Dwayne Johnson Wants Henry Cavill to Be Superman Again
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Dwayne Johnson Wants Henry Cavill to Be Superman Again

Dwayne Johnson Wants Henry Cavill to Become Superman Again, After joining the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) as Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson seems to be starting to be vocal about the future of the DC superhero film franchise. One of them is bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman in future DCEU films.

Wants Henry Cavill to Be Superman Again

So it’s not surprising for those who have watched the film Black Adam, to get a surprise in the form of Henry Cavill’s appearance as a Superman cameo at the very end of the film. That scene was inseparable from the role of Dwayne Johnson, who insisted on bringing Cavill back.

“We have to bring back the strongest and invincible figure in this universe, you know who I mean. That’s Superman And Superman is Henry Cavill,” said Dwayne Johnson, who is also familiarly called The Rock, quoting Screen Rant, recently .

The plan to bring Henry Cavill as Superman into the DCEU has not been planned at all by Warner Bros. Discovery and DC. They are not sure about returning the role of Superman to Henry Cavill. Thanks to Dwayne Johnson, that has become possible.

Follow Forced Henry Cavill

Apart from insisting on convincing Warner Bros. Discovery and DC, Dwayne Johnson apparently also had a big hand in making Henry Cavill sure to return to playing Superman.

“The studio initially did not bring Henry back. But we do not accept the rejection.

This has been planned for years to bring back Henry Cavill and we do not want to hear a word from him,” explained Dwayne Johnson.

“For us there is no most logical answer for the DC universe without Superman, it’s impossible to do that,” he continued.

Superman New Movie

The second Superman film starring Henry Cavil has reportedly received the green light from the studio.

However, it is not yet known which filmmaker will work on the sequel to Man of Steel. The issue, the director of Mission: Impossible Fallout, Christopher McQuarrie, is said to be being considered as the director.

Until now, the film Man of Steel 2 is reportedly still in the initial scenario development stage.

Henry Cavill’s appearance in the DCEU

The Superman character played by Henry Cavill hasn’t gotten many spots in the DCEU franchise. After the film Man of Steel, Henry made a comeback in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Superman in the DCEU had a cameo in the film Shazam! as well as the Peacemaker series. But at that time Superman’s face was not shown, until in the film Black Adam, Henry Cavill’s face as Superman was again shown.

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