Build-A-Bear Documentary Gets October Release Date
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Build-A-Bear Documentary Gets October Release Date

‘Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story’ drops October 3 from the director of ‘The Last Blockbuster.’

Freestyle Media has acquired the distribution rights for Unstuffed, a documentary about Build-A-Bear Workshop from Taylor Morden, the director of The Last Blockbuster. The film, which was produced to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the company’s founding in October 1997, is set for a release on digital platforms and DVD beginning October 3. Morden is currently hard at work on his next film, Getting Lost, which documents the rise of the TV series Lost as a cultural phenomenon. There’s certainly some of that uber-fandom in the Stuffed trailer, which alternately uses news footage, interviews with Build-a-Bear executives, and conversations with fans to tell its story.

Also, a stuffed bear voiced by Jon Lovitz for some reason. So that’s fun.

You can see the trailer below.

“The 25 years of Build-A-Bear is really a story of heart, and filmmaker Taylor Morden wanted to capture both the ups and downs of our journey from a single mall retailer to a global iconic brand,” said Build-A-Bear Workshop Founder Maxine Clark in a statement. “I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’m so proud of how Unstuffed came together.”

Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story is so much more than just the story of Build-A-Bear Workshop, although it is definitely that. It’s for anyone who has ever loved a stuffed animal or held onto something sentimental from their childhood,” Morden told Deadline, who first reported the news. “The story of Build-A-Bear is really the story of the amazing people that brought the company to life and have kept it relevant for over 25 years. Getting to spend time in the world of Build-A-Bear is an experience I’ll never forget! And I have the teddy bears to prove it.”

According to its official synopsis, “Unstuffed tells the story of the famed Build-a-Bear workshop. Weaving together stories from when Maxine Clark first conceived the idea, the company’s struggles to stay afloat, and the endless happiness it has provided for children and adults alike.”

Unstuffed was produced by Patrick Hughes via Foundation Media Partners. Build-A-Bear’s President and CEO, Sharon Price John, also serves as executive producer alongside Harvey Russell.

Unstuffed is available on digital platforms and on DVD beginning October 3.

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