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Midnight Eye: Gokuu

This is a classic anime from the 1980s, which was one of the first to introduce the cyberpunk style in anime.

This anime’s protagonist, not to be confused with Dragonball’s likable musclehead main characters, is a former detective who went too deep in his investigation into the murder of his colleague.

He was on the brink of death when he received an artificial, cyborg-esque eye that enabled him to connect to any network around the globe. It basically gave him “God’s eye”.

Cybernetics Guardian

Do you enjoy bloody, murderous scenes with metal-themed action?

Cybernetics Guardian is a story similar to Virus Buster Serge that closely follows the field of biotechnology.

John Stalker, the main character, unknowingly initiated events that quickly propelled the story to a screeching halt.

Ultraviolet Code 044

But 044, the protagonist of this series, is one remarkable codenamed agent/soldier/assassin.

The story is set in an intriguing futuristic society, where scientific advancement is at its peak. However, 044’s character development is the main focus.

This includes her quest to discover her human side and how she interacts in the world, given her past status as an enhanced soldier.

38. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is an original series that you should watch if you are looking for something new. This fun and zany cyberpunk series follows Dandy as he explores the galaxy looking for exotic and rare aliens. BooBies is his ultimate goal. QT, the robot companion, and Meow, the alien with cat-like characteristics, are also along for the ride. Dandy and his crew are often in dangerous and wild situations. Each episode offers a different and exciting adventure , from fighting the evil Gogol Empire to interstellar romance. Space Dandy, while a bit silly at times, is a unique cyberpunk anime that will make you laugh until the end.

37. Zegapain

Kyou Sogoru, a high school student from Zegapain, has a passion for swimming, and videogames. As he lives his day in idyllic Maihama City he doesn’t expect his life to change dramatically. Kyou is transported into a cyberpunk universe where technology and humanity blur when Shizuno Misaki, the mysterious and alluring Shizuno Misaki, invites him to join her in the school’s swimming pool. To defend themselves against the evil Gards-Orm aliens who threaten to wipe humanity out, Zegas, powerful humanoid robots called Zegas, are piloted by humans. Cerebrum, a rebel group, has been formed to lead the fight against these aliens. Kyou is forced to join the Zega pilots, and he begins to question his purpose and the reality of this new world. He discovers the truth behind war and the true nature Gards-Orm with the support of his comrades.

36. Viper’s Creed

Viper’s Creed, a cyberpunk anime that is a must-watch, has a compelling storyline despite having few episodes. Although the plot is familiar, it’s presented in a unique way. The story is about the turbulent lives of private military companies (PMC) members as they try to navigate the complicated relationship with regular military personnel in a postwar world. It is a compelling story that combines the tension between the PMC, the military, and the struggle to survive on hostile terrain.

35. Project ARMS

The anime “Project ARMS”, which is set in high-tech, thrilling settings, is worth a look. Ryo Takatsuki is a young boy who was in an unfortunate accident while he was in kindergarten. Doctors were able to save his arm despite the severe injuries, especially to his arm. As the years pass, however, it becomes apparent that his arm is not a normal appendage. Ryo discovers the truth about his arm’s unusual abilities through mysterious occurrences. A secret organization is looking for Ryo and the power that he holds.

34. Cyborg 009

“Cyborg 009”, another sci-fi anime, is a great example of the evil world of cyborgs. The story follows the exploits of Skull, the terrorist leader of Black Ghost who controls nine powerful Cyborgs. Things take a twist when Dr. Isaac Gilmore (the Black Ghost’s cybernetics scientist) decides to fight the organization and supports the rebellion of the cyborgs. Thus, the ultimate goal of The Black Ghost is to start the next major global war by unleashing weapons-of-mass destruction on the marketplace. The nine cyborgs must stop this evil plan. However, Black Ghost is determined that they are defeated.

33. Gunslinger Girl

We move on to Gunslinger Girl, an anime with themes of cybernetics, government conspiracy, and more. The story is set in Italy and centers on the Social Welfare Agency. This agency rescues young girls from hospitals and gives them a new lease of life with advanced cybernetic enhancements. These enhancements come with a price. The girls are brainwashed to become assassins and are trained to do the dirty work for the Italian government. The girls are still children despite their altered bodies. They long for love and recognition, even though they are now tools of destruction. This anime portrays the tragic story of these girls who have to navigate their emotions and deal with the harsh realities of an agency that treats them as disposable weapons.

33. Neo Tokyo

“Neo Tokyo” is a cyberpunk anthology movie made by madhouse in 1983. It features the talents of Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Katsuhiro Okumo. The movie is made up of three short anime films. It takes viewers through Neo Tokyo’s madhouse, exploring themes such as mind-bending labyrinths and deadly races.

The first film, “Labyrinth Labyrinthos,” is a short film that follows Sachi’s search for Cicerone, her missing cat. They both fall through a mirror and become trapped in a labyrinth, where they follow the shadow of a clown into the unknown.

The second, “Running Man”, explores the dangerous world of automobile racing through the eyes Bob Stone. He follows Zack Hugh’s story, the ten year reigning champion, as he observes the mental and physical toll that the races take on both man and machine.

The last short film, “The Order to Stop Construction”, explores the dangers of automation. Salaryman Tsutomo sugioka is sent to stop a construction project in the jungle following the disappearance of the foreman. He must stop the project before it becomes financially disastrous by refusing to obey orders from the chief robot.

32. Genocyber

Genocybe, an ova anime series, was first released in 1994. It focuses on a dystopianworld race toward a future where there is global unity. However, a sinister force threatens the delicate balance. The Genocyber is a powerful weapon of destruction discovered by the Kuryu Group. This terrifying creature is a combination of cybernetics, psychic abilities and has the potential to change the course of the world. As the Genocyber is under threat from various countries and organizations, a fierce battle for control erupts. This causes chaos and violence in cyberpunk. The stakes are higher than ever and the Genocyber fight becomes a desperate battle to save the fragile peace in a world that is on the verge of collapse.

31. Accel World

Accel World is a virtual reality anime that follows Haruyuki, a bullied middle-schooler who finds happiness in online gaming. His life changes dramatically when he discovers that Kuroyukihime is the vice president of the student council and has topped all his high scores. He is introduced to Brain Burst, a program that allows users accelerate their brain waves and play an AR fighting game. If a user loses all of their points, they’ll also be unable to access Brain Burst for ever. Kuroyukihime would like to meet Brain Burst’s creator and discover its purpose. To do this, she must defeat “Six Kings of Pure Color” to reach level 10. Kuroyukihime’s support in defeating his bullies inspired Haruyuki to join her on her journey to the top.

30. Cassherne Sins

Another cool cyberpunk anime movie from Madhouse is here, called Casshern Sin. In the future, Earth is a barren desert and humans are gone. Sensitive robots, which were designed to live forever, are all that remain. The Ruin begins when Luna, one of the robots, dies. Robots’ bodies start to rust and there is no way to fix them. In an attempt to escape their imminent doom, the robots start hunting Casshern. They believe that if they eat Casshern they will be immortal. Casshern is afflicted by amnesia, and has no memory of his past or purpose. He sets out to discover the truth about this world, even though it will mean constant death and destruction.

29. No guns in your life

We were presented to “No Guns Life,” a cyberpunk anime in 2019. It was a great series. JuuzouInui, one of these soldiers, has lost all traces of his past. After the war, he now runs a company that helps with Extended issues in the city.

Juuzou is woken up one day by rumors about an Extended kidnapping a child. He returns to his office to be surprised to see a huge robotic man carrying a child on his back, asking for assistance. Juuzou resists the temptation to just turn him in but something about the situation is off-putting to him. Soon, he finds himself immersed in a web of intrigue and mystery surrounding the kidnapped boy and the Corporation. He discovers that there is treachery in the city and must unravel the truth about Extended’s actions as well as the role of the Corporation in it all.

28. Blame!

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A young girl named Zuru is on a desperate search for food in the post-apocalyptic Blame! world. Her dangerous journey turns deadly when her team accidentally activates the AI defense program of the Safeguard. This puts them at risk from unrelenting machines. Just when all hope seems lost, Killy, a mysterious man arrives to save them from certain doom.

Despite his heroic intervention, Zuru is skeptical of Killy’s motives and hesitant to believe him. Killy says he came from deep below the city to find people with the rare genetic trait called the Net Terminal Genes. These genes are the key to their civilization’s regaining control and closing down the Safeguard, he says. Zuru and Killy join forces with a new purpose to save humanity from extinction.

27. Bakuretsu Tenshi

A young chef named Kyohei Tachibana is thrust into the dangerous world crime-fighting in a cyberpunk-inspired society. Kyohei is approached by a group of highly skilled mercenaries to become their cook. He must decide between his dream of being a pastry chef in France and his new role in the Recently Armed Police of Tokyo. To achieve his goals, Kyohei joins the mercenaries in their most bloody jobs in the chaotic city.

26. Parasite Dolls

Parasite Dolls, a short anime series about cyberpunk, is an excellent choice. The Police anime series focuses on the exciting adventures of Branch, the secret unit of the AD Police, as they investigate crimes involving humanoid robots called ‘Boomers’. Officer Buzz works alongside a Boomer partner while officer Michaelson struggles to understand the blurred lines between machine and human in a world that’s rapidly changing. Parasite Dolls, set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe is an engaging and exciting anime that will keep you coming back for more.

25. AD Police

Another short series you’ll enjoy is Ad Police Files. It follows Leon and Gina through the streets of MegaTokyo and faces a range of challenges from corrupt politicians to rogue boomers. Despite all the dangers they face the officers are determined to protect MegaTokyo’s citizens, even if that means risking their lives. Parasite Dolls, set in the cyberpunk universe Bubblegum Crisis is an engaging and thought-provoking anime. It explores the complicated relationship between technology and humans. It’s a must-see for fans of cyberpunk, thanks to its captivating story and stunning animation.

24. Mardock Scramble

Mardock Scramble, a three-part movie series that follows Balot on her thrilling journey of redemption in a cyberpunk anime environment. Rune Balot, a teenage prostitute, is caught up in a web that deceives and corrupts her life. Shell, a charismatic casino manager, rescues Rune Balot and gives her a new identity. As she digs deeper into Shell’s history, she discovers a dark secret which threatens everything she holds dear.

Balot is struggling to accept the truth and becomes the victim of an attack by Shell. A team of scientists saves her from certain death thanks to controversial Scramble 09 law. This law allows extreme measures to revive witnesses to crime. Balot is driven by a desire to revenge her former rescuer. She uses her newly strengthened body and her renewed determination to seek justice in a world that blurs the line between good and bad.

23. Cyber City OEDO 808

Cyber City Oedo 808 is an animation from 1990. It features stunning animation thanks to Studio Madhouse’s talented team. The story is set in the future year 2808 and takes place in Oedo, a futuristic Tokyo. Three convicts have been recruited by the government to join the Cyber Police to tackle the city’s criminal activities. The government promises a reduction in life sentences to the convicts for every mission they accomplish. The police have provided them with special collars which will automatically destruct if they try to remove them or fail the mission time limit.

22. Megazone 23

Megazon 23 is a cyberpunk classic that takes you on an exciting journey through a world full of high-speed motorcycles and advanced technology. Shougo Yahagi is a young man passionate about motorcycles. The public idolizes Eve, a mysterious computer program that maintains peace in his world. Shougo learns that this perfect society is a lie.

Shougo’s life changes unexpectedly and he is forced to flee the military with his friend Shinji Nakagawa and Yui Takanaka, a beautiful dancer. They stumble across a top-secret project called the “Garland”, which is an advanced motorcycle that can transform itself into a robot. They begin to uncover the truth about their society and the nature of the Eve program as they try to evade the military.

21. Time of Eve

Time of Eve is an ONA series that features 6 episodes and a film. It explores what it means to live in a world populated by advanced androids. The Three Laws of Robotics are strictly followed in this story. Androids have become an everyday household fixture. The general public views androids as a lesser technology than household appliances. Those who love androids are called “android-holics” and are often shunned. Rikuo Sakisaka finds a strange message in his household android’s logs. It leads him to Eve no Jikan. This cafe is where there is no distinction between androids and humans. Inquisitive and driven by curiosity Rikuo delve deeper into Sammy’s behaviour and the true nature the cafe.

20. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is one of the most popular anime series about cyberpunk. Dreams are expensive in the neon-lit city of Night City. David Martinez, a young man from the city’s slums is determined to fulfill his mother’s wishes by climbing the ranks at Arasaka, the world’s most powerful security company. After a run-in against a street gang leaves him without any options, he discovers that a powerful cybernetic prosthetic gives him extraordinary speed. David is determined to find revenge and redemption with this new weapon, but soon finds himself in the dangerous world Edgerunners, a group cyber-criminals that will do anything to get their way. David is aided by Lucy, a beautiful data thief. This treacherous world can be difficult to navigate.

19. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

This anime is known in English as Legend of the Galactic Heroes and is a must-see for all cyberpunk anime fans. In a far future, humanity is spread across the galaxy, but has become divided into two warring factions: The powerful, tyrannical Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. This beacon of democracy is the backdrop to the story. Two young leaders break the deadlock between the two superpowers: Reinhard von Lohengramm (a military prodigy who wants to unify humanity, free his sister from Empire’s grasp) and Yang Wenli (a historian who must keep his democratic beliefs intact despite the Alliance’s struggles. These two strategic geniuses are forced to question their true purpose as the war rages.

18. Akudama Drive

Pierrot produced this movie? Akudama Drive will be the most popular cyberpunk anime in 2020. It takes place in Kansai, a futuristic city. It may appear like a futuristic city, but it has a dark side. The police announce the execution “Cutthroat”, a notorious Akudama who murdered 999 people. A mysterious message is sent out to several Akudama offering them large amounts of money to release him. This is a trap set by an unknown figure to bring these criminals together in one place and cause a bloodbath.

17. Dimension W

Dimension W is a cyberpunk TV show that’s available on Netflix. The futuristic dimension of Dimension W is where mankind discovered an inexhaustible source of energy. New Tesla Energy has become the dominant force in the energy sector, monopolizing the use of advanced “coils” to harness this energy. This has led to illegal distributions of unofficial coils onto the market. Kyouma Mabuchi is an ex-soldier who distrusts coil-based technology and becomes a “Collector,” charged with finding illegal coils to make money. Mira Yurizaki is an android connected to the “father of coils.” He meets Mira Mabuchi, and the unlikely allies team up to solve the mysteries of Dimension W. They encounter dangerous and strange events.

16. Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum crisis is a classic cyberpunk anime. The story takes place in 2032. MegaTokyo, a bustling city, rises from the rubble of the Second Great Kanto Earthquake. But, as the mysterious corporation Genom produces Boomers with devastating power, the city is plagued with Boomer-related crimes. The number of incidents and disparity in power overwhelm the AD Police, which was created to combat these crimes. The Knight Sabers are a mysterious vigilante group led by Sylia Stingray and Nene Romanova. These women, dressed in power suits and advanced clothing, are the only hope of protection for the citizens against the rogue Boomers living in this dystopian environment.

15. Armitage

The Armitage franchise is a great choice for fans of cyberpunk. The story is set in 2046 and follows Detective Ross Sylibus, who is sent to Mars to investigate a case involving a Third. This robot-like robot can look and feel like a human. His new partner, the beautiful but determined Armitage, is there as well. They dive into the investigation together, uncovering a sinister plot that could put their lives at risk. Fans of cyberpunk will love Armitage’s compelling plot, intricate characters and unique setting.

14. Texhnolyze

Texhnolyze, a highly recommended anime for fans of dark tales, is a good choice. The story takes place in Lux, an underground city where people are under the control of criminal factions. They rely on “raffia”, a rare substance for survival. This substance is used to create “Texhnolyze”, which allows humans to replace certain parts of their bodies using cybernetic prostheses. The “Class” is the organization that controls the city’s power. It is headed by Keigo Oonishi who is rumored as the “voice of city.” Lux gangs turn on one another and new players like Ran and Ichise are drawn into the city’s most severe crisis.

13. Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a dark place where technology and boxing meet as Junk Dog, an underground fighter, fights his way to the top. Junk Dog, despite his potential as a fighter, is forced to fight for Gansaku Nanbu. Junk Dog is forced to throw matches for his boss Gansaku Nanbu because Yuuri, the champion boxer, enters his ring. He challenges Junk Dog to “Fight your own way up to me and mine.” Junk Dog then enters Megalonia. This tournament will determine who is the strongest Megalo Boxer. He takes on the name “Joe” and must fight against his opponents, overcome the illegality of his participation and win his dream of becoming a champion.

12. Napping Princess

Napping Princess is an anime movie you must see. It explores the world of cyberpunk, the invisible lines between reality and dreams. Kokone Morikawa is a high school student with a mysterious sleeping disorder. This causes her to drift between reality and dreams. She dreams she is the magical princess of Heartland in her dreams. This is a future where artificial intelligence is prohibited.

Kokone discovers the truth about her family and the secret her father (a skilled mechanic) has been keeping from it as she navigates between the parallel worlds. As the lines between the worlds blur, Kokone must uncover the truth and protect it from anyone who might use it for evil purposes. Kokone must face the challenges and dangers that lie ahead as her journey unfolds in dream and real life.

11. Redline

We move on to the anime movie Redline. It is a thrilling adventure that blends cars, technology, and cyberpunk. Redline, the world’s most anticipated race, is held every five years. The racers are free to push themselves beyond their limits to win. There are no rules or limits. JP is the protagonist. He is a daredevil driver and has just qualified for this race. He is eager to challenge the other skilled drivers, especially Sonoshee McLaren, who is beautiful and talented. This year’s Redline will take place on Roboworld, which is known for its criminal and trigger-happy military. This added danger only increases the excitement as JP races for the first place in the most important event of his career.

10. Appleseed

Appleseed is set in the aftermath World War III and takes us to Olympus, an experimental utopia created by the General Management Control Office. The city is home to many people, cyborgs and bioroids. These are genetically engineered human beings with increased physical abilities and lower emotional capabilities. All administrative functions in Olympus are controlled by bioroids, who ensure that Olympus remains a perfect society for its citizens. For some, however, such as Calon Mautholos (police officer), this utopia has become more like a prison. Calon, devastated by his wife’s suicide, blames Olympus and resorts to terrorism in an attempt to bring them down. A.J. Calon plans to destroy the Central Management Bureau’s legislature with the help of terrorist A.J. Calon uncovers Sebastian’s true motives and he becomes a renegade. This draws the attention of city officials as well as the elite ESWAT counterterrorism unit who will do anything to bring him to justice.

9. UN-GO

UN-GO takes place in a mysterious and unusual world where Shinjuurou Juuki is a unique detective. He is known as the “Defeated detective” and is skilled at solving the most sinister crimes in the city of Tokyo. Shinjuurou can unravel even the most bizarre cases with the help of Inga, his mysterious and enigmatic associate. As he digs deeper into the dark underbelly of the city he realizes that Inga may have more to it than meets the eyes. Shinjuurou and Inga work together to solve cases. However, Shinjuurou begins to realize that Inga may have ulterior motives. Shinjuurou will be able uncover Inga’s true identity and motives or will he fall for the trap of deceit, betrayal and omission? This thrilling and suspenseful cyberpunk anime will only be known in time.

8. Trigun

Trigun anime combines elements from cyberpunk, western and dystopian to tell the story about Vash the Stampede. He is a notorious outlaw who has a huge bounty on his head. Rumours say Vash, also known as “The Humanoid Typhoon”, is a brutal killer who decimates entire cities to make a point. In reality, Vash is a kind-hearted man who avoids violence and has never taken any life.

Two insurance agents Meryl Stryfe (and Milly Thompson) closely follow Vash as he travels through Gunsmoke’s barren landscape. They aim to reduce his impact on society. As they travel together, their encounters turn dangerous as a group legendary assassins sends them to track them down. These trials will reveal Vash’s past and put his morality and values to the test. Vash’s quirky love of doughnuts and humorous personality will take you on an exciting and memorable ride.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop, a cyberpunk anime series, is one of the most popular. It follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters known as “Cowboys” as they travel across space to find the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals. Spike Spiegel is the show’s protagonist. He is a skilled shooter, martial artist and has a haunting past as a member a criminal group. Spike, along with Jet Black, his partner and a motley group of cowboys navigate the gritty streets of different planets, fighting rival bounty hunters, and evading powerful criminal bosses.


This masterpiece from Satoshi Kon was the first film to be included in this list. Paprika is the story of Atsuki, a psychiatrist who, along with a group investigators from a large company, has created a device called DC Mini that allows them to consciously navigate in dreams. This allows them to help in the treatment and detection of psychological traumas. While Dr. Chiba is helping Detective Toshimi Konakawa, Paprika realizes that someone is tampering the DC Mini, causing problems in the real world.

The central theme of identity is again raised. However, the film uses a far more realistic setting that gives the film a more human feel despite its fictional elements. This film is in a great position and could easily be compared to any other films and shows, thanks to the excellent shots and scenes by SatoshiKon.

6. Id: Invaded

Id: Invaded is an exciting psychological anime which will keep you guessing right up to the end. The advanced Mizuhanome System allows detectives from Kura’s specialized police squad to access the “idwells” of criminals in order to uncover their identities. Access to the idwells is restricted to those who have actually killed someone, such as Akihito Narihisago (also known as Sakaido). Although he has a dark past, Narihisago continues his support for Kura’s investigations. However, he discovers that there is a more sinister force at work. Narihisago must navigate complex webs of lies, secrets, and mind-bending twists in order to discover the truth.

5. Psycho Pass

It’s a shame that anyone didn’t have the opportunity to see the incredible brilliance of Psycho-Pass, the best cyberpunk anime ever made. The series is set in the not-too distant future and explores a world that allows you to instantly assess a person’s mental health, personality, and likelihood of committing any crime. All this information is recorded on your “Psycho Pass” record. Inspectors use this system to subjugate anyone they deem a threat and uphold the law. They are joined by Enforcers, ex-Inspectors who have been made criminals and given freedom to do the Inspectors’ dirty job.

Akane Tsunemori is a young woman who has a passion to serve justice and joins the force. She quickly discovers that the Sibyl System’s judgements are not as reliable as she believes. Akane, a veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami begins to question the meaning of justice and how it can be maintained in a corrupt system. Akane must face her beliefs and accept the harsh realities of this futuristic society as she delve deeper into the Sibyl System’s complex world.

4. Serial Experiment Lain

Serial Experiments Lain, written by Chiaki J.Konaka, creator of Texhnolyze is a cyberpunk mystery anime series about the effects of technology on our lives. It explores what it means to live in a digital age and how that affects our psychological well-being. Lain Iwakura is a shy, introverted 14-year-old girl who finds her way into the virtual world of Wired. The story begins with Chisa Yomoda’s disturbing email. Lain, who is not an expert in technology but has no interest in it, is initially reluctant to join the Wired. But as she digs deeper, she discovers a series of cryptic mysteries.

Strange men, also known as the Men in Black, start to appear everywhere Lain goes. They ask her questions and seem to know more about her than she does. Lain soon finds herself in a bizarre and surreal world, where boundaries between cyberspace and reality blur quickly. Lain makes critical choices as she navigates Wired. These decisions will impact both the real and virtual worlds.

Neon Genesis Evangelion rebuild of evangelion shinji ikari

It has been disputed whether Neon Genesis Evangelion is cyberpunk. This only speaks to the complexity and depth of its content. It is clear that Hideaki Anno reimagined mecha by giving it a story with cyberpunk themes. This inspired other shows like the highly-acclaimed Code Geass. The futuristic city of Tokyo-3 is set in a post-apocalyptic setting and must defend itself against the attacks of powerful beings called Angels.

EVAs are the only way humanity can protect itself. They’re huge weaponized robots that seem to be controlled by a handful of children. Shinji Ikari was forced by his father Gendo Ikari, to pilot the Unit-01. It starts as a simple fight with robots, but quickly becomes a psychological thriller with philosophical conjectures that extend as far as the notion of cyclical times. For anyone who is interested in cyberpunk, the original series or the movies including the End of Evangelion and reboot are a must-see.

3. Akira

Akira, a cyberpunk anime movie, is popular. It tells the story of a young man named Kaneda who must navigate a dangerous world full of biker gangs and government conspiracies. Kaneda is a protagonist in the story as he gets involved in a conflict between psychics with extraordinary powers and government officials trying to control them. Kaneda discovers that Tetsuo, his childhood friend, has psychic abilities and is being used by the government as a weapon. Kaneda has to make tough choices in order to save Tetsuo from a devastating event that could endanger the city.

2. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is an engaging story that explores the world of cyberpunk. It explores themes such as advanced technology, artificial intelligence and the difference between humans and machines. The story centers on Major Motoko Kusanagi (a deadly and skilled cyborg agent who works for Section 9, a secret government agency. She and her team are forced to confront the consequences and implications of advanced technology on society as they investigate dangerous criminals and conspiracies.

1. Ergo proxy

Our list is finished with Ergo Proxy. This amazing cyberpunk series takes you to a futuristic future in which the last human civilization lives within a Romdo-domed city. Life outside of these domes is impossible because the planet has been devastated by an ecological catastrophe. AutoReivs, robots that assist in daily life, were created to help humanity recover. However, things change when the AutoReivs begin to develop a mysterious illness called “Cogito virus”, which gives them self-awareness.

Re-l Mayer, Vincent Law, and their AutoReiv partners, Pino, find themselves caught up in a conspiracy that reveals dark secrets about humanity as they begin to investigate this phenomenon. They form an unlikely alliance when they discover the truth about Romdo and the existence mythical beings called Proxies.

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