Dragon Ball Villains : Our top 20+
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Dragon Ball Villains : Our top 20+

The series is not only enhanced by Goku and the Z Fighters. There are always a lot of people to fight, thanks to the Dragon Ball Villains gallery of interdimensional monsters and bizarre aliens. Goku’s fights are becoming more extreme over the years. Goku used to worry about facing an enemy powerful enough to take down a city. He now has to deal with enemies powerful enough to devastate the universe.

Fascinating Dragon Ball Villains

22. King Cold

King Cold is a secondary antagonist in the Trunks saga. Before Frieza took control, he was the ruler and emperor in Universe 7. He is, as we have already said, the father of Frieza the powerful; this makes him Cooler’s father and Kuriza Frieza’s grandfather.

He was a shadow member the Frieza force. King Cold isn’t loud or rowdy, but his behavior is royal and just like his name. His mannerisms tend to be calm, elegant, and cold. King Cold is proud of his family and was very upset when Frieza lost against Namek.

Although he seems to care about his family, he isn’t too attached to them. His actions are guided by logic, cold and hard.

21. Cooler


We have next, another Frieza family member who is also a badass. Cooler, the elder brother of Frieza, is the oldest son of King Cols. He is the main antagonist in the Cooler’s Revenge saga. Frieza and Cooler also reach higher levels of evolution, but we’ll get there later.

Even among his highly-skilled family members, Cooler is a rare individual. Cooler was the first person to attain a form that is more than the true form for his race.

20. Frieza


Since we have been discussing his henchmen, and lackeys for so long, it is time to finally meet the boss. Frieza is the antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. Because he experiences many power boosts and changes throughout the series, it is difficult to rank him.

This Frieza is Frieza as he was originally known. This list shows that Frieza is a villainous leader and commands his army. He is the son and brother of King Cold, who was the father of Kuriza as well as Cooler’s brother. He is Chilled’s direct descendant.

He is Goku’s arch-nemesis. He is also known as the Emperor of large parts of Universe 7. His initial form is not high on the list, but his evolved form will be.

19. Turles


Turles is also a Saiyan, so it’s not necessary to highlight the extraordinary power he wielded. Turles was originally a member of the Frieza Force. His ambitions were much greater. His followers were called the Turles Crusher Corps.

Turles and his Crusher Corps embarked on a journey in order to establish his rule over different planets and reign as the authoritative being. He is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z’s The Tree of Might series. Turles is a true villain in terms of his personality.

His inhuman treatment Gohan received made it clear that he is cruel and lacking empathy. He doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, but he simply doesn’t care.

18. The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force

Ginyu Force is the name of the group’s leader, who is also Ginyu. The Ginyu Force warriors were strong and the most powerful among Frieza’s henchmen.

These fighters were High-Level Executive Class fighters, whose skills far exceeded those of Frieza’s lessors. Names of Ginyu force members resembled dairy products. This was probably a clever move by the mangaka, who has done this before.

They look a lot like the Super Sentai Team, as the Ginyu Force is made up of a group of colorful warriors who don’t mind posing for photos before battle.

17. Kado and Abo

Kado and Abo were brothers who served as part of Frieza’s Galactic Army. Although they may not appear as formidable opponents now but there was once an era when their might would have been a challenge to the Saiyans and heroes.

They are thought to be as powerful as the Ginyu Force, which suggests that they were also high-ranking executive class warriors. This antagonist duo was one of many in the ‘Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends’ series.

16. Meta Cooler

Meta Cooler

Meta Cooler is a race made up of mass-produced Cyborgs that are all clones from the original Cooler. They were created using the Big Gete Star, which can be controlled remotely from within the planet’s core.

The meta-cooler army is vast; millions of them were created by the Gete Star. However, meta cooler is usually a reference to the meta cooler that Goku first encountered in battle.

The entire army of Meta Coolers can be called the Meta Cooler Corps. Meta Coolers are all copies of the original Cooler making them more fearful and formidable.

15. Androids 16-20

Androids 16-20

Another group of villains has been grouped together, but this is not without reason. They are not a formidable group of villains as individuals.

They are a formidable combination and the main antagonists to Cell attacks. There are significant differences in power even among these Androids.

The androids with lower numbers, i.e. Numbers 19 and 20 are among the most vulnerable in the group. Vegeta can easily defeat them if they are engaged in battle.

14. Super Android 13

Super Android 13

While it is possible to lump lower-level Androids together, Super Android 13 is not included. He is Dr. Gero’s most powerful creation, created specifically to exact revenge on Goku.

Super Android 13 is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 series. Cell thinks that this android was created as a prototype by him due to its ability to absorb other Androids.

Super Android 13 is man-made, and was created by Dr. Gero. He shows virtually no emotion. The creation of Super Android 13 alters the power imbalance, even though the Androids aren’t strong enough to match the Super Saiyans.

All androids can become one in him, and create a formidable threat.

13. Perfect cell

Perfect cell

Cell was another product of Dr. Gero’s experiments. Cell is a significant improvement over the Androids Dr. Gero had previously created. Cell was built with strong genetic traits to make him the strongest warrior, but he is also extremely strong. Cell is the only Android to have the Red Ribbon insignia.

Cell’s unique abilities make him one of Dr. Gero’s best creations. Cell is capable of evolving. He becomes more cold, calculating, and a greater threat on the battlefield as the show progresses.

Cell isn’t a threat to Super Saiyans despite his extraordinary abilities. But, things change when he becomes Perfect Cell. Perfect Cell occurs when all his Androids fuse into him.

12. Janemba


Janemba is the main villain in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. He is a demon, and is so evil, that it could be said that he is a reincarnation pure evil.

Janemba’s violence is not motivated by a greater cause and he does not seek exact revenge. He acts evil because he loves it.He gets pure, sadistic pleasure from anarchy and battle. Janemba is an extremely powerful man. His ability to change reality to suit his desires allows him to be extremely powerful.

11. Hirudegarn


Hirudegarn is one such villain who is not only formidable in battle, but can also make opponents cower in fear. Hindegarn is an especially tall phantom Majin who is known for his violent and unstoppable attacks on everything.

He is the antagonist of the series Dragon Ball Z – Wrath of the Dragon. He is a humanoid with a weak appearance. After undergoing metamorphosis, he can become even more powerful, with horns, shoulder brains and wings that look like an insect.

10. Bojack


Bojack is a chilling villain. He can’t hide his bloodlust and sometimes it is hard to even conceal his anger. Bojack is almost an embodiment of pure evil, and he has very few admirable qualities.

He doesn’t feel loyal to his comrades, and will use them as pawns or even sacrifice their lives for his cause in war. He is very arrogant and feels visibly offended when Gohan puts him through a hard fight on the battlefield. Bojack is a formidable fighter.

He is able to fight with Super Saiyans, giving Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo a lot of trouble. Another villain, he has a grudge against Gohan or Goku because they were the ones who caused him to lose humiliatingly.

9. Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta

Vegeta is one the good guys. However, Majin Vegeta, which we see when Babidi seizes control of his mind, is a reincarnation the evil Vegeta.

Babidi could have done it if Vegeta had not allowed him to. Vegeta felt that he was losing the brute power that was fuelled by evil as he fought alongside Z warriors over the years.

Babidi was able find hidden traces of evil deep in Vegeta’s soul and used them as a weapon to take control.

8. Black Goku

Black Goku

Black Goku is a misleading name, as this monster isn’t the Goku we love and know but rather a reincarnation Zamasu. Zamasu’s violence is not a result of his desire for blood or violence, as many other villains on this list.

Zamasu felt disdain for mortals and their lives. He felt so strongly that he decided to set his goal to destroy all mortals and create a new universe which, he believed would be better than the existing one.

Although the cause is considered noble, it also shows his arrogance as an extremely powerful being. Zamasu creates Black Goku through the stealing of Goku from an alternate timeline, and then fusing him to a future Zamasu.

The Black Goku battle was so intense, that the consequences were felt throughout the universe.

7. Cell Max

Cell Max

Cell is almost impossible to get rid. After viewing Dr. Gero’s Perfect Cell, Cell is now in a better form when he is reincarnated into Cell Max. However, Dr. Gero was not involved this time; Cell Max is Dr. Hedo’s creation.

Dr. Hedo created this new, evolved bio-android to help revive the Red Ribbon Army. Cell Max is not in his most powerful form, as he was awakened prematurely by Magenta.

He doesn’t seem to have any intelligence and is a mindless, destructive force. He is a formidable opponent in battle and can fight against cold and calculating fighters such as Piccolo. He relies on his fighting skills and knowledge.

6. Jiren


Jiren, the main antagonist of the Universe Survival Saga, has power so great it even surpasses the God of Destruction. He is one of the most powerful beings in all of multiverse. Beerus is the most formidable antagonist in Dragon Ball. Beerus, the Pride Troopers’ strongest member, is proud and honorable. Beerus is not rash or unstable like many of the villains.

He is a fighter but is not a team player. He prefers to work alone and it usually does more than enough to defeat his enemies.

5. Broly


Broly is an essential character in the Dragon ball series. Broly has a clearly defined past and character development story that will easily draw the attention of the audience. He is mostly misguided, even though he is a villain. Broly was originally from the planet Vegeta, just like Prince Vegeta.

However, King Vegeta was threatened by his power which far exceeded that of Prince Vegeta. Broly was sent to Vampa by his foster parents, where he was raised. Broly’s personality in Dragon Ball Super is very different to how he was originally introduced. We initially saw him as a psychotic killer who had a dangerous split personality.

4. Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza

Frieza was born a prodigy and never felt the need for extra effort to make himself stronger. Frieza lost his arrogance after a humiliating defeat by Goku and his comrades.

Frieza was driven to revenge Goku and trained hard until he finally got his final form, the Golden Frieza.

The ultimate form of Frieza Force, the Golden Frieza, is extremely powerful. The Golden Frieza form, unlike the other forms that are easily used, is not permanent and can only be acquired.

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3. Beerus


We have now reached the top 3, and Beerus, the primary antagonist of Battle of Gods Saga is at the beginning. Beerus, known as the God Of Destruction in Universe 7, is well-known. His brother Champa holds the same title in Universe 6.

Beerus is initially introduced as the main antagonist, but he soon becomes a secondary character in later series. His appearance is that a purple, anthropomorphic kitten and his behavior has distinctive cat-like characteristics. He is not a gentle cat and anyone would be foolish to think that he is a pet.

2. Hit


Hit is the Dragon Ball’s most powerful antagonist. Hit is an assassin from Universe 6 and is best known for his terrifying Time-Skip ability. He was Goku’s primary foe in the Universe 6 saga, and it is one of the most difficult battles Goku has ever faced.

Even though he left the Z warriors stunned when he defeated Vegeta, we all know that Vegeta was at that time the second-strengthest member of the Z squad. Hit’s ability to time skip allows him to jump forward in time. This combined with his incredible speed makes it nearly impossible to hit him.

1. Fused Zamasu

Fused Zamasu

There is a new version of Zamasu, but it is stronger than Goku. The fused Zamasu, which is a level-up, is formed by combining future Zamasu and black Goku.

Fused Zamasu is the last villain in the Future Trunks story. Although it looks very similar to future Zamasu, the fusion version also displays distinct characteristics of Black Goku.

In this fusion form, Zamasu is even more arrogant. This being of pure evil, destruction, is arrogant enough to consider himself the embodiment of justice.

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