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Greatest Anime Swordsman

This is our Greatest Anime Swordsman .For centuries, the sword has been present in many countries and the country that saw the birth of manga is no exception to the rule… Whether it’s the sword, the katana, the sword… It doesn’t matter name you give it, as long as the blade is sharp, it represents courage, combat, confrontation in a duel… In short, only values that echo our favorite series. Admit it, not a series happens without a character appearing at the turn of an episode, saber in hand, ready for battle…

It is to these characters that we pay tribute in this Top! Discover the 15 fighters who know how to handle the sword that we have selected for you and achieve your ranking

Top Greatest Anime Swordsman

Greatest Anime Swordsman is a ranking based on the popularity of the characters and the anime and also my personal opinion. You might not find your favorite characters in this list

51. Kirito – Sword Art Online

Kirito - Sword Art Online

We’ve all seen the memes about how over the top original Kirito was. He could tank multiple enemies without injuring them, one-shot most enemies, and win every fight without even breaking a sweat.

He even gets hack powers, beating a man who was cheating the system. He is the most popular and strongest person in this universe. But since his skill expression isn’t too high and his character is mediocre, I can’t put him in the top five.

50. Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

 Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

Rin is the main protagonist of the show. However, he is quite different as he has powers that were inherited from Satan. His katana, kurikara, allows him to defeat demons. He transforms from his human form to his demon form by unsheathing the katana. Greatest Anime Swordsman

Rin is complete with pointy teeth, a tail and has to defeat the evil spirits that reside within him. Blue Exorcist is also known by Ao No Exorcist. It follows a unique group of characters who attend a special school and train to be exorcists.

49. Hijikata – Hakuouki

Hijikata - Hakuouki

Hijikata is not just a skilled anime swordsman but is also based on an actual historical samurai who is known for his ability with a knife.

Hijikata is sometimes portrayed as cold and calculative, but he wants to do the right thing for his team. Fans of historical fantasy will love Hakuouki, which is based on the same light novel.

48. Ryuko Matoi- Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi- Kill La Kill

We move on to the next. Ryuko Matoi, Kill La Kill. Her transformation scene is the best part of her fight skills as a swordswoman. Just kidding, dont cancel me! Although Kill La Kill may not be as brutal or gritty as the others, Ryuko is worthy of being above them.

She is a literal human Gundam wearing a skirt. Ryuko transformed into a tornado during her fight against Satsuki. She was swinging her sword around. Because she is so strong, when she missed Satsuki the wind smashed the wall and ground. Although I don’t know if Mikasa and Askeladd can become tornadoes, Ryuko can. Greatest Anime Swordsman

47. Alucard – Castlevania

Alucard - Castlevania

Did you know? Dracula backwards is Alucard. Hehe! Call me Sensei peasant! Alucard is a vampire, which means that he can heal wounds without any blessed enchantments. Alucard also has the ability to make his sword last longer. That was quite a strange line.

Alucard is also able to cast magic and has great speed, making him an extremely powerful opponent. Alucard is also half human, so sunlight can’t kill him. Alucard has all the powers of a vampire, but without weaknesses. He’s also hot! It doesn’t make you a better swordsman.

46. Trunks – Dragon Ball Z

Trunks - Dragon Ball Z

Whilst it is his counterpart, Future Trunks, who is more skilled in the ways of the blade, Trunks is not a stranger to the sword. Trunks is the child of Vegeta, Bulma, and has a slightly cocky personality.

However, his talents are not to be overlooked. Together with Goten, they created the Kikoukenjutsu blade style. Dragon Ball Z has many fans across generations. It’s a classic anime that focuses on fighting and futuristic fantasy.

45. Satsuki Kiyurin – Kill la Kill

 Satsuki Kiyurin - Kill la Kill

Satsuki is the school council president and is both feared but somewhat respected by her fellow students. Satsuki fights with Bakuzan, her sword. She is able defeat Ultima Uniform wearers with this weapon. Satsuki is a powerful person, even without an ultima uniform.

Kill la Kill is an anime about a strange high school. What is it about this school that’s so odd? The School Council President and four elite students are responsible for its management. These prestigious students will only give special treatment to classes if they treat them well.

44. Inuyasha – Inuyasha

Inuyasha – Inuyasha

The title character of the show, Inuyasha, is a hybrid of a yokai-dog and a human. This makes him a half demon. His own sword is made from his father’s fangs, and it holds a strong supernatural power. When he uses this sword, he has many talents, including the red Tassaiga, which is meant to eliminate any barriers in his path.

Inuyasha was set 500 years ago in Japan. In this time, Kagome wakes up amid all the fighting to discover that the gem sought by demons is reborn within her. Greatest Anime Swordsman

43. Ling Yao – Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ling Yao - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ling can use both daggers and is extremely skilled with these blades. His many assassinations have been a major reason he has become so skilled at fighting. He is not an antagonist but he does have a strong rivalry to Edward Elric, the main protagonist of this show.

Ling Yao is not featured in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s animation, but it is included in Fullmetal Alchemist. Some fans claim that they prefer the remake because of the inclusion this character.

42. YuuKanda –D.Gray-Man

 YuuKanda –D.Gray-Man

Yuu is D.Gray Man’s protagonist and one of the main characters. He is seemingly stoic upon first introductions, and many people are known to address him as the ‘pretty boy’ type.

Despite being loyal to his team, Yuu’s competitiveness, especially in a fight, becomes a greater priority than protecting those around him. The Black Order was formed to destroy the Akuma demons. This strange group will be traversing demon hordes to reach The Earl.

41. Alibaba – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

 Alibaba - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Alibaba, based on legend, is a kind and generous person who will do anything to help others. He is not a person who enjoys luxury and money. Alibaba, an adventurous soul, joins his new buddies in dungeon dive, a dream that he had since childhood. These adventures help him improve his skills and make his one-handed fighting style more powerful.

Strange labyrinths, also known as dungeons, begin to appear in the land of Magi. Adventurers dream of exploring and completing these labyrinths. But the dangers lurking within might prove to be more dangerous than they thought.

40. Kuroh – K

Kuroh – K

Kuroh is an anime about turf wars and gangs. He stands on both his side and his master’s. He is renowned for his swordsmanship and martial arts skills and is known throughout the lands as ‘The Black Dog.’ In this series, his job is to protect a seemingly innocent student framed for the murder of a Red Clansman. Greatest Anime Swordsman

39. Tanjirou Kamado – Demon Slayer


Kamado’s whole family is comprised of skilled swordsmen and fighters. But Tanjirou is the one to bear to the burden of supporting his family after his father’s untimely demise. After returning home to an abominable sight at his family’s home, Tanjirou and his sister join the Demon Slayer Corps. Leaving to sell coal at the village to make ends meet was the point at which Tanjirou’s world was left in ruins.

38. Meliodas – Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas - Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is the sin of wrath, and the symbol of a dragon. It is clear that Meliodas has a reputation for being a skilled fighter. He is the leader and main protagonist of the Seven Deadly Sins. Although he is the main protagonist, there are hidden truths in his past that have earned him the title of Sin.

37. Zabuza – Naruto

Zabuza - Naruto

There was just no way this article could have been written without at least one Naruto character. With the name, Demon of the Mist, Zabuza has an appropriately horrifying fighting style with his blade.

After a failed plan, Zabuza decided he wanted to become an assassin. Greatest Anime Swordsman

36. Hyakuya – Seraph of the En

Hyakuya - Seraph of the En

Hyakuya was adopted by an orphanage and was able to maintain his cheerful, optimistic disposition throughout his childhood. Although his bright personality made him easy to get along with other children in the orphanage’s group, he was also shown to have a cunning side. Hyakuya wields a powerful sword, and it gains power from blood, Hyakyua’s own blood.

Owari no Seraph also known as Seraph of the End, this is a story about a world in which vampires have invaded and taken over. In exchange for blood, these vampires promised protection against the virus that can kill adults.

35. Pantherlily – Fairy Tail

Pantherlily - Fairy Tail

He may appear small, but Pantherlily can be just as powerful and agile as his jungle cat counterpart. Pantherlily transforms into his full size and wields an enormous sword. Many opponents underestimate him.

Pantherlily, despite his dislike for loud, irritating people, is good friends with many guild members, including his owner, Dragonslayer Gajeel.

34. Mi-Ra Yu – The God of High School

 Mi-Ra Yu - The God of High School

Mira seems like a great base for this list. As she is definitely heading towards the mastery of the sword, but isn’t quite there yet. The Moon Light Sword style she uses is very effective. However, it’s only in the second half of the show that she even awakens her sword.

It’s obvious that she has a lot of training under her belt. But where the season left off she’s pretty mid-tier in her own universe, which is why she gets last place on this list. Greatest Anime Swordsman

33. Anri Sonohara – Durarara!!

Anri Sonohara - Durarara!!

Anri has the opposite problem from the last pick: She holds immense power, but it’s obvious she hasn’t mastered the wielding of her sword just yet.

In case you didn’t know, she has the power to put anyone she grazes with her sword under her Complete control and basically form an army. It’s mentally taxing, but she seems to be as solid as a rock on that front. So if she ever truly masters her sword and starts jumping around the battlefield she’ll be near unstoppable.

32. Askeladd – Vinland Saga

Askeladd - Vinland Saga

Since Vinland Saga is largely based in reality, Askeladd doesn’t really have any flashy moves I can point to and say “look how good he is”. However, he has some impressive accomplishments.

It is clear that Thorfinn was unable to challenge him but was capable of facing dozens of foes. And if you watched the entire first season you should also know that Askeladd is deadly, not just in 1v1s, but even when he’s surrounded.

31. Mugen –  Samurai Champloo

Mugen -  Samurai Champloo

Mugen is just one of those natural-born talents who can wield a sword like it’s nothing, even without proper training. In fact, his unorthodox fighting style is his biggest strength, as trained samurai can’t seem to predict his movements.

He’s probably equal in power with Jin. However, I think Mugen can adapt much quicker and has yet to achieve his full potential. This is why I chose him to be on this list. He is also a person I like a lot. Greatest Anime Swordsman

30. Stain – My Hero Academia

Stain - My Hero Academia

Perhaps Stain is a bit mediocre. Although he can paralyze, he must draw blood first before he can lick it. Compared to instant vaporization, giant ice projectiles, or even just impenetrable skin, blood licking CC isn’t all that.

Stain, however, makes great use of this quirk because of his amazing skills with the blade. He takes down a few dozen pro heroes without so much as a scratch, and even inspires a whole new generation of villains.

29. Yami Sukehiro – Black Clover

Yami Sukehiro - Black Clover

Yami is a man of incredible stats. I believe he could beat most people by using a simple stick. But his katana is much more impressive.

Because of his magic, every swing he makes packs a huge punch. Particularly in the last part of the series, he can literally strike different dimensions. He can also use ki to predict an incoming attack and can even hold a conversation while deflecting light attacks.

So I’m not sure how much of Yami someone would call skillful, but I’m sure that we can all at least agree that the man is powerful.

28. Nobunaga Hazama – Hunter x Hunter

Nobunaga Hazama - Hunter x Hunter

Without a doubt, Nobunaga’s biggest strength is his speed. By making a circle around him, he’s capable of instantly reacting to any movement and counter-attacking in the blink of an eye.

And considering that he has honed his mastery of the sword, you can be certain that once he’s in range, he will not miss your vital organs. Nobunaga is a formidable warrior, as evident by his comparison to Ubogin.

27. Killer Bee –  Naruto: Shippuden

Killer Bee -  Naruto: Shippuden

You can certainly put Sasuke here due to his overall power. But when it comes down to who’s the better swordsman, I think the answer is obvious. Killer Bee couldn’t even be satisfied with just a single sword. Killer Bee decided to use seven.

It is amazing to me that he can even move and face Sasuke with seven swords. I may also have been influenced by his rapping abilities. Greatest Anime Swordsman

26. Reinhard van Astrea – Re:Zero

Reinhard van Astrea - Re:Zero

This man is often called the sword saint. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s on here. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see him in a lot of fights. But whenever he’s present, there is virtually no tension anymore, as it always looks like he’s going to win.

He’s known as the knight of all knights, not only for this immense power, but also because he’s actually quite the chill dude; prepared to help out strangers and uphold justice.

25. Yato – Noragami

Yato - Noragami

Yato would probably have been higher up if he had not found light in life. But since he has only snapped a few times, and for a limited time, I’m going to place him in the middle.

He’s the god of calamity, one who was capable of murdering entire armies. Which is actually pretty tame for a god according to anime standards. He was a huge deal in his own universe. Sure, now that he’s basically a freelancer he isn’t quite as powerful. However, if you consider his glory days, this placement seems justified.

24. Akame – Akame ga Kill

Akame - Akame ga Kill

Akame was quite proficient with her sword throughout the entire show. She was a marvel of speed, agility, precision, and timing. We learn that one cut is essentially a guarantee victory, and she began to work towards it. the OP category.

The final season was over and we discovered that Akame can fight hacks, contrary to popular belief. She became the most powerful character throughout her entire series. But since it was only for one fight, and she hasn’t shown off too much of her actual skill yet, she gets the mid-tier on this list. Greatest Anime Swordsman

23. Lay Glanzudlii – The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Lay Glanzudlii - The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Lay may tempt one to fall asleep on Lay, as Anos kicked his butt with a stick. But that isn’t exactly a fair comparison, as Anos is like anime Jesus.

But him aside, Lay is definitely the most powerful in their entire universe. His stats are incredible, with his speed, strength, skill, and waifu taste. And if you’ve watched the entire season you know just how difficult it is to actually defeat this man in 1vs1 combat.

22. Gintoki – Gintama

Gintoki – Gintama

Gintoki is consistently voted one of the best swordsmen by anime fans. Gintama is a historical comedy that features Gintoki as the main character. It also includes a lot of animated sword fights.

He is known as the White Devil, which comes from a combination of his white hair and his devilish fighting style. Gintama is an excellent show for both sci-fi and historical fans. They are combined in this comedy series, with aliens invading feudal Japan.

21. Clare – Claymore

 Clare - Claymore

Not all great sword fighters have to be swordsmen. Clare is part an elite group consisting of Claymore-named demon hunting knights. These girls undergo a rigorous training program and are infused with Yoma blood to enable them to perform the extraordinary feats required to slay Yoma threats to humanity.

Clare was raised under Teresa Claymore and is the successor to her. Clare is a cold and calculated Claymore who uses her intellect and ingenuity against monsters far beyond her capabilities. Clare is able to walk alongside some of the best Claymore around, which proves that numbers are not everything. Greatest Anime Swordsman

20. Jin – Samurai Champloo

Jin - Samurai Champloo

Jin is one the most traditional samurai. He uses traditional kenjutsu and displays the manner of a well-trained samurai.

His history is still a mystery, and he became instantly popular among those who wanted to find out his past. Samurai Champloo was a very famous anime from the early 2000s. It is, in fact, the only anime to have a Hip-Hop music by Nujabes before his tragic passing in 2010.

19. Erza Scarlett – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlett - Fairy Tail

Some Fairy Tail fans believe Natsu Dragneel is the main character. Others think it’s Lucy Heartfelia. Everyone knows the star of The Real Star Of Television, but that is just based on hype. Fairy Tail is none other than Titania herself, Erza Scarlett. Erza is much more than a master swordsman. She’s skilled with any weapon that can be used to defeat rogue wizards or demons, thanks to her talents.

She has proven time and time again that she is extremely skilled and powerful with a sword. Sometimes she doesn’t even require armor, her sword skills are enough to deal with some of the most difficult fighters in the world.

18. Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

I mean, it’s a protagonist of one of the original big three shounen. This gives you an idea of how powerful this guy is. His character was initially more skill-oriented. He became more skilled as the series went on. The wall of power enemies just couldn’t get past.

Late game Ichigo was a beast, capable of levelling entire mountains with one swing of his sword. Although he may not have been able to show off his skills in late-game, he was still a master of his blade. But it still stands that he’s the master of his blade. Greatest Anime Swordsman

17. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan


There can’t be swordswomen, who says? Mikasa inflicts death on the Titans, and those who don’t want her here can’t even catch chickens. Mikasa Ackerman can compete against many titanshifters in this series.

Mikasa uses only the Vertical Mineuvering Equipment and two swords, but she can take down titans like they’re nothing. It’s possible to cut a man’s head in half, but you need guts to defeat Titans. Mikasa isn’t afraid to whip you butt even if you are human.

16. Saber – Fate/Zero

Saber - Fate/Zero

When it comes to fighting, the Fate series has a lot of skill expression. There’s less mountain cutting and more traps, parries, and outplays during most fights. The Lancelot vs Saber fight for example shows how much detail is given to the warrior’s skills.

Saber lost that fight but has many other victories. She also has extremely good stats all around, with solid defense, an unpredictable offense, solid mobility, and so on. She’s the jack of all trades and the third seed of this list.

15. Zoro – One Piece

Zoro - One Piece

If Zabuza has taught me anything, it’s that the second someone starts wielding a sword with their teeth, run away as fast as you can. Zoro does this quite often using his three-sword style.

What’s even worse(for his enemies) is that the man is beyond tenacious. You can stab him with a sword and he’ll simply take it, grab it with his teeth, and slice you in half in return. It’s like stabbing him is the equivalent of throwing the sword into his hands. And don’t even get me started on the “nothing happened” scene, that was just ridiculous! Greatest Anime Swordsman

14. Nanashi – Sword of the Stranger

Nanashi - Sword of the Stranger

Although he doesn’t have any super powers, Nanashi is definitely beyond human when it comes to his skills with the sword. Nanashi is a highly skilled warrior who, in a similar vein to Himura Kenshin has decided to lay down his sword and seek redemption.

However, he can’t avoid fighting forever. When he is serious, he easily surpasses everyone on the list. Even after climbing a snowy mountain and fighting high-ranking soldiers, jumping through fire and having a tower fall on him, Nanashi refused the Senzu bean treatment. He still managed to defeat the second most powerful warrior in the movie.

13. Hawkeye Mihawk – One Piece

Hawkeye Mihawk - One Piece

It is hard to imagine anyone else who could be so high on this list, other than the person literally called the Greatest swordsmen in all of history. Although there are many talented sword fighters, One PieceThe world of’s (many apologies, Roronoa Zoro), Mihawk had to be included due to his status and the insurmountable feats within this show. Zoro is known for slicing through many items. However, there’s a hilarious scene in Stampede: One Piece where Mihawk easily manages to do one of Zoro’s cuts from a greater distance.

To take on his enemies, he doesn’t need a powerful sword. A simple dagger is more than enough to deal with well-trained samurai. But, when Mihawk does pull out his Yoru, he is able to gracefully fight and wave it like a baton.

12. Miyamoto Musashi – Vagabond

Miyamoto Musashi - Vagabond

Miyamoto Musashi, the GOAT! In real life, too! Miyamoto Musashi is a great swordsman in Japanese history. We can’t exclude him! He is hot and will rip you up in one hit!

Miyamoto Musashi’s strength is so great that the watercircled his sword when he moved it. This just shows his speed and precision using the blade. It’s almost as if he chose the sword! Luke Skywalker should be watching his back if he were in the Star Wars universe. Greatest Anime Swordsman

11. King Bradley – Full Metal Alchemist

King Bradley - Full Metal Alchemist

Bradley isn’t a name of a king, it’s more like a wrestler. King Bradley is a beast that can smash you to the ground. King Bradley is the antagonist in the FMA Series, and he’s got some incredible tricks when it comes fighting!

King Bradley can even block bullets from a Machine Gun because he is so strong! A pistol is too obtuse, while an arrow is quite impressive. But a machine gun is just way too strong. The Ultimate Eye gives him superhuman abilities and allows him direct counterattack to his enemies. He basically has all the superhuman abilities.

10. Hiei – Yu Yu Hakusho

Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho

Hiei’s whiplash is so intense that his hair will not fall because of its speed. Hiei’s attitude towards fighting is to slaughter the entire enemy team and try to do this with pure strength, god-like speed. Hiei can fight so fast, he can cut his opponent’s 15 times in one. Minced-meat everyone?

You are aware of the benefits that come with being fast. He is a master bladesman. Hiei has his own style of swordsmanship, which he makes compatible to his Jagan Eye, and his super speed. You won’t believe how many times you die when you meet Hiei.

09. Hakurou – The Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime

Hakurou – The Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime

They say that wisdom comes with age, but Hakurou brought strength along! Hakurou is the JuraTempest Federation’s master swordsman, and even Rimuru can’t beat him when they use swords.

Hakurou’s strength is so great that he was capable of defeating a man who could travel through time and space. There is nothing faster than that! Hakurou is a Martial Master, which gives him the ability to live up to his potential despite his age. Everybody is superpowered in the Slime Universe, so it’s only natural that he’s also super powerful! Greatest Anime Swordsman

08. Atomic Samurai – One Punch Man

Atomic Samurai – One Punch Man

He is literally called Atomic Samurai. He is ranked #4 of all the S-Class heroes, and he has an incredible level of swordsmanship. This is how it looks. You can see how a man exerts so much force in his thrust, that he fires a blade of compressed oxygen at you. This is impossible, but this man did it. It is anime, but it doesn’t matter!

Atomic Samurai can cut his opponents 100 times per second using a technique called Atomic Slash. Hiei could only do 16 but this guy can do it in a matter of seconds. He reminds me of Miyamoto, Vagabond’s Miyamoto! It’s almost as if Miyamoto had been trained by Goku or some other trainer.

07. Yoriichi Tsugikuni – Demon Slayer

Yoriichi Tsugikuni - Demon Slayer

Even though he was not alive during the Demon Slayer era, it is clear that he can defeat all the characters. Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the only person who could make Muzan tremble, and with his unique breathing method, could beat him again!

06. Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki leads the Whitebeard Pirates. He looks the part at least. Kenpachi Zaraki, the head for the 11th Division, is the best-looking Bleach swordsman. He has Guts running for his cash when it comes to muscle.

Kenpachi is number 2 for his Zanpakuto and his Godly skills using his sword. He has two blades and the Bankai. He could easily be Number 1 if he had more power.

05. Himura Kenshin – Rurouni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin

This list is nearing its top spot and it finally reaches the most influential and iconic swordsmen in anime. Himura Kenshin was once an instrument of mass death for his feudal lord, who now wanders around the land as a “rurouni”, a sadder ronin, trying to find a way of redeeming his past sins and protecting the land. However, despite his polite demeanor and aim for passiveness, Kenshin should not be underestimated.

At a young age, he rose through the ranks of samurai, eventually becoming able to perform some of the most famous feats in anime: lightning fast slashes and slicing limbs so that they can be reattached. And, of course, cutting through steel. You’ll soon be on the wrong side of this man and will be awakening a terrifying beast that will make sure you don’t see him for long.

04. Hyakkimaru – Dororo

Hyakkimaru - Dororo

You always hear the expression “may the sword be an extension of your arm” when someone’s learning how to be a sword master. Hyakkimaru’s arms are literally swords. So he didn’t need much help on that front.

And since they’re so regularly available, his skill is beyond compare to anyone in his universe. It’s amazing to see how powerful he is.Greatest Anime Swordsman

03. Afro Samurai – Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai - Afro Samurai

Many people will always remember this. Afro Samurai as that one anime that has Samuel L. Jackson, the sheer amount of anime action should never be underestimated, especially in regards to the series’ titular character. Afro, a brilliant and powerful samurai who seeks revenge on his father and to become the best fighter in all of Japan, is colder than the knife he wields.

It’s not surprising that everyone wants to be Afro’s successor. There are many ways to demonstrate how deadly Afro is. It’s easy to see why he is the best samurai in anime.

02. Guts – Berserk

Guts - Berserk

As every character in the manga has pointed out time and time again, it’s difficult to even call Guts a swordsman. His sword is so large that it shares more similarities with a tombstone then a real weapon.

This analogy is quite appropriate given Guts’s ability to take out entire platoons all by himself. Guts is able to stand his ground, even when he goes head to head with literal demons and hoards after the undead.

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01. Levi Ackerman – Attack On Titan


The interesting thing about Attack on Titan’s sword fighters is that they’ve reinvented how sword fighting works. Sword fights usually involve close quarters fights with finesse. Attack on TitanThe swordsmen launch themselves at their targets with exhilarating speed to achieve the same feat.

In addition, Attack on Titan In today’s world of fear, Levi Ackerman is the most respected and feared figure. Although he is smaller than the Titans and his fellow Titans, Levi’s tactical mind as well as his skill with a knife can make all the difference.

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