Drax Guide – now available to the public!  – Crushing Krisis
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Drax Guide – now available to the public! – Crushing Krisis

My countdown to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 keep on going! Today I have another warrior with green skin, although he is not related to Gamora. In fact, one of his first goals was to kill her! I never fully understood this character until I put together his guide, when I realized his key trait wasn’t his strength or determination, but his endless cycle of death and rebirth. , all triggered by the brutality of everyone’s favorite purple skin. mad titan, Thanos. Learn about the man known as “The Destroyer”, who was resurrected to be Thanos’ nemesis in my Drax guide!

Drax Guide

What do I mean about an endless cycle of death and rebirth? Drax’s first incarnation was an Earthman rebirth as a powerful golem bent on destroying Thanos, but during his mission he died multiple times, with each rebirth causing his powers to change (and, sometimes , of his intellect). Learn more about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe merged these multiple versions of Drax into one in my original launch essay from when I launched this guide for Patrons of CK.

If you really want to understand Drax’s cosmic comic origins, you should definitely read a back-up story from the obscure Logan’s Run (1977) #6 as well as Warlock & The Infinity Watch (1992) #12-13. You’ll enjoy Drax more with this core of understanding, no matter what next incarnation you read. I wish I had already known about this material when I first read the Annihilation event prologue in Drax The Destroyer (2005). At the time, the themes of this book were totally over my head – I had just seen a violent green guy and couldn’t understand why he had come back to life so quickly!

Drax has the most developed comic book history of any core Marvel Cinematic Universe member of the team, but he also often feels like he doesn’t fully focus on the book the way Drax do. often Star-Lord and Rocket. For a strong modern arc that connects to Drax’s origins, check out Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) #7-12 by Donny Cates.

All of Drax’s many incarnations and each of his Marvel Comics appearances are detailed in my Drax guide. Whether you’re trying to get your unique comics into perfect reading order or reserving Destroyer-filled reads at your local library, my guide has all the issues and collected editions you’re looking for.

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