‘BLOCKBUSTER’, A Story of the Struggle to Maintain Film Rental Stores in the Digital Age

‘BLOCKBUSTER’, A Story of the Struggle to Maintain Film Rental Stores in the Digital Age

There is one Netflix series that is fun to watch. This series is produced by Davis Entertainment and Universal Television entitled BLOCKBUSTER which has been airing since November 3, 2022. This comedy-drama series tells the story of Blockbuster store managers and employees who struggle to keep their store from going bankrupt. BLOCKBUSTER is played by Randall Park, Melissa Fumero, Tyler Alvarez, Kamaia Fairburn, JB Smoove, Madeleine Arthur and Olga Merediz.

1 Blockbuster Store
Blockbuster is a video store that sells movie rental services. This shop became one of the favorite places among the people at that time. Over time, people have stopped renting movies in stores, but have turned to internet streaming platforms . The digitalization that occurred caused Blockbuster to lose customers and lead to bankruptcy.

2 Home
Timmy, who is the manager of the Blockbuster store, has worked there since he was in seventh grade. Growing up with Blockbuster, Timmy felt that the store was like home to him. Likewise with the employees who he already considers as family. Seeing that there is only 1 Blockbuster store that hasn’t closed yet, Timmy and his shop employees are struggling to keep Blockbuster open.

3 Nostalgia
The events experienced by Blockbuster did not only occur in America, but also in all countries that have film rental shops, one of which is Indonesia. In the past, being able to watch movies was not as easy as now, which can be accessed easily through online streaming platforms. It took a long time for films to be shown on television. So renting movies in the form of VCDs or DVDs is the main way.

BLOCKBUSTER has 10 episodes that are ready to entertain the audience. How are Timmy and his employees struggling? Watch the full story on Netflix!

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