Camila Cabello’s Awkward Moment When Listening to ‘The Voice’ Participants Sing Shawn Mendes
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Camila Cabello’s Awkward Moment When Listening to ‘The Voice’ Participants Sing Shawn Mendes

Former celebrity couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello recently returned to the public’s attention. The reason is, Camila’s behavior on the stage of the “The Voice” award event managed to make the audience smile themselves. It is known, in the event, Camila served as a judge. He was on the jury alongside fellow musicians John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

In an interesting episode, Camila suddenly loudly mentions the name of Shawn Mendes, her ex-lover. It started when a participant in “The Voice” named Tanner Howe sang Shawn’s song “Mercy”. Camila then felt that Taylor’s voice was so similar to Shawn’s. The singer of the song titled “Havana” also asked whether the figure behind him was Shawn Mendes.

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Camila also asked Blake Shelton who was sitting to her right to make sure. “Is that Shawn up there? I thought it was Shawn,” Camilla called from atop the judges’ chair. After the judges’ seats turned toward the stage, Camila finally realized that the man was not Shawn, but Tanner Howe. “I was like, is Shawn on stage right now?” Camila exclaimed.

John Legend confirmed Camila’s opinion. He thinks Tanner Howe has a voice like Shawn Mendes. “You sound like him,” said John. Furthermore, Camila explained her reason for not turning the judge’s chair. He said he was worried that the man singing behind his chair was Shawn Mendes. Even though she didn’t turn around, Camila still praised Tanner Howe’s beautiful voice.

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“But the reason I didn’t turn around is because I feel you sound a bit too similar to him. Obviously, he has an amazing voice. I love this song,” said Camila. “But I will be curious when you choose your coach to differentiate yourself.”

Amber Heard Cast In ‘Hot Take’ Admits She Hasn’t Watched Johnny Depp’s Trial

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard became a public spectacle in May this year. The streaming service company Tubi has also turned the real-life drama into a cinematic drama, entitled “Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial”.

Mark Hapka and Megan Davis take on the lead roles as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Davis told People that he got into the filming project without any preconceptions. The reason, he himself had not watched the trial or the film Heard before plunging into the project.

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“I haven’t seen anything he’s done,” Davis said on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast. “I’ve never seen ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.’ I’ve never seen Aquaman, and I haven’t actually seen the trial either.” According to him, being involved in this project is quite challenging. Once he learns the background story of Depp and Heard, he has to prepare differently for the trial scene in the film.

“There are difficulties with those two, right?” he says. “Because (with) the trial, you have real footage. As for movies, you don’t have footage so you’re hoping to get their energy right and understand who they are as humans, right?” Meanwhile Hapka tells him that public scrutiny of the Depp and Heard court cases affected him as an actor. When he was first offered a role in the film, Hapka admitted that he was immediately attracted.

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“I feel sad to see the social media response to the trial because I feel these are two very real human beings,” he said. “That’s why I was drawn to the film when I was first approached about it.” Both Davis and Hapka have asked the director for the film not to choose one side, but to do everything to portray the truth. “These are two real people and they deserve everything we could possibly give them in terms of protecting them.”

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