DC Reimagines Green Arrow and Black Canary’s First Meeting
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DC Reimagines Green Arrow and Black Canary’s First Meeting

DC’s medieval saga, Dark Knights of Steel, reimagines the encounter between Green Arrow and Black Canary, one of the most popular comic book pairs.

dc medieval tales, Dark Steel Knighttells his own story of how Green Arrow and Black Canary first met.

Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Yasmine Putri, preview of Dark Steel Knight #8 shows the armies of Amazonia and the Kingdom of Storms preparing to go to war with Els, the Kryptonian royal family. The available page then switches to the Els dungeon, where Green Arrow/Oliver and Black Canary/Dinah are imprisoned among metahumans and other magic users. Dinah is chained up, her mouth covered in a metal mask, so Oliver flicks a pebble into the lid and frees her from it, prompting the two to exchange greetings.

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DARK Knight of STEEL #8

  • Written by TOM TAYLOR
  • Cover by DAN MORA
  • Cover variant by JG JONES
  • 1:25 cover variant by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | 8 of 12 | $4.99 US variant (card stock)
  • FOR SALE 11/1/22
  • The battle between the Three Kingdoms had begun in such a brutal manner, and calling the opening salvo anything less shocking was an understatement! Can the Trinity stop further bloodshed? Or has an all-out war really started?

Dinah and Oliver were both introduced from the start Dark Steel Knight during the first issue of this series. In this medieval DC Universe, Dinah is considered a banshee, leading to her arrest and imprisonment by Batman/Bruce Wayne and Kal-El (Superman universe) as part of Els’ attitude towards metahumans. As for Oliver, after receiving a super-powered arrow from Green Man (a combo character of Lex Luthor, Green Lantern and Joker), the archer shoots it into King Jor-El’s eye right after the king reveals to Batman that he is Bruce’s true father, making Batman half Kryptonian. Batman chases Oliver into the woods and cuts off one of his arms before catching him.

Green Arrow and Black Canary Relationship in Danger

Green Arrow and Black Canary meeting in Dark Steel Knight arrive at a time when their relationship and existence in the main DC continuity may come to an end. In Justice League #75 or “The Death of the Justice League,” Oliver is apparently killed by Doomsday for good. Even though the villain Pariah built a dream world for the couple to live together, just like he did for the rest of the Justice League during Dark Crisis in Infinite Earths events, heroes freed from their dream worlds could cause them to be “erased,” in Pariah’s words, if they tried to return to their Multiverse.

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Dark Knights of Steel Could Affect Main DC Continuity

Dark Steel Knight teased to be part of the main DC Multiverse moving forward, based on details released for the upcoming one-shot Dark Crisis: Big Bang. Bind into Dark Crisisthe edition written by Mark Waid with art by Dan Jurgens and others features the main cover with Dark Steel Knight‘s Kal-El is present, and the series is mentioned in a one-shot solicitation.

With Taylor and Princess, Dark Steel Knight #8 was colored by Arif Prianto and written by Wes Abbott. The main cover for this issue is by Dan Mora, with variant cover art contributed by JG Jones, Filya Brathukin and Rex Lokus. This issue goes on sale November 1 from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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