Gamora Guide – now available to the public!  – Crushing Krisis
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Gamora Guide – now available to the public! – Crushing Krisis

As we continue to count down to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, I have another new character guide to share with all CK readers. I had so much fun reading each issue of this guide to understanding how the most dangerous woman in the universe was introduced as a bounty hunter, turned out to be Thanos’ agent, died suddenly, became a long-term romance with Adam Warlock and member of the Infinity Watch, and rose to new heights of popularity as the Guardian of the Galaxy. You guessed it: this is my Gamora Guide!

Gamora Guide

Want to learn more about this storied comic book history and Gamora’s canonical relationship with Thanos? Check out my original launch trial from when I launched the Gamora Guide to CK Patrons.

Gamora’s comic book history is closely tied to Warlock and the birth of the modern Guardians. I think it’s worth reading Starlin’s Warlock material for how psychedelic it is, but Gamora really comes into its own as Warlock’s tough friend slash bodyguard during Warlock and the Infinity Watch. This includes a fuller account of its origins, which you can read from two different angles in Warlock & The Infinity Watch (1992) #9 & 11 during the original Infinity War.

What Gamora still sorely lacks are solo adventures today, aside from a pair of teams in Guardians Team-Up (2015) #4 (with She-Hulk) and 6 (with Nightcralwer). That’s partly because his starring roles are in Gamora (2016) and Thanos (2019) which we both told in flashback. However, it’s also because she’s such a critical anchor to the Guardians team that keeps Star-Lord, Drax, and Rocket on and off the roster. For a particularly strong story of Gamora as a member of the team, read Gerry Duggan’s All-New Guardians of the Galaxy (2017) sequence in Infinity Countdown (2018) and Infinity Wars (2018) – which form a mega -arc which develop the character of Gamora.

The Gamora guide explains how to read all of these issues, whether you’re looking for comics on floppy disk to place in perfect reading order, buying Collected Editions for your library, or reading online at Marvel Unlimited.

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