Evolution Fans cry over those Alvez and Garcia Flashbacks

Evolution Fans cry over those Alvez and Garcia Flashbacks

Criminal Minds: Evolution fans are sobbing over that flashback of Alvez and Garcia. It’s been a tough time for fans of the popular pairing, now that Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Tyler Green (Ryan-James Hatanaka) have moved past their decidedly antagonistic relationship in recent episodes of the reboot. In fact, the duo embarked on a romance and Garcia planted a kiss on Green that surprised and delighted both characters. But that development also brought a renewed spotlight to Garcia’s much-discussed 2020 date with co-worker and friend Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), leaving fans eager to see how that night went.

In the penultimate episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, viewers finally got an extended black-and-white flashback of how the date between Alvez and Garcia went. But it’s left those same fans with a lot of feelings that they expressed on Twitter.

The date starts off “clunky,” in Garcia’s words, and takes a little bit to get better. It’s not until Garcia admits the obvious awkwardness looming over the evening that they actually relax, cracking smiles and jokes. Ultimately, they seem to decide that it’s better not to take things in a romantic direction. Based on the tweets, however, some fans aren’t pleased with that resolution.

Will Criminal Minds: Evolution Pair Up Garcia & Alvez?

Garcia and Alvez share another scene earlier in the Criminal Minds: Evolution episode. Prior to the flashback, Alvez figures out that Garcia and Tyler Green have been involved. The revelation is played lightheartedly in an otherwise high-stakes episode, with Garcia somewhat remorseful about getting together with a guy that has close ties to the current BAU case. Still, in the same vein, she seems relieved that she can finally admit what’s been happening. Alvez, for his part, doesn’t really want to hear any of it. Especially to supporters of ‘Garvez,’ as they’re dubbed, it could read that Alvez is a bit jealous.

In another turn of events, Tyler is shot by the season’s villain, Voit (Zach Gilford), and he loses a lot of blood in the process. The prevailing view, and some of what’s expressed in the tweets, is that Tyler stands as an obstacle to Garcia and Alvez. If anything happens to him, or if Garcia decides that her work is too dangerous to put someone else’s life at risk by association, that puts a potential Garcia and Alvez coupling back on the table. Based on what the actors themselves have said, they realize it’s something that much of the audience wants to see.

It’s a tricky task to execute. Part of the reason Garvez is popular is that they have excellent playfully antagonistic chemistry. The reboot’s writers likely are looking at how to keep that alive while nonetheless acknowledging the romance that has earned a lot of buzz from fans. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is already confirmed, and it remains to be seen whether Tyler ends up as a long-term addition to the cast or if the upcoming finale will offer up another unexpected turn.

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