Black Clover Mobile Game Gets Delayed, Global Closed Beta Planned

Black Clover Mobile Game Gets Delayed, Global Closed Beta Planned

Development update video for Black Clover Phone has announced that the game, which was originally set to launch this year, will be delayed in order to improve its quality. This game will now be released in the first half of 2023 instead.

The video, which includes some sneak peeks, also reveals plans for global closed beta testing in select regions and the promise of more updates soon. The game is said to be in its “final stretch” of development.

Meanwhile, the video description reveals that Black Clover Phone will have full title Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Witch King.

Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Witch King inspired by black clover an anime series that began in 2017, which in turn is based on the manga by Yuuki Tabata. Vic Game Studios is developing a title with pearl abyss as a publisher.

The game’s website describes the premise as:

It seems like humanity is on the verge of being destroyed by demons. All seemed lost until a single magician stepped forward. After his victory, he was crowned the Witch King, and his story became a legend. Magic is everything in this world. Asta, born without magic, promises his friend that one day he will become the Witch King!

The website includes a link to an unlisted 1 and a half minute “Home Page” snippet that was uploaded a few days ago, which includes some passable environments and character attack moves.

Source: Black Clover Phone YouTube channel Gematsu

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