Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Rocks the Twitterverse: Where Will It Go From Here?!?

Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Rocks the Twitterverse: Where Will It Go From Here?!?

Yes. Everything has really changed.

On Thursday night, Grey’s Anatomy kicked off Season 19 with an episode titled “Everything Has Changed,” doing so after the surprise announcement that Ellen Pompeo would only appear this year in a meager number of installments.

Also, five new series regulars have been cast to comprise a new set of apprentices.

With Pompeo looking to the future, this premiere feels like a blast from the past, listening back to when Meredith and company were just getting started.

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“Congratulations. You all did well,” Meredith arranged by way of introduction to the apprentice.

“You’re here… We don’t hire you for your grades, we hire you for your cause. We all get a second chance here today.”

Since this is Grey’s Anatomy, of course, it didn’t take long for these fresh faces to deal with their first major trauma in the hospital after a bus exploded off a cliff and overturned during a tornado, leaving 14 people brain dead. .

After learning that nine of the patients were organ donors, one of the interns, Mika, announced that it was “organ-palooza.”

The accident brings transplant surgeons from across the country… including Meredith’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), who returns from Minnesota for the first time in six months.

He was later offered the job of director of residency by Meredith, who is now head of full-time operations.

Indeed, he had gone from apprentice to doctor to hospital’s top dog.

And fans on social media have a lot to say in response…

“WHY MER BECOME CHIEF SO HOT SO MILF IM SREAMING #GreysAnatomy,” another fan tweeted excitedly, taking things in an interesting direction.

Will this new job be the cause of Meredith’s departure?


Showrunner Krista Vernoff said this week that something was about to happen with Meredith’s kids that was driving a big change in doctors’ lives.

Elsewhere at the premiere…

… Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) returns to check out a new class of apprentices after she quit her job at the end of last season.

He then told Richard that he created a residency class “from the bottom of the barrel, which was rejected” and added:

“It reeks of desperation. I will not sign.”

… Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and his wife Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) also returned to hospital after his medical license was suspended for illegally giving pills to veterans as a form of assisted suicide.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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