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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 weapon collection

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 02 Reloaded has arrived and there is an array of fresh content to dive into. New Path of Ronin quests have arrived, along with a fresh Raid, a new 6v6 multiplayer map, and more. Alongside the content drop, a set of weapon buffs and nerfs has landed in Warzone 2 which could shake up the meta.

In this round of weapon balancing, the popular RPK has once again been hit with a further nerf, along with the RAAL MG which has been a strong contender in Warzone 2. Also, a handful of submachine guns have been tweaked, but the dominant Fennec 45 doesn’t feature this time around.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the weapon tuning patch, including the adjustments made to certain attachments:

Assault Rifles
STB 556

Added minimum damage against armor (limits bullets to kill at furthest range)
Light Machine Guns

Reduced far range damage
Small increase to close range damage
Reduced headshot damage
Reduced upper torso damage
Increased recoil

Reduced walking speed
Reduced muzzle velocity
Sakin MG38

Reduced damage range
Submachine Guns

Increased mid damage ranges

Increased sprint to fire time
Increased damage ranges
PDSW 528

Slightly offset weapon while ADS using iron sights to improve visibility
VEL 46

Increased close damage ranges
Fixed attributes on 30 round magazine to improve handling and mobility
Lachmann Sub

Reduced movement speed
Reduced aim down sight speed
Improved recoil control
LM Nebula Barrel- Improved damage range and recoil control

Marksman Rifles

Increased time period to trigger double kills for challenges
KV Broadside

Reduced lower torso damage
12 Gauge Ammo- Reduced damage ranges and reduced close range damage
Dragon’s Breath Ammo- Reduced damage ranges, reduced close range damage, and global reduction to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath maximum residual damage

Bryson 800 and Bryson 890
Increased headshot damage on all slugtype ammo
Added minimum damage against armor

Flinch (Global)

Reduced recenter speed for Flinch
Minor increase to Flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns

Hollow Point Rounds

Removed bullet velocity penalty
Frangible Rounds

Changed healing delay timer to set from last bullet’s impact (lengthens the overall delay on a Player)
Removed damage range penalty
Overpressure Rounds

Removed recoil penalty
Increased flinch imparted on players

12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
Reduced residual damage while burning
12 Gauge Slugs and HE Slugs

Added minimum damage against armor
Underbarrel Launchers
Removed movement penalty from Grenade Launchers
Added recoil control bonus to Underbarrel Grenade and Shotgun Launchers
Added one extra ammunition stock to Grenade Launchers
Reduced flinch received on no stock modifications
Bipod Grips
Reduced ADS penalty for the Bipod V9 grip
CORE BP2 Bipod Grip- Added hip recoil control, reduced hip walking speed, removed ADS penalty, added grip to compatible LMGs and Marksman Rifles, and fixed bug in stat reporting
Underbarrel Grips
Reduced ADS penalty on all underbarrel grips
Reduced movement speed penalty for all vertical grips

Greatly reduced ADS penalty
Added a hip movement speed buff
Flash Hiders

Reduced ADS penalty
Reduced ADS and movement penalties on holo optics
Reduced ADS and movement penalties from all thermal, hybrid, and variable zoom optics
Reduced ADS penalty on shotgun scopes
Fixed handling stat UI on the- Schlager TTF3 Riser, FSS Ammo Sleeve, PD-A40 Sleeve, Wingman Comb, and FSS EL-T Pouch
Now you know all the Warzone 2 Season 02 Reloaded weapon buffs and nerfs, you can change your loadouts accordingly.

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