Casey Anthony Gets Documents Because Our Brains Are Soft And Our Souls Are Rotten

Casey Anthony Gets Documents Because Our Brains Are Soft And Our Souls Are Rotten

In the world of scripted television, victims get justice, grieving families get answers, and the rule of law is obeyed.

The TV is good. However, in real life, Casey Anthony is living his life after the gruesome death of 3-year-old Caylee. And, of course, following Casey’s release.

Most infamous… presumably… child killers would happily disappear without naming names if they could.

Instead, he came out with a new documentary. And the world is feeling angry.

Peacock may not have the status of a “streaming giant”, but streaming service NBCUniversal is actually one of the better ones out there.

In addition to a number of existing properties, from The Murder He Writes to Real Housewife for beloved movies, this service offers originals.

Some of them are good. Some of them are bad (but fun! Seeing you, Vampire Academy). And then there this abomination.

Peacock just announced Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Is.

This limited documentation will feature the well-known and widely reviled individual himself.

He spoke of the investigation, trial, and rampant media attention following Caylee’s gruesome death.

Caylee Anthony Mom
Casey Anthony, mother of Caylee Anthony, was acquitted during her murder trial, on charges of murdering the toddler.

Peacock released a stomach-churning teaser trailer for what feels, to some, like Casey’s version If I Do It.

“Why talk to me now when you don’t get creative control?” we heard an interviewer ask him.

False Documentation will debut later this month, on November 29th. There are three parts to it.

Alexandra Dean, showrunner, released a statement explaining this puzzling project.

“Since his release in 2011, public opinion about Casey Anthony has been largely shaped by the media who are convinced of his guilt,” he began.

Dean continued: “What emerged over the course of several recorded interviews over six months.”

Casey Anthony in Court
Casey Anthony during his murder trial, one of the most famous in US history.

His statement claimed that what emerged “is a shocking psychological portrait of Casey Anthony.”

“And,” Dean continued, “a complete narrative of what he said happened to his daughter.”

This, the statement added, was “weighted against a variety of potential sources of evidence.”

Casey Anthony Smiling
Casey Anthony smiles after being acquitted of murder.

Alexandra Dean claims: “I’m sure the results will surprise a lot of people.”

“And,” he insisted, “cause the American public to see this story from a new perspective.”

That may sound impossible. But we all know that a documentary can distort viewers’ reasoning and judgment. Just look how many people are watching Tiger King and thought that Joe Exotic was just an eccentric freak. The man has the truth fans.

Casey Anthony in 2017
Photo via AP Photo/Joshua Replogle

Dean also emphasized how Casey Anthony didn’t actually give in-depth interviews. Not with camera scrolling.

People have a lot of questions about his behavior—even his defense (they exist) will love the answers during his trial.

Apparently, Casey might fill some gaps. Whether people believe him is up to them.

Casey Anthony in the Courtroom
Casey Anthony in the courtroom during his murder trial, one of the most high-profile cases in US history.

One important element of this document is that Casey Anthony himself has no creative control.

He could not provide “notes” to production or editors.

Casey controls what he does and says on camera, but that’s about it. But… that’s not a guarantee of neutrality, is it?

Sad Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony looks very sad in this photo. It was taken back in 2011.

Especially after Netflix Dahmermany people are tired of how these famous people become “entertainment”.

In Casey’s case, it’s even worse. No actor played him in a sensational film. He spoke directly. Someone assumed that they paid him for this.

If more people felt that Casey’s release was fair and just, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But that’s not what most people believe. Look, maybe this will change hearts and minds. But for now, people are annoyed that Peacock gave this platform. Caylee will be 17 years old now. He Should Becomes.

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