Emily plays With The Idea of a Confrontation Between Mindy and Emily

Emily plays With The Idea of a Confrontation Between Mindy and Emily

Emily in Paris season 3 avoided a potential Mindy and Emily friendship problem, but it risks returning in Emily in Paris season 4. Best friends since the beginning of the show, Mindy and Emily remained through the worst possible scenarios, and their friendship was never affected. However, for the first time in Emily in Paris, it seemed like there could be a conflict strong enough to get in the way of Emily and Mindy’s friendship.

Emily in Paris season 3 was about difficult choices, and not only for Emily. Mindy, for example, engaged in a new relationship following the fallout with Benoit, but the future of her career suggests that she might have to choose between Nicolas and Benoit at some point. Still, Mindy is currently with Nicolas, whose interests also involve JVMA. Nicolas’ questionable business practices sparked a conflict with Emily, which obviously impacts Mindy and Emily’s friendship.

Emily In Paris Season 3 Avoided A Friend Problem With Mindy

Emily in Paris season 3 toyed with the idea of Mindy’s relationship with Nicolas getting in the way of Mindy and Emily’s friendship, which, in the long-term, would just not work. Emily and Mindy had been best friends since the very beginning of Emily in Paris, and it was difficult to believe that Nicolas, a new Emily in Paris supporting character, could get between them. Nicolas knew Mindy from boarding school, yet part of his story in Emily in Paris season 3 was representing the interests of JVMA. Fortunately, Emily in Paris season 3 drew a line regarding Mindy’s relationship with Nicolas and her friendship with Emily.

Although Nicolas did not necessarily get close to Mindy in order to be closer to Emily and her company, every moment the new couple had with Emily would often end in a business argument. It seemed like Nicolas was more interested in his company and having things play out the way he wanted than in his relationship with Mindy, and he was starting to get between Mindy and Emily. That new conflict seemed like it could be a recurring plotline for Emily in Paris’ future, but the show apparently settled it with Mindy saying that Emily would always be her priority.

Will Nicolas Cause More Issues Between Emily & Mindy In Season 4?

Mindy said that she would not let Nicolas’ problems with Emily get in the way of their friendship. However, Mindy and Nicolas are still together at the end of Emily in Paris season 3 despite Benoit’s return. The fact that Nicolas wasn’t showing up to take Mindy to the wedding suggested that they would break up after all, but the couple still made it to the party. Mindy now has the opportunity of a lifetime regarding her career, performing at Eurovision, but it’s unclear how she will conciliate that with Nicolas. With Mindy and Nicolas remaining together, conflicts with Emily might return.

Emily in Paris season 4 is shaping up to be one of confrontation, as every character is now picking their side in what could be a “war of companies”. For example, Julien sent an email during Emily in Paris season 3 finale accepting a business offer from what could likely be JVMA. Mindy might see herself between the two sides of that war, with Nicolas on one side and Emily on the other. Things will be even more complicated for Mindy as she will reconnect with Benoit for the Eurovision, and it is clear that they still have feelings for each other.

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