Beyond Period releases Encore Visual

Beyond Period releases Encore Visual

A special reminder visual has been released for the Idolish7 Live 4bit: Beyond the Period concert film, which premiered in Japan recently. The visual, which features original costumes designed for the film, will also be featured on posters placed in the cinema.

Two versions of Idolish7 Live 4bit: Beyond the Period, with different setlists, were released. The “Day 1” version premiered on May 20 while “Day 2” premiered on May 21; audiences were able to choose which version they wanted to watch starting May 22.

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Idolish7 Live 4bit: Beyond the Period is the franchise’s first “live action movie” and features the bands IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale, and ŹOOĻ. The staff includes:

• Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori (ARGONAVIS of Bang Dream!)
• Director: Kensuke Yamamoto (Beastars VFX art director)
• Scriptwriter : Bunta Tsushimi (IDOLiSH7 anime co-creator, IDOLiSH7 game writer)
• Character Designer: Hitomi Miyazaki (Beastars sub-character designer)
• Chief CG Director: Eiji Inomoto (Beastars Chief CG Director)
• Color Creator: Osamu Mikasa (Beautiful)
• Chief Cinematographer: Yuu Wakabayashi (Thermal Blue)
• Animation production company: Orange

THE IDOLiSH7 The franchise started with a 2015 idol rhythm game for iOS and Android. A TROYCA-the produced anime series began airing in 2018, with the second court of the third season premiering in 2022. TROYCA also produced the Vibrato IDOLiSH7 BECAUSE.

Besides anime and game, the franchise also includes light novels, manga, and music CDs.

Source: @iD7_film_btp

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