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Best One Piece Waifus & Girls

Best One piece Waifus & Girls. Hi everyone I hope you are well today we are focused on the feminine genre of a manga that we all love which is beautiful, powerful, intelligent, with a strong character we have decided to realize your dreams by ranking for you the top 60 of the Best One piece Waifus &Girls (Women) many will say that they are stronger than men no no but they are not far away without was

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60. Poppy

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Poppy is a girl from the Kuja Tribe. We dont know much about her but she doesnt trust men at all. She also doesnt have any knowledge about the outside world because of her upbringing. Other than that, shes a headstrong and fearless lady who respects her tribe a lot

59. Sarahebi

Sarahebi Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Sarahebi works under Black Maria and appears to be a jolly woman. She used to be a teacher at the Flower Capital before. Shes extremely loyal to her crew and wants the best for them. She used to teach the children that Kozuki Oden is a villain and Orochi and Kaidou are heroes. Shes a cunning and smart woman who always does what she wants. 

58. Camie

Camie Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Camie acts as a comical person in One Piece due to her exaggerated reactions at being shocked or surprised. She seems to have really bad luck as she gets eaten by Sea Kings every time she goes out. Shes extremely naive and tends to trust others a lot. Thats why she also gets caught every time she goes out. Other than that, Camie is very kind-hearted and helpful towards others

57. Kikunojo

Kikunojo Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Kikunojo is a samurai and the retainer of the Kozuki family. Shes a cheerful and friendly person who also has a strong sense of justice. Shes very protective of her loved ones and becomes extremely emotional when she loses someone close to her. She takes great pride in her role as the retainer of the Kozuki Clan. Other than that, shes a kind and caring lady who has a strong resolve

56. Shyarly

Shyarly Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Shyarly is a mermaid living on Fish-Man Island. a kind-hearted woman who helped our Straw Hat Pirates. She appears to be calm and collected most of the time but gets angry when someone says anything vulgar or rude. However, shes angry for a very short time and returns to her normal self instantly. Despite being a mermaid, she doesnt look down upon humans and treats them equally, unlike her brother, Arlong

55. Miss Valentine

Miss Valentine Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Miss Valentine is a confident and cocky agent of the Baroque Works. She always looks down upon her opponents and never takes them seriously nor does she take any situation seriously. As shes confident in her skills, shes always up for a fight. Shes a cruel woman who shows no mercy to her opponents and feels good when crushing her opponents with her weight

54. Amanda

Amanda Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Amanda is a cheerful and friendly girl who is looking for her fathers treasure. Her father left her and her sisters alone and went on an adventure. She has a map drawn on her back that indicates the location of the treasure but its not that simple to read. She gets irritated when somebody mentions treasures or adventures because of her history with her father

53. Carina

Carina Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Carina is a greedy thief who will do anything for money. She appeared in Film One Piece: Gold. She also became a Songstress in Gran Tesoro and lived a luxurious life. Despite her normal job as a songstress, Carina was still willing to adopt her thief persona. She is extremely proud of her stealing skills and gets angry whenever she is outsmarted by another thief. Despite how selfish and greedy she appears to be, Carina is a good-natured person as she was willing to help Nami after getting her into trouble

52. Belo Betty

Belo Betty Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Belo Betty is a member of the Revolutionary Army and is a commander of the Ease Army. She tends to speak in a demeaning manner with others. However, she wants them to get recruited into the Army and wants them to decide for themselves. Despite being arrogant and disrespectful towards others, Belo Betty commends strong people. She respects those who are brave and are ready to face their enemies fearlessly

51. Cosette

Cosette Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Cosette is the head chef of the Royal Household (Vinsmoke Family) of the Germa Kingdom. Shes very loyal to them and does everything they order her to do. Shes selfless when it comes to the Vinsmoke Family. Shell do even the things that will hurt her for their sake. She absolutely loves when somebody compliments her cooking and gets flustered immediately. 

50. Baby 5

 Baby 5 Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Baby 5 is the recurring antagonist of One Piece. Baby 5, the youngest member of Donquixote’s Family, was born with abandonment problems.

Despite her youth, she was a tragic figure who kept her face hidden behind a joke character. She couldn’t say no to romantic relationships or favors.

She first appears in the anime series’ One Piece Episode 608, “Mastermind”. She was a popular waifu and one of the first female characters to be introduced in the series.

The Dressrosa arc was her first appearance in the series.

  1. Tashigi
Tashigi Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Tashigi is a name that refers to the Common Snipe bird, which can be found in Asia and Northern Europe. Tashigi’s frustration at not being able to achieve her dream is also evident in the name. Oda once stated that birds cannot fly.

Her name does not mean she is a bad person. She is a strong character with many positive traits and a great personality.

Tashigi, a marine officer, works under Vice Admiral Smoker (captain of the G-5). Despite not possessing any devil fruit powers, this character is one of its most important.

She has learned to use the Haki sword against Monet, her enemy.

Tashigi’s personality makes it one of the most fascinating characters in the series.

48: Lady Toki

Lady Toki Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Lady Toki’s story begins with Oden, a pirate. Toki was just a young girl when they met on a trip together.

Toki was eventually married to Oden, and they had two children together. They then moved to Wano. One year later, Toki was saved by the Whitebeard Pirates and joined their crew.

One Piece fans will never forget the moment in One Piece history. Kozuki Toki might have been sent to the past to assist Luffy in the Wano war. But we’ll have to wait to see what happens next.

Many One Piece manga stories feature Lady Toki. Many fans hope that she will finally answer the question about her origins, even though she has not yet been fully revealed.

47: Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Kozuki Hiyori, a manga and anime character, was one of the main characters in the One Piece series.

Chapter 1044 featured some of the most shocking moments in the series and she played a key role. Hiyori was the first character to be introduced in the Wano Country introduction. She was gender neutral.

Hiyori, despite her gender was an outcast and she hid for the majority of the series. Hiyori was born to the Kozuki clan a few generations before the arrival of the protagonists.

She is the younger sister to Kozuki Momonosuke, and Kozuki Oden. However, she was later made older by her brother.

After Momonosuke was sent into future, Kozuki Hiyori left Wano and assumed the identity of Komurasaki.

Despite her age she still has a strong sense for honor and it is unlikely that anyone will question her true identity.

46: Rebecca

Rebecca Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females). Rebecca is a Corrida Colosseum woman and a warrior who holds the title “Undefeated Women.” Her family history makes Rebecca a target for trolls. However, her fighting style, the Back to the Water Dance, doesn’t injure anyone despite her intense fighting style.

She is a sweet-looking girl with pink braided hair and a slim build. She is slightly taller that Luffy. One Piece is filled with strong female characters and Rebecca is no exception.

She is a skilled swordswoman but refuses to romantically be with male characters. Many female characters are strong and powerful, but some fans wish they were more like their male counterparts.

Rebecca is one such character. She has a lot charm to go with her strong demeanor, sass and fierce demeanor.

45: Yamato

Yamato Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Yamato, the main character in the anime One Piece, is a strong, female character. In previous chapters, the manga used male pronouns and was inconsistently translated into Japanese.

A DNA test confirmed her gender identity. Yamato aspired to be a shogun just like her idol Oden when she was a child.

Her father discovered her desire and punished her. She didn’t let this stop her. Yamato’s popularity exploded after her appearance.

Yamato was an infant when she saw the young warrior Kozuki die. She was captivated by the boy and decided to be his heir.

She was determined to follow Oden’s lead and rescue her son Momonosuke from Kaidou.

She isn’t without problems. Kaidou attempts to control her mind in order to achieve what she wants.

44: Carrot

Carrot Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

One Piece Waifus & Girls. Carrot Sulong Form, a magic form that a character uses in One Piece is the Carrot Sulong Form. It allows her to glide and generate electricity.

Carrot uses her Sulong form to defeat enemies.

Carrot’s Sulong shape also improves her speed, strength and fighting ability. It is easy to understand but it is fun to watch!

Carrot is portrayed as a rabbit mink in the One Piece manga. She is friendly with the Straw Hats.

She helped the Zou citizens rescue themselves and is now close to Chopper. Chopper was given the nickname “Choniki” by her, and they have been working together to defeat Charlotte Brulee.

Carrot can be self-conscious, however, when Luffy compliments Carrot.

43: Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Charlotte Smoothie is one of Big Mom’s three Sweet Commanders. Her highest bounty is Beli 932,000,000. This is the highest among female characters.

Devil Fruit is her ability to squeeze out liquid and grow larger. This ability is helpful in getting rid of poison.

Charlotte is also a great fighter. Charlotte Smoothie, the daughter of Big Mom is a strong female character in One Piece.

She has one of the highest female bounties. Her stature and devil fruit power are impressive.

She is also a stunning mermaid, and the epitome beauty. She is the most powerful character in the series.

42: Vice Admiral Tsuru

Vice Admiral Tsuru Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

One Piece Waifus & Girls. Tsuru is a Navy female officer. Tsuru is a skilled tactician and can quickly come up with innovative ideas. Her crew calls her “Great Staff”.

Princess Rin and Yamcha are the other female characters in One Piece. These female characters have some interesting names.

Tsuru is also very intelligent and one of the most interesting characters in the series. Tsuru, Vice Admiral in One Piece, is a strong female character.

Woshu Woshu no Mi is her main ability. This ability is described in the manga as the ability to cleanse and purify the heart.

Eiichiro Oda (the series’ creator) stated that Tsuru was dangerous to pirates. She appears in filler films and occasionally in episodes.

She did however appear in the Levely Arc. Despite her strong character she has never been seen in action.

She was identified as a strong candidate to the Admiral post during Volume 74 of manga.

41: Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Catarina Devon is the protagonist of One Piece. She is a talented and attractive young female pirate. Fleur is her husband and she is the contramaestre to Black Pearl.

She is also the leader for the To All Somos Esclavos Council. Devon was made Primer after the death of Karma Betula.

This is Devon’s official status. However, it is common to see her holding a whip and a spear. Devon is uncharacteristically beautiful, but her style is very stylish and sexy.

Devon is the only female anime pirate to have a long tail. Devon has two-direction braids on his hair. He also has a witch-like nose with a devilish smile.

Her eyes are blue with a deep brown hue. Her body is proportionately larger than her male counterparts.

40: Schmuck Bonnet

Schmuck Bonnet Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

You might be interested in the mysterious Jewelry Bonney, a female pirate from Japanese anime.

The title character is one of the most mysterious characters in the series.

She is able to shapeshift and alter her appearance at will. Her family history suggests she is the daughter Annie Bonney, a pirate.

Fans love her sexy personality, constant red lipstick and charming personality.

39: O-Tama

O-Tama Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

O-Tama was one of the first characters to be introduced in the Wano Saga. Although she is a child, her Kiba Kiba no Mi ability is very effective.

She lives in the Kuri area of the Wano Country. She weaves Kasa for survival, as well as a kunoichi while she is an apprentice to Tenguyama Hitetsu.

O-Tama is very close to Luffy just as Ace was in the past. Ace was one the pirates that showed empathy to Tama, and helped her overcome many hardships.

Tama was interested in joining their crew Ace, but he said that she was still a child and needed to train as Ninja to join the crew.

38: Sadi

Sadi, a powerful antagonist, is the main antagonist of the Impel Down Arc.

She is thin, with long, untangled orange hair that covers her eyes and bangs.

In design and style she looks like a dominatrix. She wears black shoes and a headband.

She is a quick temperate and prefers to be called “Little Sadi.”

37: Portgas D Rouge

Portgas D Rouge Best One piece Waifus & Gils (Females)

Portgas D. Rouge was first seen in One Piece Anime Episode 460. Episode 91 introduces the Japanese version of Portgas D. Ace.

Portgas D. Ace is the manga’s protagonist. She was born on an island. Dadan, her mother, adopted her as a child.

Vice-Admiral Garp cared for Ace after Portgas D. Rouge died. Rouge, despite her fierceness, was still respected and didn’t reveal her bloodline.

Portgas D. Rouge, a character in the anime with an initial “D”, is the only one with a death date.

Ace was a fan favorite. He was the son of Pirate King Gol D. Rod and was raised with Luffy and Sabo.

He was a key character in the story’s first halves and was involved directly in the Marineford War. This war was the most important in the Great Pirate Era.

He is also a typical pirate and a devil fruit drinker. Although he didn’t have a great name, he was a loyal companion and ally.


Kokoro Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

Kokoro is the main female character in One Piece manga. Her big smile and swelling neck make her look like a fish.

The long, green hair of her is tied in two braids. A white shirt, burgundy tie, orange vest and beige pants are worn by her.

Pink jacket and cape are also hers. She is very funny. She has a unique voice and smiles when she’s sober.

She is very open to Rufy and laughs at other characters who are scared. She believes Tom is still living.

It is not surprising that her voice sounds pleasant because she drinks alcohol a lot. She is also a big fan of cats and has tried to get them as pets. She enjoys manga and anime.

35: Charlotte Pudding

Charlotte Pudding Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

One Piece fans were not happy with Charlotte Pudding’s age. Although she was presented as the 33rd child of Big Mom, many fans assumed that Charlotte Pudding wasn’t younger.

Later, the story was updated to say that Charlotte is now the 36th child. Charlotte Pudding is at least 16 years old, despite this.

Charlotte Pudding is now only a few episodes away from becoming a major character in the anime and manga series.

Pudding is a woman character but she is strong and intuitive. She is strong-willed, and can do anything.

She survived Big Mom’s Haki blast by resisting it. Her exoskeleton provides protection from regular weapons and makes her extremely durable.

She is also poison-proof, and can make poison. This was what she did to save Luffy

34: Sora Vinsmoke

Sora Vinsmoke Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

Sora was strong, kind and a mother. She was passionate about saving her sons, and would even sacrifice her own life to save them.

She took a drug to counteract the effects from genetic modification surgery during her pregnancy. Except for Sanji, it didn’t affect her sons.

Sora was a strong advocate for empathy and compassion in her children, and she was also very emotional about family matters. Sanji is a Modified Human.

He was part the scientific team that discovered Lineage Factors, and used them to create superhuman soldiers. Sanji calls himself Mr. Later, it is revealed that Sanji is the Prince of the Germa66 Kingdom.

His parents rejected him and he was cast out of the family. He never assumed command of the nation.

33: Big Mom

Big Mom Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

One Piece’s most powerful pirates are the Yonkos. Big Mom is one of them. Big Mom, despite her immense stature is no ordinary pirate.

Her special abilities allow her to control others and even destroy battleships. One of her special powers is the ability manipulate human souls. This ability was acquired through the use of devil fruit.

Carmel originally owned this fruit, but Big Mom took power after her death. Although she is the owner of all three Hakis it is not clear if Yamato will ever succeed her.

The Big Mom has an distorted view of womanhood, regardless of their size. This idea will adversely affect the storyline.

Her ideal woman is the big-titted angel who supports her family but is too coded. There are many other interesting female characters than the one depicted here.

32: Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

Reiju, a one-piece female character, appears in “One Piece: Sensei’s Adventure.” She is a clone from Sanji and one of the strongest heroines of the manga.

She has superhuman strength and can bend metal objects. She is also a fighter, and can headbutt her enemies.

Other superpowers of her include her ability resist an attack by Prometheus and her Raid Suit which she can use to protect herself against their attacks.

Reiju is known as Poison Pink, a Princess of the Germa Kingdom who is the eldest of the family.

She is also a commander of the Germa66 and an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates. She is just like her brothers in having curly eyebrows and sometimes wears light pink lipstick.

Reiju has a purple hairband.

31: Koala

Koala Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

One Piece’s Koala is one of the most sexy and vivid female characters. She is sweet and volatile.

Her royal orange hair and dress make her look like a princess. The role of Koala in the series’ plotline is just as important as her personality.

Tiger Fisher saved Koala from her slavery at Marie Geoise by saving her past. The Fishmen Pirate crew escorted her back to her home, where she was raised. Koala then joined the revolutionary Army.

She is a skilled fighter and battle-honed. She is very close to Sabo.

30: Nico Robin

Nico Robin Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females)

Nico Robin is the series’ recurring female character. She is a cool ship historian and can grow extra limbs whenever she wants.

Nico Robin was first introduced as a villain for Crocodile. Later, he earned Luffy’s trust by becoming a member of his family.

One of the most memorable scenes in the show is Nico Robin growing duplicates of herself with the Flower-Flower Fruit. She then uses the Fruit to grow another pair of limbs.

This character has a dark past and was forced to leave her home many times as a child. This made her a strong character and taught her to trust herself.

The Devil Fruit abilities of this character are particularly impressive. She can grow thousands of limbs on any surface. This ability allows her to control Hakuba and defeat Black Maria in battle.

29: Princess Vivi

Princess Vivi

Vivi was leader of Alabasta’s kingdom during the Zou arc. The World Nobles were their main antagonists.

Vivi was not an experienced spy so she trusted Luffy. However, she needed to seek out the Straw Hats’ help to defeat the villain.

After defeating the villain, Vivi stayed behind to care for Alabasta’s citizens. She was also a good friend to the Straw Hat crew and even offered to die for them.

Vivi, despite her low popularity, is still a significant character in the franchise. She appears in the series’ final chapters mostly through Oda’s eyes.

Although she hasn’t made any big appearances in the series, her appearance in anime was a welcomed change.

Her role in the plot was also important, as she helped the Straw Hats solve Baroque Works’ mystery.

28: Nami


Nami is a popular character in the series and her cat-stealing skills are admirable.

She is the third member in the Straw Hat Pirates. After her father’s death in war, Bell-mere adopted Nami.

It also examines the families of other characters. Nami is the weakest character of all, but her loyal personality and bravery make it a great character.

Nami’s clothes change throughout the series. She can wear a tank top and shorts or a bikini top with star pendant.

She also wears high heels throughout the series. They make her appear taller, but they don’t slow her down.

Nami wears a scrunchie for her hair, and high-heeled sandals at the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

She is a fun, playful girl who knows her strengths and limits. She is the navigator for the crew.

27: Shirahoshi


Shirahoshi is one the most prominent female characters of One Piece.

She is the Maelstrom Spider Pirates’ captain and was Whitebeard’s ally during the Marineford War.

Although she sided with Whitebeard in the fight against Vander Decken, IX, she was later betrayed and suffered serious injuries. He died shortly thereafter.

Fans may find her immaturety annoying, but her determination and strength of character make Shirahoshi a compelling protagonist. Shirahoshi, a devil fruit user has more power than any other character in One Piece.

She is still learning her powers and can lose control. Boa Hancock and other female devil fruit users have also mastered their powers and are now in the ascendancy.

Shirahoshi is an excellent example. She isn’t the only strong female character in this series.

Shirahoshi, like Koby has a fragile personality. She is also prone to cry. She can break into full-blown tears when she is upset.

She was treated by her family during the episode. She burst into tears when Luffy threatened to kill her.

Luffy’s yell was misinterpreted as anger by her, but she does sometimes cry in joyous, fearful and sad moments.

26: Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is one the most beloved characters from One Piece.

Although she is a slave to a Celestial Dragon, she’s one of the most beloved characters in anime.

Luffy, her best friend, is not a person she harbors any ill feelings for. She doesn’t hate anyone, unlike other Empresses.

She falls in love with Luffy, and she becomes his wife. Boa Hancock has a history enslaving men.

She is a skilled long-range fighter who uses her Devil Fruit powers from far away to attack her enemies.

Hancock attacks Marine soldiers and pirates during the War of the Five Kingdoms. Because Ace is Luffy’s brother, her feelings for Ace are not known.

25: Mocha


Mocha was the main character in the anime One Piece. She was the third character to be introduced by the anime.

Mocha, a human girl that fought alongside the heroes in the anime, was the one who took down the NHC10 and fought alongside them.

A powerful sword was also her weapon of choice, which she used in battle against the Giant to win the battle. In anime, she is described as an acrobat that can pass through objects at light speed.

Mocha plays an important part in the series’ plot and has an empowering role in manga. Mocha’s story began when she was kidnapped 5 years ago by Caesar Clown’s henchmen.

Both her parents had died, so she was taken to Punk Hazard with her captors. Her father, whom the Straw Hat Pirates had murdered, had transformed Mocha into an enormous.

She was scared and confused throughout the experience. She realizes that she can’t die and asks for help from the Straw Hat Pirates, but she is unable to resist the pressure.

She believes she can save other children and bring them home to their families.

24: Nojiko


Nojiko is a fictional character in the manga One Piece. She is the adopted child of Nami and Bell-mere, and the owner of a Cocoyasi Village tangerine farm.

She is also a supporter of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Arlong Park Arc. Wakana Yamazaki voices her in the anime series. Tiffany Grant plays a part in the videogame.

Nami’s oldest adopted sister, Nojiko, is Nojiko. Although she is more reserved and grounded than her sister, she is still there for her sister.

She is tattooed on her right arm, chest, and often seen supporting Nami. However she can get in trouble sometimes.

Gestures are one of her favorite ways she shows solidarity. Nojiko likes lipstick gloss and red headbands.

23: Nico Olvia

Nico Olvia

One Piece features Nico Olvia, an archaeologist and mother to the Ninja Robin.

Robin was a great friend and loved by her. She considered him an extraordinary person for being able to read Poneglyphs so young.

Nico Olvia also loves food and has the same passion for it as Robin. She had lighter skin and hair, but she had black hair.

Robin’s hairstyle was short and curly as a child. This disguised the fact that Robin was an archaeologist.

She was an archaeologist, and an expert in Poneglyphs. Robin’s mother was so passionate about her son that Robin sacrificed her life to protect her.

Unfortunately, her life was cut short by the discovery of the Poneglyphs by the World Government. Later, she was imprisoned but could not reveal her secret identity. The world learned the real history of the Poneglyphs.

22: Monet


Monet, a female character in One Piece, uses cunning tactics and cunning strategies to get the upper hand.

In the manga, she wears blue heels and bloomers. Sometimes, she transforms into large demon entities.

She can be a bit too confident, but she often underestimates her foes. For example, once she assumed Zoro wouldn’t attack a female.

Monet is calm, however, and doesn’t get upset or angry often. Monet was born with wings and legs from a human on Punk Hazard Island.

21: Kuina


Kuina is a fictional character from the One Piece franchise. She is Zoro’s childhood friend, and the daughter Koshiro.

It is her story that Zoro created his Santoryu technique.

Kuina, however, isn’t a character you can root for like Zoro.

She looks more like a normal female character in the series than a strong one.

20. Giolla


Giolla is a Donquixote Pirates executive-ranking character and an officer in the Trebol Army.

She can be proud of herself and mistakenly takes compliments as praise. She resents constantly being called praises by her enemies.

Giolla enjoys making artistic desserts. Giolla and her party invaded the royal palace during the dressers’ arc. They faced many sea-bound enemies.

Giolla was also taken prisoner by straw-hat pirates after she invaded Sunny.

19: Kalifa


Kalifa, a female character in One Piece, is the first to appear as the secretary to the Iceberg. She is a serious businesswoman who is loyal to her master and can be prone to sarcasm.

Her trademark phrase, “That is sexual harassment!” is well-known. Kalifa is a bright, calm woman who anticipates Iceberg’s needs.

She is the CP9’s ex-secretary in one of the episodes. Kalifa, the only female member of Water 7, is the antagonist.

She is the daughter Laskey’s principal antagonist in the Water 7 Arc. Although her character is not fully developed, her personality and appearance are very similar to a bookworm.

One Piece’s female characters have a surprisingly well-developed character, which is remarkable considering the manga’s intended audience.

18: Kaya


Kaya, the main character in One Piece manga and anime is a young girl. She is Usopp’s love interest and lives in Syrup Village, on the Gecko Island.

She becomes indebted after the Straw Hat Pirates attack her village. She listens to his tall tales, and accepts him as an liar.

Kaya has learned more about her father’s legacy and Kaya is able to share this knowledge with others. Kaya is a bright young girl who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Although her father gave her the opportunity to explore archaeology, she admires the intellectual pursuit.

They share many commonalities. Both are skilled marksmen and excellent scholars. Kaya is a passionate sword fighter. Usopp is her mentor and her inspiration.

17: Charlotte Chiffon

Charlotte Chiffon

One Piece’s popular anime series features Charlotte Chiffon as a female character. She is one of the few characters to have a sister.

She is kind, loyal, and caring. Her powerful presence is so frightening that members of the notorious pirate crew are afraid of her.

Chiffon loves her husband and son deeply, but she also feels resentful for her mother’s treatment.

Chiffon is Capone Bege’s wife and a member the Fire Tank Pirates. She is the 22nd daughter of Big Mom, the former minister of Tottoland.

Her oval face is similar to that of her twin Laura, and she has pink spots on her cheeks. Chiffon is a dedicated wife and mother to Capone.

16: Bell-Mere


Bell-Mere, a supporting character in One Piece’s Japanese manga series is an important one. She is Nami’s mother. She fights her lust for adventure as well as her duty to her people in the first saga.

She chooses to stay with the Straw Hat, despite her desire to travel. She finds herself in a love triangle in later sagas.

Nami isn’t sure what her feelings are for Bell-mere but still feels a strong connection to her home. She can imagine talking to Bell-mere and does regret leaving her home.

She then feels a sudden tug on her back. She soon realizes that the nudge is coming to her from Bell-mere’s spirit. This episode marks a turning moment in the series.

15: Makino


Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Makino, a tavern worker, is the star of the latest episode. The episode begins with a flashback of Makino at the Windmill Village Tavern.

Makino is a very kind man and seems to have a special place for Luffy. Luffy and Makino love each other, but who will father Makino’s child?”

One hint: She was one of the four Yonko from the Sea.

14: Porche


Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Porche, a Foxy Pirates member, is considered the “Idol”. Blue eyes and a pointed nose are her trademark.

A pink jumpsuit with puffed legs and a bikini underneath is what she often wears. She also wears white puffballs, and she is adorned with a Foxy Pirate mask.

During certain Davy Back Fight events, she also wears a Foxy Team shirt.

13: Muret


Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Muret wears a yellow tight dress and has her long, pink hair in a bun. She has a pale complexion with a mole in her left eye.

She is very proud of the courage and strength of the Bellamy Pirates. Muret giggled when Bellamy asked Nami to switch sides with him.

Muret didn’t intervene after the Luffy battle and did nothing to help Nami save her friend. She was born in Nortis and heard the tale about Noland the liar.

12. Miss Monday

 Miss Monday

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Miss Monday is Nefertari Vivian’s secret guardian. She is a muscular, large woman who uses brute force to win battles.

Her primary abilities are her unmatched physical strength, and her ability to drink liquor. After waking her, Mr. 5 finally defeats Miss Monday.

One of her quirks is her ability to make her opponent drink lots of alcohol, which causes her to become sleepy and can even cause her victim’s death.

Miss Monday is a mysterious character that was first introduced in manga. She is a nun disguised to be an ordinary person.

Her attire included a white dress, a black hat, and soft, high-pitched voices. In the manga, her name is frequently called “Miss Monday”.

Nami challenged Nami to a competition on her drinking during their encounter. Nami was then challenged to a drinking competition. She stated that she would be happier if she was healthier. She fell asleep, and the crew saved her.

11: Marianne

Marianne Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females).

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Marianne, or her alias Miss Goldenweek, was one of the main antagonists in the “Little garden Arc” Arc. She was also Mr.

Her common name is the “Flagbearer for Freedom”. She is a brilliant painter who uses colors to fight her battle and assists Mr. 3. in his deception.

As a teenager, she is laid back and loves to sip tea.

Marianne’s childish appearance is one her tools of deception. Marianne uses her talents as a painter and hypnosis to defeat her adversaries.

10: Viola


Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Viola is the most well-known of the female characters in One Piece. Viola was first introduced to the manga and anime series after she met the Three Hearts characters.
Viola offered to teach the trio how to get to the royal palace when they were on their way. Viola warned them not to take public lifts as the costumes could raise suspicions.

Luffy was inspired to kill Viola after this incident. Viola escaped the palace and joined the team to save the heroes from the evil villains.

9: Charlotte Flampe

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Charlotte Flampe, the youngest of the Charlotte Family’s children, aspires for Katakuri to be her favorite sister. She is well-known for her vain behavior.

Flampe founded the Katakuri Fan Club as part of her quest to fame.

But, Katakuri was shocked to see her true form and she stabbed her for her respect.

Flampe can float, and she is fascinated by bubbles.

8: Ulti


One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). One Piece’s female characters are arguably the most powerful. Ulti’s power is comparable to Juggernaut in X-men.

She is a powerful warrior, whose head can withstand multiple hits. She was the strongest and had the second highest bounty.

Her personality and appearance make her a fascinating addition to the One Piece cast of female characters. Name is the first thing that stands out about Ulti.

Nanora, Ti and Roppo are all connected to the Japanese dragon word. Her name is a combination. The word that means “to crush” and “to protect” is the source of the latter. The Devil Fruit may be referred to in the latter, but the first two elements of the phrase are likely to be a play on her surname.

Ulti, unlike most female characters, is the Yonko commander who has an unlimited bounty of nine32 millions berries.

She was the one who engaged Luffy on Whole Cake Island in the manga series. She also has the Shibo Shibo no Mi ability, which allows for liquid to be drained from any object.

Her use of the Pachycephalosaurus compliments her battle style.

7: Black Maria

Black Maria

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Black Maria is one the many female characters of One Piece. She is a member of the Tobi Roto and first appears in the Wano plot where Kaido’s allies attack his city.

After eating the Ancient Zoan fruit, she transforms into an old spider. This is an interesting aspect of her personality, but it’s not all that unique.

She is also known for her flirty personality, and she is known to be very kind towards Momonosuke. Black Maria was possibly named after the black widow spider.

Black Maria is a brothel owner on the island Ofigashima in the manga. Despite her brutal reputation, she is a kind and caring person.

Her fellow prostitutes are just as clever as she is. Black Maria is a recurring character in manga, but her flirtatious nature is what makes her most recognisable.

6: Alvida


Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Alvida is the first female pirate in anime One Piece. After defeating the Pirate Empress, she falls in love with the title character.

Alvida’s love of Luffy is more admiring and romantic than romantic. However, she does feel a little sad when Buggy attempts to kill her in Loguetown.

It is not known if Alvida still hates Luffy because of what he did her ship and crew. It is not yet known how the female character will handle the death of Buggy at the end.

5: Charlotte Brulee

Charlotte Brulee

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Charlotte Brulee, a female character in One Piece manga and anime is the character.

She is an arrogant, carefree, and cocky little girl who is used by the Fire Tank Pirates as well as the Straw Hats. She is self-centered and afraid of being caught by the Grand Line.

Brulee uses her Devil Fruit power to manipulate other people to save her family. Brulee is also compassionate and cares about those she loves, despite her selfishness.

4: Charlotte Lola

Charlotte Lola

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Lola, a female pirate and captain of the Rolling Pirates is Lola. She is Linlin’s daughter, the twenty-fiveth husband Pound and the 23rd child of Charlotte.

She is twinned to Charlotte Chiffon, her younger sister. She was troublemaker as a child but found joy in helping others in her community.

Although the plot is a bit over the top, many women in the anime have similar characters. Lola, for example, is aware of the character her twin sister and holds a grudge against Moria because she stole their shadows.

She is also a skilled fighter and carries two katanas around her back to protect herself.

3: Curly Dadan

Curly Dadan

Best One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). Curly Dadan is a key character in the One Piece series. Curly, unlike Ace, is not Luffy’s biological mother.

Instead, she is a mountain gangit who cares for her foster sons. Luffy hated mountain bandits as a child and was once captured by them. Curly Dadan treated Luffy like a son and shed tears when he left.

As a recurring character, she continues the storyline. Dadan is a overweight woman with curly orange hair and square faces.

She is a thick-lipped woman with thick earrings and lips. Before the time jump, she wore a dark blue shirt, with a yellow jacket and vest.

She wore a red pearl necklace, plaid pants, and a red pearl necklace. When she was younger, she wore a heeled boots.

2: Hina


One piece Waifus & Girls (Females). The anime series One Piece has many interesting characters, including Hina, the female character. She is an unarmed combatant who is skilled and defeated Mr. Bon Clay in a one-on-1 battle.

Hina is also able to trap and restrain people through the Cage-Cage Fruit (a Paramythia Cursed Fruit).

Her abilities are also what will allow her to defeat the Baroque Works. Although Hina’s part in the story is subpar, her promise has been great.

In her cover story, she was the Marine Luffy had to beat. She was not seen in the Paramount War after her debut on Alabasta.

Despite her appearances in anime, she wasn’t the famous pirate, royal or inventor. She was just another aspect of Monkey D. Luffy’s childhood.

Hina is also a moonwalker and hypnotist. She is able to manipulate the minds of others, which allows her to hypnotize enemies.

She also uses her chakrams in order to hypnotize, throw, and slash her opponents. Her ability to control the thoughts of others is key to her character development.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about her talents!

1: Perona


One piece Waifus & Girls. Perona is the main female character in One Piece. She is a girl who has the Devil Fruit. Perona is able to astral project and control an astral body, so she can leave behind her body.

The celestial body of the star is protected and can not be injured, but her body is immobile and weak, making it impossible to attack her.

Kumacy, a doll bear representing Perona in anime, is Perona. Some of the anime’s strongest female characters are also some its most powerful.

Perona, the manga’s protagonist, is a character with a large amount of power. She is also extremely sympathetic and cares deeply for her comrades.

Perona is another well-known female character. She is a powerful witch with a mysterious past. Hollow-Hollow Fruit is a poison that can cause ghosts and Hollow Fruit, which can overwhelm people with negative emotions.

Perona, though a villain, has a side of compassion.

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