Batman vs.  Robin Reveals The Heartbreaking Truth About Alfred’s Return
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Batman vs. Robin Reveals The Heartbreaking Truth About Alfred’s Return

The revived Alfred Pennyworth, who appears to be back alive and well from the grave in Batman vs. Robin #1, reveals a devastating secret in Issue #3.

Alfred Pennyworth who was resurrected from Batman vs. Robin is actually the Devil agent Nezha created from a fragment of Alfred’s true soul, Issue #3 revealed.

The truth behind Alfred’s resurrection takes place on the last page Batman vs. Robin #3 as Batman duels a mind controlled Nightwing wielding the Sword of Sin. To catch Dick off guard, Batman lets his former Robin stab Alfred with a sword, revealing a green demon who has taken the form of the beloved Wayne family butler.

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Batman goes on to explain that he knew the resurrected butler was a spy three minutes after meeting him in Issue #1. He points out a number of subtle differences between the real and fake Alfred – for example, a couple sharing oolong tea and talking about Alfred’s grandson in Batman vs. Robin #1, and Bruce points out that Alfred hates oolong and has no grandchildren.

“You know enough about Alfred’s life to answer all my questions,” Bruce said. “But it’s not enough to refute me when you think I’m telling the truth. I was playing around so as not to warn your master.”

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The Real Alfred Reveals Himself

As Nezha’s spy inhabiting Alfred’s body flew away, a small echo of Alfred’s real soul appeared and spoke to Bruce. Echo, who calls himself only a “shadow” of the real Alfred, begs Bruce to stop blaming himself for the events of 2019 Batman #77 when Bane kills Alfred by breaking his neck.

“You’re on the other side of the world,” Alfred echoed. “Even you couldn’t possibly prevent it. This is unnecessary regret. And I can’t find peace when I see you carrying such an unacceptable burden.”

Bruce finally agrees to stop blaming himself, and Alfred’s soul fragment goes into the afterlife, but not before muttering that “parents sent their love” Bruce. Though maybe Alfred hasn’t been fully resurrected – especially after Batman and Damian might defeat the Devil Nezha at the end Batman vs. Robin — that heartwarming moment once again cemented Alfred as the closest thing Bruce had to a father figure since his birth father’s death.

Batman vs. Robin #3 written by Mark Waid, illustrated by Mahmud Asrar and Scott Godlewski, colored by Jordie Bellaire, written by Steve Wands and featuring cover art by Asrar and Nathan Fairbairn, Alex Maleev, Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey, Mateus Manhanini and Mario ” Fox” Foccillo and Prasad Rao (Pressy). This issue is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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