Brotherhood Director Releases Halloween Pajama Short Anime

Brotherhood Director Releases Halloween Pajama Short Anime

Yasuhiro Iriedirector Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood and Hot Ping Pong Girlhas released a short anime musical entitled Halloween Pajamas on his YouTube channel.

Besides directing, Irie also writes and makes storyboards Halloween Pajamas. Apart from that, it handles key animation, background, color design, and compositing. Tomomi Ozaki (Le Chevalier D’Eon character designer) is credited with design assistance, while MONACA produce music with Kuniyuki Takahashi (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax co-composer) wrote.

It Halloween Pajamas cast includes Jury Ihata as Ran Jakou, Yoshino Aoyama as Tama, Saki Nakae as Sensei, and Kenichiro Himi as the Man in the Car.

(Notes: In short it has some NSFW content from 4:33 to 4:41)

Halloween Pajamas was originally a manga that Irie started working on in 2013. He produced five volumes (about 400 pages in total) and released a promotional video on YouTube. The manga is sold on Comiket and Comitia.

In 2017, Irie tried to raise funds for a 20-minute anime adaptation of Halloween Pajamas in Seattle: Dream Catcher part of the series on Kickstarter but failed. The anime will also be a musical. It Halloween Pajamas in Seattle: Dream Catcher manga is available via Kindle and PDF.

In the same year, there was a successful crowdfunding campaign to translate Halloween Pajamas to English. The Kickstarter page explains the premise as:

When 10-year-old Jackie O’Wisp had a dream, he met the strangest types of people. He came to know that those people were wandering ghosts, still with attachments to this world who couldn’t go to heaven. In his alter ego, Halloween Pajamas, he helps see ghosts on their way to heaven. Jackie O’Wisp finally learns that a demon is in the depths of the dream world, a demon he will face. But can he handle it?


The manga originally had Japanese and Italian subtitles, with the latter provided by an Italian friend from Irie. Irie explained on Kickstarter, “The story goes back to 2010 when I visited Italy for an anime convention. I’m really fascinated by seafood and white wine, so I started learning Italian for return visits. As my textbook, I want to read Halloween Pajamas in Italian.”

2017 also saw a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire, intended to fund new publications Halloween Pajamas for Summer Comiket, which collected 217,501 yen (~US$1,460), surpassing the target of 80,000 (~US$538). Additionally, a Kindle version of the manga was released on Amazon in December of that year.

Before Halloween Pajamas anime release, Irie featured musical elements in his previous directorial endeavors Healing Girlwhich aired from April to June this year.


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