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Fastest Anime Characters

Who is the Fastest anime characters ? We have all had this debate in our lives. which of our favorite anime characters outperforms the other in pure speed. In order to satisfy some opinions, we have written this article

Top Fastest Anime Characters

31. Alucard

Alucard, Hellsing’s main protagonist and one of the most popular anime characters, is a manga and anime by Kouta Hirano. He is the strongest vampire in the series. Alucard is Dracula’s son and the Hellsing family’s top enforcer.

After Dracula attacked his mother, his mother gifted him with vampirism. All of his powers are available to him, including shape-shifting and regeneration, hellfire breath and telepathy. However, he can only access them while wearing his human form, which has long hair and no ears. Fastest Anime Characters

30. Hiei

Hiei Fastest Anime Characters

Hiei is one of the Sensui Seven demons that traveled to the human realm to kill Kuwabara’s sister. He is the most powerful and fastest of all, able to move at a superhuman speed and fire with his hands. He was once a human being, but Kurama turned him into a demon after he murdered his mother.

Kurama became his friend as a child and the two spent their childhoods training together as martial arts artists. They then decided to travel around the globe to train together to be strong fighters to protect each other against threats, such as other demons or those who might wish to harm them. Fastest Anime Characters

29. Kouga

Fastest Anime Characters

Kouga is a leader of the wolf-demon tribe. Kagome Higurashi has always been his older brother, although he has been in love since childhood. Kouga is obsessed with killing Kikyo, stealing her power, and abusing her Soul through his fangs, when he discovers that Inuyasha was once a priestess.

Inuyasha’s elder brother Sesshomaru fights Kouga in battle. He almost kills Kouga before Kagome intervenes and saves his lives.After seeing the loyalty he shows to his younger brother Daijiro, also known as Dai, she begins to feel for Kouga. This is one the most popular anime characters. Kouga dies later after Kikyo casts a spell on him, which drains all of his blood.

28. Takumi Fujiwara

Fastest Anime Characters

Takumi Fujiwara, a high school student, lives with his dad and works part time at a gas station. He has taken the Toyota AE86 Trueno up to Mount Akina in order to race it. Takumi is the protagonist of the Initial D Series.

It is revealed throughout the series that Takumi’s driving abilities were influenced from Keisuke Takahashi (Keisuke Tsuchiya), his father and best friend. Keisuke showed him how to drive fast up mountain roads during their time together. This knowledge enabled him to become one of Japan’s top downhill racers. This is one the most famous anime characters. Fastest Anime Characters

27. Chihaya Ayase

 Fastest Anime Characters

Chihaya Ayase, a third-year student at high school, is the daughter of the Karuta Club’s owner. She is also one of the most popular anime characters. Taichi Mashima was her childhood friend. She always dreamed to be an elite member of the club. 

Chihaya dreams of winning the National High School Tournament three years consecutively so she can compete at the All-Japan Junior Tournament, and then on to become a National Player. Chihaya is not only a fast ace, but she also has great memorization skills. She can remember every card she sees in a match, even if it’s just once.

26. Shoutarou Kohneda

 Fastest Anime Characters

Shoutarou Kaneda, a character in the anime series Boku no Hero Academia, is one of the most popular anime characters. He is currently a student at U.A. High School, he is part of the 1-A Class, which includes seventeen students who have been awarded the title “Hero” in the respective fields.

Kaneda is a fast character in anime history. He can move at Mach 20 (20 times the speed sound), and has been known to be one of the most dynamic characters. His quirk allows him to create electricity through his body, increasing his speed and reflexes as he moves at high speeds.

25. Azusa

 Fastest Anime Characters

Azusa, a Witch of the Highlands, rose to god-tier supernatural power after three centuries of slime-killing. I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years is full of powerful characters but Azusa is simply faster than all of them in speed.

Azusa is immortal, has superhuman strength, agility and endurance, and can also use her witchcraft for invisibility, flight and teleportation. Her host of magical abilities will allow her to be anywhere she wants and more or less whenever she needs. Fastest Anime Characters

24. Tenya Ida

It is possible to imagine engines in your calves being excruciatingly painful. It’s why Ida is one of the most talented students at U. A. High School.You can train your quirks to become stronger. He’ll be a professional in a few years and be a hero. It may be worth a tune-up. Perhaps from Mei Hatsume …?

23. Sorahiko Torino

 Fastest Anime Characters

An old man is one of the most powerful heroes in the world. Are you a fan of anime? Gran Torino, despite his appearances, is so fast that he cannot be seen with the average eye.

By the by, these characters are beyond the reach of average eyes. His speed allows him to make great last-minute saves when you least expect them. Torino’s unique quirk is impressive and will be very useful in the future. Fastest Anime Characters

22. Minato Namikaze

Fastest Anime Characters

Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage at Konohagakure. He is also known as the “Yellow Flash” of Konoha. He was a skilled ninja and one of the most talented in history. Minato’s talent, his status as a Uchiha clan member and his special relationship to Senju Hashirama made him an obvious candidate to be inducted into Root early.

Potential candidates can be trained to become Akatsuki members through the ANBU program. He declined the opportunity to become a Hokage.Minato wed Kushina Uzumaki, who became Kushina Uzumaki. Together they had Naruto Uzumaki as well as two unnamed sons (Konan (Fugaku)). The story opens with Minato sending Kakashi Hatake out on a mission, while leaving Naruto in Obito Uchiha’s care at Mount Myoboku.

21. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Fastest Anime Characters

When you graduate from high school, there will be a ceremony to name you in the Ninja Village. If it were not, I doubt any self-respecting parent would call their child Sonic. Sonic’s village lessons gave him speed and maneuverability. He is as fast as Genos, a demon cyborg equipped with rocket boosters and a nuclear reactor.

Saitama may have defeated him easily, but it is impossible to power-stack anyone Saitama has fought. Although the manner he was defeated was not too dramatic…He can still show some impressive moves when he is fighting a more realistic opponent. Fastest Anime Characters

20. Jotaro Kujo

Fastest Anime Characters

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventureis filled with oddball characters with strange powers known as Stands. However, the series’ protagonist Jotaro Kujo is one of the most powerful. Jotaro has the ability to punch at lightning speed thanks to his Stand Star Platinum.

Star Platinum also allows Jotaro to stop time for several seconds . Jotaro is one of the fastest shonen characters. Time manipulation itself is a result of faster-than light speeds. Given the pain that Jotaro’s family experiences throughout the series, it’s good that he is so fast.

19. Sloth

Fastest Anime Characters

Sloth is a Demon Lord of 72 Pillars of Demon Lord. He is not interested in human affairs, and prefers to play video games and chill all day. However, Arachne forced him to leave his tower. This is one the most popular anime characters. The sloth is a large, green-skinned demon that has horns, fangs and bat wings. He transforms into combat form and gains two large, white wings that look like angels’ backs. They have multiple spikes at various points along their length.

Sloth wears black pants with purple trimming and long black boots. One side is left exposed while the other has a four-line insignia. Sloth also wears a collared shirt, which looks more formal than it is. However, the sleeves reach past half-way onto them. They are similar to gloves, falling over his palms and then continuing down over his fingers, leaving space between them. He also wears different items depending on whether he requires speed or strength. Fastest Anime Characters

18. BlackStar

Fastest Anime Characters

Let me make a confession: I am a big fan of Soul Eater. It is one of my favourite anime (and manga) but that’s another topic. Black Star is the character I love most. BlackStar, the protagonist of Soul Eater, is the embodiment of coolness. He can’t live without his sunglasses! He is also very brave. Although he can get scared sometimes (like when he faces death), he will do whatever it takes to help his friends and believe in his cause.

He doesn’t like being compared to Maka Albarn, because she’s “too boring”. BlackStar wants more out of life than studying at DWMA Academy. He is known for his rebellious nature against authority figures like Professor Stein and Lord Death, if they tell him what to do. If it means fighting evil witches with Maka or Soul Eater Evans then they are good enough guys. This video may convince you that BlackStar is this fast if there was ever any doubt.

17. The Dash

Fastest Anime Characters

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a fictional character called the Dash. He is the Stand for Yasuho hirose, and one of the most popular anime characters. The Dash is a Stand that can be used to make clones of other Stands and confuse opponents. It can also run at high speeds, just like its nameake. We hope that you enjoyed this list with the most fast anime characters. We’d love to hear your suggestions!

16. Yamato Akitsuki

Yamato Akitsuki Fastest Anime Characters

Yamato Akitsuki is known for being the fastest to create an anime character. Kazuki Sakuraba created his character in one day for the manga Gosick.

This is quite impressive considering that most anime characters have been drawn over many years. Sometimes even decades! This guy is different! He draws lightning fast! Fastest Anime Characters

15. Zeus

Fastest Anime Characters

Record Of Ragnarok has a lot of powerful characters. This is not surprising considering that the cast includes actual gods. Zeus is known as the Chairman of Gods. This refers to his power and position relative to all the other gods. This title is, as it turns out to be, well-deserved.

The Fist That Surpassed Times, one of Zeus’s methods, is imbued in the essence of Kronos, his father. The Fist That Surpassed Time, as its name implies, allows Zeus to move so fast, that time bends to his will. seems to stop time while he throws a punch using all of the power his godly body has to offer. A little bit of excess is not unusual once you reach the rank of fighting gods. Zeus’s seemingly infinite speed is one example.

14. Wolfgang Schreiber

Wolfgang Schreiber

Wolfgang Schreiber, Shinza Banksho, is another character with inexplicable speed. His power Nilfheimr Fenriswolf makes him literally faster than his opponent. Wolfgang is able to dodge blows no matter how fast his opponent is. This is a sign of his desire to not be touched.

Although abilities that stop time or invalidate speed may seem like a workaround for some, Wolfgang will win all conventional speed tests regardless of who his opponent is. Although this ability might seem cheap, the abilities of shonen characters are not necessarily fair or balanced. Wolfgang Schreiber, by definition, is one of the fastest shonen character, if he’s not the fastest.

13. Anti-Spiral


If a character doesn’t have complete control of the entire universe, it’s probably not their strongest ability. Anti-Spiral, the collective consciousness of all Anti-Spiral races in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, is what is known as the Anti-Spiral. He is a speedy being that can travel infinitely within its own universe with very few restrictions or qualifiers.

He, omnipresent in its own universe but unbound by time in general is an unfair opponent in speed. It is easy to see how this dark creature was able serve as the antagonist in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s series. There is nothing quite like this villain in shonen anime. Fastest Anime Characters

12. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shuhouin is a fictional character created by Tite Kuba for Bleach. She was the former captain of Gotei 13’s 2nd Division and former leader of Stealth Force. She became a Shinigami for a brief time again after her death at hands of Kisuke Urahara. Then, her inner Hollow took her in.

Ichigo Kurosaki was forced to defeat Yhwach’s inner hollow form in order to restore his Shinigami abilities after he merged with Yhwach’s Reiatsu during the fight in Soul Society. Yoruichi Shihouin was her opponent!

11. Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia, a 5th-Class Junior Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull or Royal Knights squads is a 5th-Class Junior Magic Knight. Although Luck looks very ordinary in a regular outfit, his passion for fighting is evident. His speed makes it difficult for his opponents.

Lightning Magic can be used to increase Luck’s speed. This enhanced speed allows him to smash his opponents and can keep up with those who use magic to speed up their own speed. After Lufulu, an elf side, he gains extraordinary speed. Fastest Anime Characters

10. Ryo Shimazaki

Ryo Shimazaki

Teleportation was a cool idea. This was my first thought after seeing Ryo in action. He is able to see the future and can use his teleportation to react to them. Teleporting to any location you desire could be so much fun. It makes me wonder if Ryo pulled pranks as a child.I can picture the jumpscares.

09. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe, one of these mysterious characters, is hard to measure. He broke his limits on several occasions to save those he loved most. He even exceeded the speed of light at times as Viktor Licht witnessed. It is safe to say that he is one of the most fast anime characters.

Shinra received grace in two instances. He was then able to travel at the speed light, breaking through the barriers of time and space. His body breaks down at this point, and then he re-emerges in thin air with a lot of force. He possesses this deadly power and it proves vital in critical situations.

08. Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe

Before we get into Sho’s power, let’s praise the fact that Sho was able fight Shinra with Rapid without his adolla blast ability. Sho was able to not only keep up with him at this speed, but also to overwhelm him.

Sho’s Ignition Ability slows time by reducing heat from the universe’s natural expansion. Sho says that everyone is like a statue to him and that the world becomes quiet. He appears to be teleporting to everyone else. It’s too bad that he can’t use the device for more than a few moments.

07. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Hunter x Hunter is a world full of Nen users. Killua Zoldyck’s Godspeed is one of the most remarkable Nen abilities in the series. This ability allows him to travel at great speeds and surpass his physical capabilities. It is the result of combining two abilities, Whirlwind and Speed of Lightning. This term essentially describes how powerful it can become.

Killua only has control of his body movements while using this technique. This ability is still very effective in combat. Killua can move at speeds exceedingly high for Godspeed, which is more than twice the speed of sound. This ability makes Killua the fastest anime character in Hunter x Hunter.

06. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo was a normal high school student before the Soul Reaper powers were given to him. He was not like other humans. He had superhuman abilities such as extraordinary strength, fast reflexes and supersonic speed to fight the most formidable foes.

Ichigo was already able to move at incredible speeds before learning Shunpo. He can hit fast and land hits, while being able to dodge fast attacks when he is fighting his enemies. He can reach speeds of Mach 286, which is equivalent to 219 438 mph.

05. Koro-sensei


Koro-sensei, a teacher with a wide range of superhuman abilities, is the only one who can outclass high-tech machinery and weapons. He is a solitary teacher who can outclass all high-tech weapons and machinery. His superhuman regeneration skills, invisibility, poison immunity, and speed make him almost untouchable.

Koro-sensei is known for his remarkable ability to move at speeds exceeding Mach 20, i.e. 15,345 mph. He can travel between countries in a matter of minutes. Most of the time, he uses this ability for snacks and watching his favorite anime shows around the globe. He is also an great anime mentor.

04. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu appears to be a coward in battles, as Zenitsu’s body language speaks only of the fear that resides within him. However, Zenitsu’s unconscious state is a different story. The Sleeping Zenitsu is nothing but a beast that can cut down his opponent in a matter of seconds. Sometimes even faster. His lightning speed is a testament to his ability to use lightning.

Even during the battle against Daki, he moved so fast Daki couldn’t track him down with her eyes, even though she has extrasensory perception. His speed can also increase if he attacks at short distances and for a shorter time. Zenitsu can only be stopped from becoming berserk if he is not around!

03. Borsalino


One Piece is the fastest character. Borsalino uses the Devil Fruit known to be the Glint–Glint Fruit which allows him to transform into light. Borsalino is able to travel at light speed and can perform instantaneous changes of position on the battlefield.

He’d be almost unstoppable if he had that speed. But he can also create beams of charged light that cause huge destruction and use his light powers to give off explosive force. It’s not surprising was made an Admiral of Marines.

02. Saitama


Saitama is not only an superpowered anime character, but also one of the most dynamic anime characters in the world. His physical abilities are unmatched and exceed all expectations. Saitama is well-known for his heroism, whether it’s his one-punch knockouts or his incredible speed.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic’s special ability of speed was easily defeated by Saitama. Saitama returned to Earth in 1.5 seconds after he was launched onto the Moon during the Battle with Boros. He was able travel at 256.266 km/s, or Mach 753,059. This is insane, and it’s why he’s the strongest One Punch Man hero.

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01. Whis


Whis is the Guide angel Attendant of Beerus God of Destruction. Anyone who serves in direct service to a god should bring something unique to the table. As it turns out, Whis is one the most overpowered shonen characters and his speed is only one example.

Whis is able to travel at approximately 5 septillion times speed of light by using Autonomous Ultra Instinct. This makes him almost godlike compared to other shonen characters. It is truly a blessing that Whis, despite being a God of Destruction works for Dragon Ball .

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