BULLET PROOF aka DEATH PURSUIT (2022) Reviews of Vinnie Jones action crime thriller – trailers, a clip and release news
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BULLET PROOF aka DEATH PURSUIT (2022) Reviews of Vinnie Jones action crime thriller – trailers, a clip and release news

BULLET PROOF aka DEATH PURSUIT (2022) Reviews of Vinnie Jones action crime thriller – trailers, a clip and release news
3 August, 2022
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‘Get out. Fast!’
Bullet Proof is a 2022 Canadian action crime thriller film about a thief who robs a crime lord and accidentally takes his young wife too. Also known as Death Pursuit

Directed by James Clayton – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Cooper Bibaud and Danny Mac, based on a story by Clayton, Bibaud and Mac.

Plot synopsis:
A Thief (James Clayton) who only looks out for number one, finally pulls off his long-gestating heist: the robbery of a psychotic crime lord, Temple (Vinnie Jones). The plan goes off without a hitch until he discovers a stowaway in his getaway car – Temple’s wife, Mia (Lina Lecompte) along with Temple’s elite assassin, the deadly and mysterious man known simply as The Frenchman, hot on their heels.

The Thief is torn between disappearing with the money or taking a risky detour to help Mia escape her husband’s abusive grasp. But with Temple, The Frenchman, and their deadly convoy of goons in pursuit, they quickly discover the only way to get out alive is to drive out…

“Considering the usual run of big names in low-budget movies, it is surprising just how much Jones sticks around and plays up the image. He grits his teeth, saunters about and beats up henchmen as though he were back on the streets of London […] But it does give Jones and James Clayton a place to play ball, despite one of the two characters not even getting a name.” Cult Following

“Jones […] is effectively imposing as the seemingly unstoppable threat. The plot of Bullet Proof moves at a clip for the most part, which is more a benefit for us than it is a virtue of Clayton’s filmmaking. When a story is as thin as it is here, brevity just comes with the territory, after all.” 1 out of 5, Mark Reviews Movies

“Admittedly, most action movies tend to be light on development—because too much plot takes away from the car chases and shootouts. But Bullet Proof doesn’t even pretend to care about the other stuff. And with this cast of uninteresting characters caught up in a repetitive story, the film feels about as flat as its characters.” Nights and Weekends

“Clayton makes a lightweight leading man (his high-pitched voice is an impediment to the delivery of hard-boiled dialogue), and Lecompte is a kewpie-doll amateur, while Jones does a self-caricature. The rest of the cast does poses rather than giving performances. The picture […] is threadbare, visually and otherwise.” Grade: D- One Guy’s Opinion

“Bullet Proof had some potential and does deliver a couple of good fights and acceptable car chases […] Maybe if any of the film’s characters had some backstory or a reason to care about them it could have overcome that, but as it stands Bullet Proof is as generic as its title and just barely acceptable if you need an action fix and aren’t feeling too fussy about how you get it.” 2 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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