally (by means of loss of life), however Hanako arrives and destroys Mitsuba earlier than he can achieve this. Tsukasa saves part of his soul and recreates a brand new Mitsuba by attaching it to a physique shaped of low-level spirits he had killed. After killing No. 3, Tsukasa forces the brand new Mitsuba to eat No. 3’s coronary heart to develop into the brand new Third Thriller. Regardless of not being the unique and having no recollections, the brand new Mitsuba has the identical persona and goals of the previous one, now wishing to develop into an actual human.

Beforehand, Mitsuba did not have associates as a result of he was narcissistic and impolite. Hoping to vary in center college, he repressed his persona, however then grew to become bland and simply unnoticed. He was a gifted and awarded photographer within the college’s images membership. Mitsuba makes up insulting nicknames for folks; he calls Kou ‘silly lame-ass visitors security earring’, Yashiro ‘daikon-senpai’, and Hanako ‘loopy knife’. Nonetheless, beneath his rudeness and narcissism, Mitsuba is determined to be glad and turns into dejected when he thinks about his failures in his unique life.

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