Best Manga For Beginners : Our Top 50+
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Best Manga For Beginners : Our Top 50+

What Is The Best Manga For Beginners ? This article is for everyone who wishes to learn manga. This article is intended for beginners and neophytes. It is open to all readers, so everyone can use it for their reading inspiration. These are 25 must-read manga books that are appropriate for your first manga. You will find everything here: romance, adventure and action, as well as more mature content that is aimed at children. We provide as much information as we can for each example, including the main information and the synopsis 

Top Best Manga For Beginners

Best Manga For Beginners is a ranking based on the popularity of the characters and the anime and also my personal opinion. You might not find your favorite characters in this list

56. Inside Mari 

Inside Mari 

Nowadays, body swapping stories are all the rage. Inside Mari is a great place to start if you want to explore the mature side of manga. Shuzo Oshimi, the author of this series, is well-known for showing readers the darker side to everyday life. This series doesn’t disappoint. It is a story of an unimaginable, grossly ignorant man who makes sense of his new life as Mari, a popular high-school girl. Although it’s cringey at times, its purpose is clear. It makes its body-swapping friends go through the emotional self-discovery process and ends up with a great ending.Best Manga For Beginners

55. Yotsuba&!

Yotsuba manga is a simple type that appeals to many non-manga fans. It tells the story of Yotsuba, a five-year-old girl who is very active. We see her amazing daily routine in this manga. Even though the main character is a young girl, anyone can read this manga! Yotsuba is not yet being adapted into anime. However, you can still enjoy the story by reading the manga. Because of its straightforward story, this manga is easy to read for beginners.

54. School Rumble

School Rumble

This is the story about a second-year high school student with one question. It is a simple question of whether a boy would notice her or like her. Our main character has a huge crush on , a juvenile delinquent who suddenly realizes that she has a huge crush on him too. This story is full of life-changing events, ups, downs, and the refreshing stories of high school students, which makes it a great choice for beginners. Best Manga For Beginners

53. Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride

Because the story can be compared to certain aspects of our daily lives, this manga is much easier to understand. It will be easier for everyone to understand! Ao Haru Ride shares the story of Futaba, a strange girl. Futaba is a girl who craves attention from boys. Many middle school boys gave her lots of attention because she is so cute. The girls in her class began to hate her and shun her. Futaba had few friends. She didn’t know it would be a huge turn when her first love Kou returned after a long absence. Although Kou wasn’t the same boy, Futaba still felt the same way for him and wanted to return to the good times. Best Manga For Beginners

52. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

This is the story about two nemesis, Risa Kozumi (left) and Atsushi Okatani (right). Risa discovers that Atsushi Ottani is interested in her friend, and she wants to team up. Risa also becomes interested in her friend and decides to team up with him. All in vain. Instead of crushing fall for one another, they are left baffled. They decide to be happy together after that incident and discover they share many similarities. Could they be in love? Watch Lovely Complex to find out!

51. Blue Flag

Blue Flag

You will be captivated by good old romance manga. Let’s talk about Blue Flags. This is the story of Taichi Ichinose, who shares a class room with Touma Mita, one of his childhood friends. Taichi sees himself in a timid and awkward classfellow. Shes Futaba Kuze. Taichi meets her one day at the library. That’s when Taichi discovers that he lovesTouma. He helped her at the library. Blue Flag is the place to go to see if our boy has confessed his love for Futaba! A romance manga can never go wrong for beginners! Best Manga For Beginners

50. Hikaru no Go

Hikaru no Go

Have you ever heard of Go? It’s funny that neither of these characters is the main character in Hikaru to Go. Hikaru, a long-gone Go master’s spirit, is reluctantly taken into the world of strategy games that are rarely played and very complicated. Go is played with two players on a board, just like chess. It’s similar to chess in that it is easy to learn, but hard to master. The manga’s first page is a fascinating tour of Go through Hikaru’s novice eyes. As Hikaru gets more involved in Go, the story explodes. There are strong personalities, intense tournaments and an extensive exploration of what it takes for a player to win.

49. Ajin: Demi-Human

Being immortal is not all it seems. Japan is in a state of flux due to a recent rash of unkillable freaks. Nagai Kei, our hero, isn’t too concerned about any of it – until he discovers that he’s an Ajin. The series is simple to follow and doesn’t rely on old tropes. Kei’s immortality is not due to tournaments or training arcs. Ajin instead tells the compelling story of Kei, who navigates a government that views him as both a threat to and an ideal subject for testing. Best Manga For Beginners

48. Astra lost in space

 Astra lost in space

This is a short, but very enjoyable, romp through space. A group of high school students are lost on an interplanetary field trip. They try to return home but it is too late. It’s not as easy as it seems for these well-defined characters, who move from one planet to the next. Astra Lost in Space is full of great intrigue and a satisfying conclusion. Best of all, if it was a good series, the author will continue to work on a new series called Witch Watch. Best Manga For Beginners

47. Uzumaki


Junji Ito, the horror master, is well-known for his many terrifying manga creations over the years. Uzumaki by Ito is one of his scariest and best works. It should be read at night, in darkness, during storms, or right before bed. It’s so scary. Although it doesn’t contain many jump scares you will feel the increasing sense of terror radiating from the pages. The horrific imagery is likely to stay with you.

46. Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu tells the story of Seiichirou Kitano, a kind and naive boy. Although he has the heart of an angel, he looks like a devil. You guys have ever seen someone who appears to be a devil but has a kindheart. If you don’t know Seiichirou Kitano, then you may be curious. It might be worth reading Angel Densetsu to learn more about the misunderstandings Seiichiro encounters.

45. Rent A Girlfriend

Rent A Girlfriend

Rom-com stories can be very easy to understand. We have another amazing recommendation for beginners! Rent A Girlfriend is a sweet and funny story. This story is about Kazuya, a college student who was dumped by his girlfriend. One day, however, he stumbles upon a mobile app that allows you to rent a girl for yourself! He then meets Chizuru Mizuhara, who fills the void in his heart and is rented as his girlfriend. Best Manga For Beginners

44. Red Hood: The Hunter’s Guild

Red Hood: The Hunter's Guild

Red Hood, a brand new series, features stunning artwork and a fresh approach to monsters and folk heroes who hunt them. The monstrous werewolves that it has bred are as clever as they are ugly. Since there are only a few chapters, this is a great place to start. Red Hood releases a chapter every week, just like many other manga. Red Hood allows you to get into the chapter release-hype as soon as you finish the longer, in-progress series.

43. Genkaku Picasso

Genkaku Picasso

This manga is so clearly drawn and plotted that you may be taken aback by the first glimpse of Hikari Hamura’s sketches. His drawings are pure nightmare fuel and look nothing like the rest. It is a problem for everyone, even Hamura. Genkaku Picasso seeks meaning in the bizarre drawings that span three volumes. This bridges the gap between the run-of-the mill series and the horrifying sights of Junji Ito. This manga is for all ages and aims to push the boundaries of what all-ages manga can explore. This makes perfect sense considering that the manga’s author, Usamaru Furuya, is more well-known for his dark themes and disturbing artwork. Best Manga For Beginners

42. Way of the Househusband

 Way of the Househusband

Our main character is a s Immortal Tetsu, who can defeat a whole gang in one hand! This super-powered MC can cause police officers to fear! But, he was suddenly made a househusband by a sudden shift in his profession! When he was just starting to do household chores, he discovered that there were many challenges on the way to the supermarket and other places. This manga shows the life of a typical house husband who was a delinquent. This manga is great for beginners, and the story is told in a simpleyet entertaining way! mangalike the Way of the Househusband is a great choice!

41. O-Parts Hunter

O-Parts Hunter

Jio, a teenage boy who dreams of following in the footsteps of his father to become a treasure hunter, tells this story. He meets Ruby, a treasure hunter and learns all about O-Parts and the people who can use them. Money is everything to Jio, who has suffered many hardships in his life and has a dark past. He begins his quest to find the treasure, and Ruby is his bodyguard. After a while, Ruby is no longer needed as his bodyguard and is taken hostage by Satan. Jio must rescue Ruby after he discovers that he is an O.P.T.S. Best Manga For Beginners

40. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho’s action-packed manga tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage criminal. He is trying to rescue a child from being run over when he’s hitby his car. He becomes a Spirit Detective in the afterlife. Yusuke is now a detective and must investigate multiple cases that revolve around demons or other spirits. Imagine yourself as a delinquent who becomes a detective when you are involved in an accident. This plot is funny. Yu Yu Hakusho may be an excellent choice for beginners who have never read manga.

39. A Disastrous Life of Saiki K

A Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The Disastrous Lives of Saiki K is a simple and funny story that can be understood. The story centers around SaikiK, a high schooler with psychic abilities. He is distinguished from all the other characters by his greenglasses, and the pink antenna-like structures that adorn his head. Saiki only wants peace. His classmates are not able to give him peaceful. They continue creating problems for him, which force Saiki to use supernatural psychic abilities!

38. Claymore


Claymore has a clear inspiration from Western sword and sorcery stories, and an impressive art style. This series is great for fantasy fans. It also features a cast almost entirely of female demon slayers who are well-developed and 100 per cent kickass. The series begins with a mix of touching character development and knightly battles. But the story takes a dramatic turn with plot twists and larger-than life battles between deranged beasts. Although it doesn’t have a large fan base or audience, its Western-style action and intricate plotting make it a compelling read.

37. Bakuman


Bakuman I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys complex stories that address real issues. It is the work of Tsugumi Okba and Takeshi Obata (authors of Death Notice). Bakuman  is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in art, comics or manga. It shows how brutal the manga industry can sometimes be. This is something many other fields can also relate to. The story follows the lives of Moritaka Takagi, an artist, as well as Akito Takagi (a writer), who decide to collaborate to create a manga. They have to deal with the harsh realities of life, compete against other creators, and face the hard truth of the world.

36. Ouran High School Hosts Club

Ouran High School Hosts Club

This title focuses on comedy and romance. A host is a male entertainer who uses his charisma to entertain and attract female customers while they shop. Ouran High School is known for its reputation as a school for the wealthy. It has a host club that allows female customers to attend and meet its members. Our main character accidentally breaks a vase worth 8 million yen, possibly due to bad luck. The club members think Haruhi is a woman because of her appearance and silhouette. They make her pay her debt. Soon, they discover that she’s actually a girl. They decide to keep the façade up, but she proves to be an excellent host.

35. Nichijou


Nichijou has a reputation for being a comedy manga with four panels that tells the story of a number of characters. The story revolves around six of them as they interact with their surroundings and each other. Yuko, for example, is the girl who dreams of a life full of adventure and learning at the expense her grades. Contrary to Yuko’s perception, Mio is smart, shrewd, and very studious. She also enjoys drawing BL, which is her most embarrassing and biggest secret. Mai, who is a silent, inarticulate person and is often viewed as an oddball with a deadpan expression. Nano, a cyborg who strives to live a normal existence, but struggles to keep her secrets and her cool.

We also have the tiny girl “the professor”, who created Nano and Sakamoto, a talking cat who can talk due to one of the professors inventions. It’s true, I confess it. Nichijou has become my favorite comedy series. Because of its 4-Koma nature, it is one of my favourite manga for beginners. Try it if possible and let me know if you like it.

34. Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku

Hell's Paradise Jigokuraku

This manga is about a ex-assassinnamed Gabimaru, who is a hollow being sentenced for any crimes that brought his to the executioner. Gabimaru was ready to go after he accepted that he would be executed. He met Yamada Asaemon Sgiri, who was going to an island with the Elixir Of Life. He learned about it and decided to fight to survive! Many others are also after the Elixir. Gabimaru must be vigilant!

33. Spy X Family

Spy X Family

Your family is more entertaining when your father is a spy, and your mother an assassin. If you were Anya, you could be the one with the telepathic abilities. Yep! Spy X Family tells the story of a special family with a lot to be proud of. Loid Forger, for example, is an undercover spy who meets Yor Forger, a hidden assassin. They raise Anya, a girl with telepathic abilities. Spy X Family is an engaging story that will keep you interested. Spy X Family is a great way to learn how to read manga.

32. Orange


Orange describes a second-year high school student named Naho Takamiya and her confusion about receiving letters from her future self. Her future self warns her not to take a wrong move and to stop her from regrettinganything. Imagine getting a letter from your future self telling you all that’s coming! This would be amazing! Naho is warned about a student named Kakeru Nause and how she is to help him.

31. Assassination Classroom

Imagine a manipulative teacher who threatens to end the world’s existence after your school year ends! What are you going to do? Do you want to kill the teacher? As it happens, in Assassination Classroom the studentsof class-Emust kill an octopuslike alien who claims to be their teacher to save the Earth and all the people in their school! Does the story intrigue you? If you want to really get into manga, you should also check out Assassination Class! I guarantee you’ll love it!

30. Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer

Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer

Yuuhi’s life changes when Sir Noi Crezant, a talking lizard, claims to be a knight in justice. He tells us that the world is under threat from mage Amius, who wants to destroy it using his Biscuit Hammer. It is a huge structure suspended in the Earth’s orbit. Yuuhi must now fight Biscuit Hammer to save the and destroy the Knight.

29. Haikyuu


This is the first sports manga I have included on the list. It is probably the easiest of all the sports titles that you can read for beginners. Haikyuu! ! revolves around volleyball. It tells the story of Shoyo Hinata, a short-sighted volleyball player, who dreams of being as good as his idol, “The Little Giant”. Hinata’s stature means that he is often judged by others. However, he has incredible athleticism, and jump capabilities. He joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball team. There, he has to work alongside the genius Tobio Kageyama (whom people refer to as “The King of the Court”).

28. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga tells a complex tale about revenge that centers around Thorfin, who travels with Askeladd, the man who killed him, and his band of mercenaries, as they participate in various Bellic events. The series is fascinating in its portrayal of the conflicts and battles at the time. It’s a good choice for fans of historical stories, tales of adventure and character development. This series is for those who love medieval tales and Vikings.

27. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

This mystery-thriller, which is hugely popular, features super-smart orphans who are trapped in a deadly game cat-and mouse with their caretaker. It’s the definition of being bingeable. Every chapter is packed with thrilling plot developments and breadcrumbs that point to an intricately thought world. And yet, the chapters always end on a cliffhanger. It’s also over, which is the best part! All of its loose ends have been tied up, and all its burning questions are answered. The conclusion was controversial because of the way it was written. If you enjoyed the first chapter, you will most likely read the entire book.

26. Made in Abyss

 Made in Abyss

Although it may seem cutesy, Made in Abyss frequently depicts scenes that can be quite difficult to digest, even for viewers who have seen similar shows before. Although this adds to the series’ personality, it can also be a problem for some viewers. So, don’t start it! The story follows an orphan living in Orth, which is a small town around the Abyss. Riko is the orphan. She dreams of becoming a Cave Raider and getting a White Whistle like her mother. This comes with great risks as she must explore the Abyss. The curse that plagues the Abyss visitors only gets worse the further they go. She does find a robot on one of her adventures and names it Reg. Riko and Reg decide to travel the Abyss to learn more about Reg, and to meet Riko’s mom, who is waiting at the bottom of the pit.

25. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka talks about Eikichi Onizuka, an ex-biker gang leader who wants to be one of Japan’s best teachers. This passion isn’t about teaching, but it’s about finding a loving teenager wife for him when he gets older. It’s quite funny and it takes place in high school so it is easy to understand. GTO is worth a try!

24. Hunter x Hunter

 Hunter x Hunter

This is a great book that should be read. First, a warning. This is an unfinished masterpiece that takes you through the fantastical world of crazy people searching for rare items. These arcs provide a wonderful introduction to the world of shonen manga. A group of scrappy heroes must pass grueling tests before they can win. After the tests are over, Gon and his company are free to go into the real world. increases the intensity of the story, decreases its reading level . It is harder to understand character motivations and the rules that govern battles can spiral out of control. Hunter x Hunter may seem unassuming. You should be ready for an unpredictable, perplexing and challenging ride.

23. Cowa!


Cowa shares the story of strange monsters called Paifu. This is the story of a strange monster called Paifu, who are threatening the lives of the residents of the town.

22. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer centers around Tanjiro Kamado. He is a boy who witnessed the murder of his family right in front of his eyes. His family was attacked by demons. After witnessing this, he decided that he would become a Demon Slayer. He completed training and passed the test.

21. Akira


Do you guys like post-apocalyptic stories and fiction? Akira manga is a great choice if you are! Akira tells you about postapocalyptic and futuristicNe-Tokyo, as well as a biker leaderknown to be Shotaro Kaneda and other legends such a trio of espersand military commanders! Kanedas childhood friend, Akira, is unbalanced and wants to awaken an unknown entity with terrifying abilities. Akira is the name of this entity! You will be blown away by this sci-fi adventure!

20. Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya Sama  Love is War

True love is war! This story is about two intelligentstudents who come up with clever schemes to make each other confess their love. Kaguya (our main character) and Miyuki (our heroine) are our main characters. They are indeed in love, but they need the other person to confess it first! It’s a very interesting manga even for beginners. Give Kaguya Sama Love is War a shot!

18. Reincarnated as A Slime

Reincarnated as A Slime

This manga is a banger! Reincarnated as a Slime tells the story of Satoru Miami, a corporate slave. He was murdered one day and was reincarnated into a slimeinto a world full of goblins, and other monsters. This manga tells the story of Satoru Mikami’s adventures in a totally different world.

17. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone has many interesting characters and a shonen-like plot. But the best thing about Stone is its premise. Every single person on the planet becomes a stone statue after the earth is suddenly flooded with a bright light. As the world is swallowed up by the wonders and beauty of nature, years and years pass before our main character finally wakes up. He is Senku. His name is Senku. He does everything he can to help his best friend, and together they will save all those around them and get humanity back on the right path to progress.

16. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man will be a great manga/anime. It tells us that Denjiwas an innocent boy who was betrayed by his boss.He found Makima and everything changed. Denji, a young man signs a contract to a devil-like dog named Pochita. This gives him the superpower to transform his bodyinto chainssaws! Makima, a Public Safety Devil Hunter worker, sees such amusing power and decides to hire Denji to help him eradicate other devils.

15. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, a great choice for beginners, is also one of our top picks. This manga tells the story about Yuuji Itadori, who is now facing the consequences for his actions. That is, he swalloweda cursed fingers which made him a host for the evil spirit Sukuna. He now has to interact with Sukuna and fight other evilcreatures.

14. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can't Communicate

Komi Cant Communicate begins with Shouko Komisfirst school day. Her looks and intimidatinggaze make her a popular student at her school. She is quite popular, but there’s a problem. She has a hard time communicating with people. Her new friend Tadano, kun has her back! He promised that he would make Komi have 100 new friends. This is a simple, cute story that’s great for beginners.

13. Berserk


The seinen series Berserk was created by Kentaro Miura (a legend in manga). The manga tells the story of Guts, a former mercenary who is betrayed and robbed by his best friend. Guts is betrayed and finds himself in many difficult situations. However, he finds the strength to persevere. It is amazing to see Guts’ growth throughout the series. This is enough to make anyone enjoy it.

12. Vagabond


Takehiko Inoue is the manga’s author. He has also written popular manga like Slam Dunk and Real. Vagabond is the story of Miyamoto Musashi (a legendary samurai) who travels across Japan to sharpen his swordsmanship skills. Musashi encounters many strong opponents on his journey that teach him important lessons. Vagabond is a fictionalized Musashi’s story and takes readers through ancient Japan. It’s perfect for history and action fans.

11. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket was a Shojo manga by Natsuki Takaya and is the basis of one of the most loved romance animes to date. The manga tells the story of Tohru, an orphan girl, whose life is changed when she meets Kyo Yuki and Shigure Sohma. Tohru meets the three people and discovers that the Sohma members are cursed. They turn into animals according to the Chinese zodiac. Tohru is a caring person who helps the Sohma members to heal from past wounds. She also learns about the opinions of others.

10. Monster


Written by Naoki Urazawa, is a timeless classic. Tenma is a surgeon who saves the life a boy. However, he soon discovers that there are many murders around him. Tenma soon discovers that the boy he saved was responsible for all the murders and decides to stop him. Tenma is eventually led on a quest to unravel many mysteries. Every chapter in Monster has something special and interesting enough to keep readers on their screens.

09. One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is an epic shonen manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. It was serialized in 1997 and is the longest-running manga. One Piece has broken numerous records and shows no signs of slowing. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy as he dreams of becoming the Pirate King and finding the One Piece. Luffy and his crew members explore many islands together. This manga series is different because it offers an adventure-filled story and many characters that sets it apart from other manga series.

08. Naruto


Written by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto Was a member of the Shonen Jump’s “Big 3”. In 2014, the manga came to an end. It is concluded Naruto You can enjoy the story without having to wait for the next chapter. Naruto Uzumaki is the central character of the story. He is determined to one day become the Hokage. Naruto must go through many trials to achieve his goal. The manga is full of ninjas and powerful aliens that grab the attention of readers.

07. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

Many consider Dragon Ball to be the series that set the foundations for the shonen genre. It is responsible for many people having an amazing childhood. Akira Toriyama put his heart and soul into this series. It was a huge success. It follows Son Goku (a Saiyan sent by his parents to Earth). Goku, despite being a young child, has an incredulous strength that separates him from other earthlings. This manga explores the life of the young Saiyan, as he attempts to make sense of a new world.

06. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One Punch Man was very popular in its first season. Its animation was of exceptional quality and attracted a lot of attention. Yusuke Murata illustrated the manga for One Punch Man.There are few manga that can offer the perfect combination of comedy and serious action. The main character is a very entertaining character.

05. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia was written by Kohei Hornikoshi. It was first serialized in 2014 and has gradually become a face of Weekly Shonen Jump. Midoriya Izuku, a teenage Boy, is the victim of cruel fate in an age where nearly everyone was born with quirks. Midoriya cannot awaken any quirks, leaving him depressed. However, a meeting at All Might, the Number 1 hero, changes his whole life.

04. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist ranks among the top shonen series. It is very entertaining to watch because it doesn’t have any unnecessary fillers or lengthy content. It is one of the most popular manga series, having sold more than 40 million copies. The manga is about the Elric brothers, who transmute their mother to become a vampire. However, their experiment goes wrong and they end up losing a lot of their bodies. The brothers embarked on a quest for the Philosopher’s stone to correct their mistakes.

03. Bleach


Bleach by Titekubo was part of the “Big 3”, which also included Naruto and One Piece. It, like the two previous series, has a large fanbase that continues to be active for many years. The manga is home to many powerful characters who can give any anime character a hard time. Kurosaki Ichigo is the main character in the series. He has a life-changing encounter with Rukia, a Soul Reaper. Rukia, exhausted from her fight against the hollow, transfers her powers to Ichigo and he enters the world of Soul Reapers.

02. Death Note

Death Note

Death Notice is the most popular series in the world. Tsumugi Ohba wrote the manga series and Takeshi Obito illustrated it. Yagami Light is a high school student who discovers an unusual notebook called the Death Note. Light’s megalomania escalated after he discovered the notebook’s power and began to believe he is a God. L is a formidable opponent to Light, whose intelligence helps him limit the former’s power. It is one of the most popular manga for beginners because of its intense rivalry.

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01. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan has been a major hit in the past decade. Hajime Isayama’s manga is well-known for its twists and heartbreaking moments. Attack on Titan manga was stopped serializing in 2021. However, anime continues to be published. The story takes place in an era where humans live within the walls to fend off the threat from titans. The titans break one of the walls and cause the deaths of many, including Carla Jaeger. Eren Jaegar, a young man, is forced to join the Survey Corps after the death of his mother. combat the titans.

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