Amy Robach and TJ Holmes: Will They Get Fired?  Separate?  Or what?!?

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes: Will They Get Fired? Separate? Or what?!?

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes did appear together in a romantic sense.

However, with the professional fate of journalists expected to be decided at any moment, one thing seems clear:

They will not be together at the same table.

Once again.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes: Will They Get Fired?  Separate?  Or what?!?

Robach and Holmes took off the air a few weeks ago as co-anchors of GMA3 (an extension of Good Morning America) after photos surfaced of co-workers acting VERY comfortable with one another.

One of these photos, for example, features Holmes holding Robach’s buttocks.

Did we mention that the two television personalities are also married?

According to Variety, ABC News President Kim Godwin informed staff in early December that the alleged affair had been an “internal and external disturbance”, and “want to do what is best for the organization”, which he believed at the time to be a suspension. for both sides.

Radar Online is now reporting that Robach and Holmes – each having hired a high-powered attorney – will mediate at some point this week to determine their future with the network.

TMZ has reported the same, adding that the meeting will likely be “mooted” as ABC executives will encourage Robach and Holmes to be separated on set… even if they are asked to return to the morning show.

Other insiders have stated that employers are keen to keep Robach around – but are far more hesitant to keep Holmes as an employee after he was portrayed as a sexual predator in a VERY disturbing passage that went viral last week.

“A lot of the top brass at the show think they should be fired,” a People Magazine source now reveals, adding:

“But the problem is they can’t fire them so they are really in trouble and trying to figure it out.”

Indeed, many questions remain about what rules Robach and Holmes would really break at ABC if they were to be let go for reason.

They seem to have cheated on their partner, yes. But is that a breach of contract?

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes attend ABC Disney Upfront 2022 at Basketball City – Pier 36 – South Street on May 17, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images,)

Previously, a source confirmed to People that the co-hosts “have not been laid off” from the news program, although it is still unknown whether the pair will return to their broadcast roles.

“There is no negotiation about their future. ABC is finalizing their investigation,” the source said at the time.

“While it is unlikely they will return in their current capacity – the longer time passes, the less likely they will return – there are still open lines of communication and further discussion about what will happen.”

Even though the investigation is ongoing?

“They just go along and do their thing,” a second insider told People about the romantic side of this relationship.

“There is no reason to fire them and they are confident they will not be fired. The network is just waiting for things to cool down. This happens in companies all the time.”

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