Best High School Horror Movies
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Best High School Horror Movies

Best High School Horror Movies. High school is a outstanding horror film. The purpose you are nonetheless studying is that, at the same time as it is a dramatic point, you could probable empathize with that declaration in a few manner. Anyone who has ever walked the halls of a excessive faculty is aware of that there may be extra to existence as a youngster than document playing cards and sleepovers.

Mix puberty with experimental substance use, faux pals and mother and father who “simply do not get it”, and matters can get quite messy. As duties increase, frame modifications and relationships become “complicated”, excessive schoolers have lots to parent out earlier than they may be catapulted into adulthood… and it is quite terrifying.

Horror movies set in excessive faculty normally capitalize on teenage nudity and sexuality, bullies and their vengeful sufferers, in addition to friendship and betrayal. Most of the movies in this listing function characters or storylines which might be so relatable, really due to the collective enjoy all of us persevered withinside the halls of excessive faculty.

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Whether you have been attempting out on your first sports activities group, sneaking out for the primary time, or asking your overwhelm to bop at faculty, your excessive faculty reminiscences have been probable at one time or any other on the threshold of suspense, apprehension, and anxiety.

The evil figures have been both evil instructors with terrible overdue paintings policies, or untrustworthy classmates who smiled on your face however unfold rumours at the back of your again. The faculty grounds have been a acquainted and secure vicinity, however additionally a excessive-threat place rife with secrets and techniques and suspicions.

Teenage rise up is what makes excessive faculty such an exciting vicinity due to the fact the teenage years are approximately pushing boundaries, taking dangers and surviving. High faculty horror explores the concern of werewolves, serial killers, zombies and extra. Discover the pleasant excessive faculty horror films with this great listing BY NNTHEBLOG…

27 Cry Wolf

Best High School Horror Movies .This slasher takes vicinity in a pinnacle boarding faculty really eliminated from the relaxation of society, an out-of-the-normal placing for a excessive faculty horror film. Cry Wolf tells the tale of some teenagers who play a recreation of the equal call, wherein they are attempting to bet who the “Wolf” is.

The organization in the end takes it too far, spreading chain emails at some point of the campus approximately a masked killer at the unfastened, which slowly begins offevolved to return back authentic. This movie captures the developing electricity of the Internet on more youthful generations at some stage in the 2000s, and the solid consists of large names like Jon Bon Jovi and Jared Padelecki. While it acquired low crucial ratings, it does broaden a completely unique darkish educational environment to perform its scares.

26 Carrie

Carrie High School Horror Movies

Best High School Horror Movies. The authentic Carrie takes what have to be the maximum magical night time in a excessive schooler’s existence – the long-awaited promenade – and turns it right into a bloody nightmare. Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) lives a sheltered existence beneathneath the shadow of her uber-non secular mother,

grappling together along with her telekinetic powers which might be as unknown to her as her very own puberty. Of course, Carrie receives uninterested in being the butt of each joke, unleashing her righteous anger on that fateful nighttime. This film properly captures a number of the darkest corners of excessive faculty, whether or not or now no longer you could relate to being sopping wet in pigs blood in the front of your peers.

25 Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer’s Body is just too natural for this world. Released in 2009, the movie fell flat on the container office, more often than not due to the advertising and marketing campaign’s recognition on promoting intercourse as opposed to horror.

Written through Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult) and helmed through Karyn Kusama (The Invitation, Yellowjackets), the movie stars Megan Fox because the titular Jennifer. Following a satanic ritual long gone incorrect, she’s become a succubus and starts offevolved preying on her schoolmates to live to tell the tale.

It’s as much as Jennifer’s pleasant buddy Needy to position a prevent to the teenage succubus’s reign of terror, however their friendship is destroyed withinside the process. Jennifer’s Body is one of the pleasant excessive faculty horror films really as it does not pull punches in terms of the toxicity that exists withinside the close-knit friendships borne from spending every day in a thoughts-numbing school room.

24 Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II High School Horror Movies

A haunted excessive faculty is horrific sufficient, however a excessive faculty it truly is haunted through the spirit of a Nineteen Fifties birthday birthday celebration woman is even worse. Following a completely Carrie loss of life, wherein a jealous ex-lover by chance lighting Mary Lou on fire, the merciless youngster’s ghost is trapped in an vintage trunk.

When the trunk is opened 30 years later through goody–footwear Vicki, she’s possessed through the without end randy ghost of Mary Lou, and – of course – havoc ensues.The now-possessed Vicki thumbs her nostril at her mother and father and her faculty predominant at the same time as the ghost of Mary Lou is going on a supernatural killing spree,

maximum drastically withinside the faculty’s artwork room, in which she terrifies a goth youngster with the whole thing from a paper cutter to a bespoke noose.This would not be authentic excessive faculty horror (or part of the unruly and disjointed Prom Night franchise) if it failed to stop at a promenade, in which a demonic Mary Lou takes a corporeal shape and is going out with a bang.

Incredibly underrated and a lot extra a laugh than you could imagine, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is a should-see for horror fanatics who like their scares with a large aspect of camp.

23 A Nightmare on Elm Street

 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Best High School Horror Movies. The authentic A Nightmare on Elm Street imparts to audiences that nowhere is secure from otherworldly threats now no longer even your very own imagination. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) chases Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) at some point of her dreamscape, and those occurrences begin bleeding into her waking fact while a number of her classmates and pals land up lifeless.

This conventional youngster scream units up a franchise that introduces audiences to an ’80s horror icon. As the tale unravels, it additionally encourages visitors to agree with the judgment of the movie’s more youthful opposite numbers as opposed to the omissions of its secretive adults.

22 Final Destination

Final Destination High School Horror Movies

Best High School Horror Movies. The first withinside the franchise, the authentic Final Destination proves that even in case you depart the halls of excessive faculty, horror will locate methods to observe you. Ready to embark at the senior ride of a lifetime, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) forums a flight to Paris with the relaxation of his magnificence. His break up-2d premonition approximately the aircraft crashing comes authentic, kicking off a frightening collection of activities.

He learns that Death itself is claiming the survivors of the accident, choosing them off one at a time. On the threshold of the brand new millennium, this movie ushered withinside the new generation of 2000s horror, which frequently multiplied reasonably-priced scares with a stunningly practical experience of surprise value.

21 The Class of Nuke ‘Em High

The Class of Nuke 'Em High

Best High School Horror Movies. Located subsequent to a nuclear electricity plant, Tromaville High School is challenge to a radioactive water leak that turns the honour society into a set of mutated freak bullies referred to as the Cretins. Rather than look for a remedy to their predicament, the mutated teenagers do the whole thing of their electricity to contaminate their fellow college students.

While now no longer a conventional horror film, this Troma conventional is the best accomplice to David Cronenberg’s early frame horror movies. Much like withinside the actual world, the teens of Tromaville High School ought to address converting bodies, surprising romance, and the pressures of becoming in, all at the same time as seeking to make the grade.Audiences who recognize the now no longer-so-diffused nuances of Class of Nuke ‘Em High have to do themselves a want and test out the complete trilogy.

20 It Follows

It Follows High School Horror Movies

It Follows is a cautionary story and a scarily practical depiction of the effect of sexually transmitted disease. Following a steamy night time together along with her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary), excessive faculty pupil Jay (Maika Monroe) discovers that she is subsequent in line to be stalked through an entity so one can path her anywhere till it receives the risk to kill her. Her best out could be to have intercourse with a person else, passing it alongside in addition.

A Roger Ebert evaluation stated, “The horror on the coronary heart of ‘It Follows’ is not a unique hazard, however the indistinct know-how that not anything lasts forever… That sort of primordial dread is embedded withinside the movie’s visible style.” Monroe expressed hobby in a sequel only for the risk to paintings with director David Robert Mitchell one extra time.

19 Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Best High School Horror Movies. The premise of Battle Royale has been known as the predecessor to dystopian loss of life fits like The Hunger Games, however this film staked its declare first.

Directed through Kinji Fukasaku, this Japanese mystery positions a massive organization of ninth grade college students in opposition to each other in a combat to the loss of life.

On a far off island, the teenagers carrying collars set to detonate if regulations are broken are informed to warfare it out with supplied weapons, till one victor stays. The movie has fittingly been remembered as cruel in its execution, in extra methods than one.

18 The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The Blackcoat’s Daughter High School Horror Movies

Three separate timelines include this gothic horror movie that follows a disparate trio of younger ladies guided to homicide through a demonic presence. This darkly eye-catching movie captures the abnormal vacancy of a Catholic boarding faculty withinside the lifeless of winter, turning each appearance and verbal exchange right into a awesome opportunity of terror.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter had an upended launch method that noticed the 2015 movie getting a really good sized launch in 2017 earlier than extra or much less falling through the wayside. It’s a disgrace, too, due to the fact this debut through Oz Perkins (son of the authentic Norman Bates, Anthony Perkins) establishes a distinctively bleak tone that by no means shall we up.

It’s uncommon that a contemporary-day horror film is that this purpose on obfuscating its tale from the target target market and defying their expectancies, and that is precisely why this movie desires to be celebrated.

17 The Craft

The Craft

Moving to a brand new metropolis withinside the center of your excessive faculty years may be traumatizing, however what in case your new faculty became populated with witches, burnouts, and creepy jocks? The Craft’s excessive faculty placing is not simply an excuse to discover the cliquey nature of youngster-dom – the faculty itself is extraordinarily spooky.Filmed at Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, CA, the acute Catholic overtones deliver the oppressive environment of this fictional excessive faculty an exceedingly creepy vibe.

The Craft does not simply rely upon its faculty’s bodily vicinity to illustrate the horror of being a youngster; as soon as the organization of younger witches realizes their electricity, they at once cross from the lowest of the social meals chain to apex predators. Not best do they bully their former tormentors, in addition they research simply how smooth it’s miles to be corrupted through electricity once they activate every different in an try to actually ruin the most recent member in their coven.

16 The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones

Australian filmmaker Sean Byrne is aware of the way to prepare a horror flick, even supposing he is best made one movie seeing that his directorial debut The Loved Ones in 2009. But why enhance on close to-perfection?

Xavier Samuel performs grieving, guilt-ridden excessive-schooler Brent, who likes not anything higher than to tear a J and self-damage in his spare time. Robin McLeavy stars contrary him as Lola, the literal manifestation of the overly connected lady friend meme, who, after being rejected through Brent, tablets him, kidnaps him, and hosts her very own one-on-one non-public promenade.

With a crimson dress, a candy smile and a penchant for lobotomy, Lola and her father deal with Brent to a night time he will by no means forget, proceeding on including him to their cellar complete of ex-boyfriends. There’s an entire sub-plot approximately Brent’s lifeless dad that gives the impetus for each his seize and escape, however, allow’s be honest, you may need to look at it for the creatively merciless torture strategies. Plus, there is a haunting scene set to Kasey Chambers’ saccharine pop hit “Not Pretty Enough” so one can break up you down the seams.

While the few critics who’ve visible it have commonly been beneficial of their reviews, The Loved Ones has loved not one of the publicity it merits and could nonetheless elicit a “The Loved what?” whilst you point out it at parties.

15 Return to Horror High

Return to Horror High High School Horror Movies

Return to Horror High is an early meta horror-comedy that takes goal on the slasher movies of the Eighties at the same time as itself being a completely cool little slasher. The tale follows a movie team as they try to make a cheapo horror film set at Crippen High School, the webweb page of a brutal homicide spree that stays a mystery.While attempting to complete their film, actors, team members, or even a creepy manufacturer fall sufferer to a killer, whom they trust to be the culprit of the authentic crime. The movie now no longer best performs with its placing, using each school room and hallway at the grounds; it additionally performs with the target target market’s expectancies of a horror film. If Return to Horror High slipped beneathneath your radar, it is genuinely really well worth in search of out.

14 Excision


Best High School Horror Movies. From the get-cross, Excision serves to surprise, main with outcast lady person Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) and getting stranger through the 2d.

Pauline wishes not anything extra than to be a surgeon, and is unwilling to allow her volatile intellectual kingdom or propensity for lucid delusions preserve her again. Fascinated with blood, dreaming of lethal intercourse, and working towards her craft on her neighbours, she is going to severe lengths to in addition her fantasies, and guard her more youthful sister Grace (Ariel Winter), whose doubtlessly terminal cystic fibrosis affords the idea for the movie’s maximum harrowing scene.
Although Excision premiered on the 2012 Sundance Film Festival to a fantastic reception, no person noticed it thereafter, because it loved no cinematic launch and got here at some stage in the time earlier than the Neon, A24 and Blumhouse boom, while smaller scale and indie horrors commenced to take priority on cinephiles’ watchlists.

Reappraisal or, you know, simply appraisal display it to be playfully sharp, purposefully gory and extra profitable in its narrow eighty one minute runtime than many similar movies are at double its length. Plus, its were given a chief dose of weird-cred, supplied through Malcolm McDowell and John Waters in helping roles.

13 Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior High School Horror Movies

Things can also additionally appear to be they may be all at the up-and-up withinside the upwardly cell network of Cradle Bay, however there is some thing sinister taking place on the neighborhood excessive faculty. A organization of clean-cut, overachieving college students referred to as the Blue Ribbons is taking on the faculty and brainwashing every body who poses a hazard to their authority.

This wisecracking tackle The Stepford Wives and Invasion of the Body Snatchers went unappreciated upon its 1998 launch – possibly due to the glut of youngster horror being launched on the time – however it stays a prescient and a laugh movie approximately teenage individuality.If Disturbing Behavior suffers from something, it is the very abnormal advertising and marketing that attempted to make the film appearance extra like Scream than it certainly is.

At its coronary heart, the movie is set paranoia and the dearth of religion teenagers have in adults and the academic system, plus it consists of a few sincerely a laugh plot factors approximately microchips getting shoved into teenage brains. Needless to say, It’s now no longer pretty the whodunit it claims to be. Regardless, simply strive gambling this again-to-again with The Faculty, and you are in for a rock-strong night time.

12 Teeth


Best High School Horror Movies. Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler) is a 17-12 months-vintage woman who actively advocates abstinence earlier than marriage as a member of a Christian association, selling the carrying of a virginity ring. She meets a brand new member of the organization, Tobey (Hale Appleman), and at once the 2 excessive faculty college students glaringly enjoy a robust mutual bodily attraction. When they eventually display their attractions, they determine to prevent seeing every different fearing to interrupt their vows of abstinence.

Only they deliver in to temptation and meet close to a herbal fountain in which they swim collectively and seduce every different. Finally they kiss and while Dawn modifications her thoughts and pushes again Tobey, the latter starts offevolved to rape her till Dawn’s panicked vagina bites and tears away Tobey’s penis. He leaves the scene horrified after which Dawn, simply as shocked, escapes in turn.

After a bloody go to to a gynecologist and a web seek at the vagina dentata, Dawn is familiar with that she has sharp tooth in her vagina. She will then take manipulate of her sexuality and punish with this new electricity the guys who will disrespect her.

11 Scream 4

Scream 4 High School Horror Movies

Ten years have surpassed because the tragic and closing activities skilled through Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in Hollywood. The latter returns to her hometown, Woodsboro, for the merchandising of her first book: Far from the Darkness. On this occasion, she reveals Dewey Riley (David Arquette), now sheriff of the metropolis and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), stricken by her loss of suggestion connected to a run of the mill existence that poses a trouble for her in her profession as a journalist.

But this heat reunion could be very speedy disrupted through the advent of a serial killer hidden beneathneath the gown of Ghostface who murders college students earlier than attacking a set of younger human beings which includes Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), Sidney’s cousin.

10 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

How did it take two decades for Michael Myers to run wild in a boarding faculty? Halloween H20 takes Myers out of his acquainted Haddonfield, IL, placing and brings him to Summer Glen, CA, the vicinity of Hillcrest Academy, in which a sure Laurie Strode is now running because the headmistress after faking her loss of life.

Myers stalks the campus, rendered eerily silent way to a faculty-huge discipline ride that leaves only a few college students (read: sufferers) wandering the dorms. What have to be a a laugh weekend spent partying in a massive, empty faculty and not using a instructors or mother and father – and Mediterranean Revival aesthetics, no much less! – speedy is going pear-formed while the scholars research a masked killer is lurking simply across the corner.

9 All Cheerleaders Die

All Cheerleaders Die High School Horror Movies

Horror-comedy All Cheerleaders Die made a dash on the Toronto International Film Festival again in 2013, however secured best a restrained launch thereafter, and has in large part been forgotten through fanatics of both genre.
The plot follows a set of socially vampiric cheerleaders who die in a sad accident, and a compassionate Wicca, who brings all of them again again. But with one principal difference: Now, as opposed to feeding on popularity, they feed on human beings.

They group as much as take revenge at the footballers who induced their deaths, and bloody mayhem ensues.
Funny, horny and self-aware, the movie takes chunks out of the everyday excessive faculty and chick flick genres, at the same time as using lots of their maximum critical tropes. Originally meant to be the primary in a supernatural collection, All Cheerleaders Die didn’t release and has seeing that diminished into the ether, out-shined through instantly-up youngster flicks like Twilight, or maybe extra meta offerings, inclusive of Happy Death Day (2017) and The Babysitter (2017). Nonetheless, it is probably time to present it any other appearance.
Is it Shakespeare? No. But it is rattling entertaining.

8 The Faculty

1 The Faculty

Best High School Horror Movies. Sometimes being in excessive faculty can sense like you are starring in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and in The Faculty, that worry turns into a fact – a gaggle of slug-like extraterrestrial beings take over a excessive faculty, beginning with the academics earlier than taking on the complete pupil frame.

It’s as much as a Breakfast Club team of misfits to keep their faculty, now no longer due to the fact they love the campus or something, however due to the fact they simply need to preserve a shred in their individuality. That’s now no longer the very best element to do in any excessive faculty, in particular one it truly is crawling with hive-thoughts alien creeps.

The maximum scary moments withinside the movie employ the overpowering creepiness of an empty excessive faculty withinside the center of the night time. What starts offevolved as a ordinary vicinity is rendered a residence of horrors on this new, shadowy context.

7 Slaughter High

Slaughter High High School Horror Movies

Slaughter High is wild. This VHS conventional has by no means sincerely gotten its due for a mess of reasons (the video switch is leader amongst them), however this story of excessive faculty revenge needs to be visible to be believed.

After an April Fool’s Day prank long gone incorrect sends excessive faculty nerd Marty to a psychiatric hospital, the previous college students go back to their dilapidated faculty for a reunion. Once they arrive, they may be taken out one at a time through a masked killer with a ill experience of humor.

Seeing the previous college students fall again into their excessive faculty conduct is simply one a part of the a laugh of this nasty little B-film; its kills and real cruelty make it a should-see for fanatics of the ’80s slasher boom.

6 The Final

 The Final

Revenge of the nerds! If you ever felt such as you have been positioned down, positioned upon or positioned up with extra than sufficient in excessive faculty, this is probably the movie for you.

This 2010 excessive faculty horror sees the magnificence outcasts turning the tables on their tormentors in a bloody night time of revenge. Luring the jocks and plastics to a faux residence birthday birthday celebration, the outcasts don horror outfits, spike the punch and tie up their classmates, treating them to an nighttime of torture that consists of a livestock gun, needles, undergo traps and a corrosive acid face cream.

Written and directed through unknowns Jason Kabolati and Joey Stewart respectively, the movie cunningly capabilities some of ex-baby stars, which includes Jascha Washington (of Big Momma’s House and Like Mike fame) and Laura Ashley Samuels (Awkward and Modern Family), the use of their familiarity to hammer the horror home.

In-maintaining with the heritage of its killers, the costumes and strategies hired to take aside their classmates reference a big selection of different horror movies, which includes, in what can be the movies private cut, Takashi Miike’s Audition (1999).
It’s a less than excellent study the teenage condition, however one of the few movies that sincerely attempts some thing different. An best accomplice piece to The Cabin In The Woods (2011).

5 Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night (2011) High School Horror Movies

Best High School Horror Movies. Since Charley has been courting the maximum stunning woman withinside the establishment, he starts offevolved to despise his pleasant buddy, Ed. While numerous college students disappear, Charley meets his new neighbor, Jerry. Soon, he realizes that Jerry is a vampire and that he should remove the monster as quickly as viable earlier than his mother, his lady friend and he are at the menu of this hematophagus.

4 Cutting Class

Cutting Class High School Horror Movies

It’s a disgrace Cutting Class became launched instantly to video in 1989, due to the fact this hilarious excessive faculty slasher have to be a cross-to movie for the spooky season. The movie is not a lot a spoof of horror movies from the Eighties as it’s miles a darkly comedian take at the genre’s tropes.The movie’s movement predominantly takes vicinity at a excessive faculty, and it makes a meal out of each school room the target target market can imagine.

A instructor has his head slammed into an lively reproduction machine, a bow and arrow set from an archery magnificence receives a few extreme misuse, and the store constructing turns into a serial killer’s playground at some stage in the climax. To pinnacle all of it off, Brad Pitt co-stars because the damsel in distress – what extra ought to you need?

3 Cherry Falls

Cherry Falls

In maximum horror films, the best surefire manner to live to tell the tale is through closing a virgin. That’s now no longer the case in Cherry Falls. In this small metropolis, teenage virgins are being worn out through a mysterious killer, and each person is a suspect.

Brittany Murphy stars as Jody Marken, the neighborhood sheriff’s daughter, who is now no longer prepared to head all of the manner, despite the fact that the relaxation of her classmates are throwing an vintage-faculty orgy to hold themselves from being the subsequent sufferers in their neighborhood manhunter.

Coming in at a clean ninety one minutes (even much less with out the credits), Cherry Falls will come up with that scrumptious horror film whiplash, so long as you do not damage your self with its Wikipedia page.

If you’ve got averted Cherry Falls due to its hokey poster that makes it appear to be a overdue-level Scream knock-off, it is time to queue this horrific boy up. The filmmakers keep away from the pitfalls of overdue ’90s and meta-horror through specializing in developing eerie visuals that meld flawlessly with its twisty slasher narrative.

If this film became launched in 1981, it’d be a liked conventional, however unfortunately, it aired on USA in 2000, so it stays an underseen gem.

2 Detention

Detention High School Horror Movies

It’s now no longer completely clean why Detention by no means acquired the eye it deserved while it became launched in 2012, almost a 12 months after its debut at SXSW.

Starring Josh Hutcherson and Spencer Locke, the movie is a sci-fi/horror mash-up that combines slasher tropes with time tour, frame swapping, and conventional John Hughes storytelling.

When a serial killer going through the call Cinderhella is ready unfastened on Grizzly Lake High School, the misfit college students are left to remedy the mystery.

Placed in detention on promenade night time, a set of 5 disparate allies has to keep away from getting mutilated withinside the gift at the same time as they tour to the beyond to restoration the future.Detention is a non-prevent thrill journey that defies expectancies at the same time as gambling off the target target market’s know-how of the genre.

1 Veronica

Veronica High School Horror Movies

Paco Plaza’s Spanish-language Ouija horror Verónica (2017) can also additionally appear to be a normal catholic schoolgirl ownership movie from afar, however it’s miles something however.

Verónica (Sandra Escacena) can also additionally have 3 siblings to appearance after nearly single-handedly, however she’s your ordinary youngster in terms of excessive faculty neither famous nor outcast, and cushty sufficient to evade the magnificence eclipse-viewing and cross summoning the spirit of her lifeless dad withinside the basement. She does not financial institution on what involves her instead, however, and the shadow of a demon stalks her for the relaxation of the movie.

Like each Ouija movies combined, however with a fragment in their budgets, double the inventive credibility, and 3 instances the scares, Verónica is wealthy with symbolism and innovative cinematography. It manages to preserve goosebumps for great periods, opting by no means to rely upon leap scares and going deep at the mounting dread that consists of it fluidly from first body to closing.

While the movie became decided on for the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival’s lineup, and became nominated for a smattering of awards thereafter, it has seeing that languished withinside the Netflix algorithms, playing neither a huge publicity nor the phrase of mouth appreciation that frequently follows an English-language launch of comparable calibre.

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