DeviantArt Changes AI Rights Management Due to User Complaints
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DeviantArt Changes AI Rights Management Due to User Complaints

DeviantArt has changed the default DreamUp drawing tool following the reaction from users.

On November 11, the site introduced DreamUp, which allows creating AI-art based on detailed descriptions entered by users. In the steps listed for the generator, DeviantArt tells users to “enter a prompt, provide as much detail as possible about the subject, style, color, background”, and once they hit “Generate”, they will see their image come to life. . However, DeviantArt users and creators were disappointed with aspects of the tool, such as the fact that they had to manually mark their deviations as disallowed for use by the AI ​​dataset.

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DeviantArt released an update in response to the complaints it received, writing, “UPDATE: We heard community feedback, and now all deviations are automatically labeled NOT allowed for use in AI datasets.” The site makes several promises to users, including that deviations submitted to DeviantArt will not be added to third-party AI models, training sets or DreamUp, and that makers can use a “noai” checkbox which tells AI models that they have opted out of using their work.

In the section entitled “DeviantArt’s Attitude to AI Art,” the site outlines its policies regarding AI art, including the belief that “Artists should be able to choose whether or not an AI image can be created in your style.” The bullet link to a Google form that is still accepting responses at the time of writing, allows users to opt out of their work being used in DreamUp requests. The form states that the site currently agrees to the ability to opt-out free of charge, and for “artists likely to source from Stable Diffusion,” the third-party technology on which DreamUp is based.

The form adds, “In this first version of this opt-out process, we will only consider accounts that follow best practices,” such as accounts with up-to-date email addresses and DeviantArt profiles with linked social media accounts.

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First NFT, Now AI Generated Art

AI-art is the latest point of discussion regarding DeviantArt, which previously had issues with non-fungible tokens or NFTs. One NFT issue from last year was when comic artist Liam Sharp announced he would be closing his DeviantArt gallery, tweeting his excuse that “people keep stealing my art and making NFTs.” Sharp continues, “I can’t — and don’t have to — report on each one and file a case, which is constantly being ignored.”

Like the “noia” checkbox, DeviantArt Protect is another tool used by companies, designed to protect user works, such as artwork being converted to NFT and/or stolen by others.

The DreamUp Tool is now available for use, although users who have not signed up for any of the DeviantArt Core Membership plans are limited to five free leads. Depending on the plan, Core members can have between 50 and 300 free requests, with different point rates for each additional request.

Source: DeviantArt, Twitter

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