American Horror Story Builds its Own Connecting Nature

American Horror Story Builds its Own Connecting Nature

American Horror Story has created its own connected universe, which has made way for various theories suggesting links between characters from different seasons, as happens with both Montgomery characters introduced so far. Although different characters and events appeared or were referenced throughout the first seasons of the series, it wasn’t until season 8, Apocalypse, that American Horror Story confirmed that all seasons live in the same universe, bringing together characters from Murder House, Coven, and Hotel.

Since then, every season of American Horror Story has been meticulously analyzed to see if there were connections, teases, and Easter eggs that further connect characters and events, and this has also made way for a variety of theories. Among them is one that suggests there’s a link between the two Montgomery characters introduced so far in different seasons: Murder House’s sinister doctor Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) and Coven’s powerful but dangerous witch Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts).

American Horror Story: Murder House introduced the ghosts that live at the title haunted house, and among them was Charles Montgomery, the original owner of the house. Charles built the house that became known as Murder House in 1922 for his wife, Nora (Lily Rabe), and he was known as a “surgeon to the stars”, but he started to develop a “Frankenstein Complex”, stitching together assorted body parts of animals. Charles became addicted to ether, which impacted his work and he became unable to pay bills, so Nora came up with the idea of performing illegal abortions in the house’s basement. The plan was a success, but it also brought tragedy for the Montgomerys, as the vengeful boyfriend of one of their patients kidnaped their son, Thaddeus, and dismembered him.

Charles used his surgical skills to sew his son back together and successfully brought him back to life using the heart of one of the girls who visited him for an abortion, but the result was a grotesque, demonic creature that become known as The Infantata. Years later, in American Horror Story: Coven, the audience met Madison Montgomery, an out-of-control teen celebrity and a powerful witch.

Madison’s main power is telekinesis, but she mastered other magical abilities as well, and among her most notable actions was bringing Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters) back to life after his body was dismembered in a car “accident” provoked by her, but Kyle had a very hard time recovering physically and mentally, and was very aggressive at first. Now, various theories suggest that Charles and Madison are related, not just because they share a last name but due to their abilities to bring others back from death, with both having dangerous consequences. The theory is supported by medium Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) being surprised to meet Madison, telling her that she knew many Montgomeries in her day, in reference to Charles and Nora.

If American Horror Story’s Charles and Madison Montgomery are related, this would mean that Charles had magical abilities as well, and could have possibly been a warlock. Charles’ main power could have been Vitalum Vitalis, the ability to balance the scales of life and death, and one of the Seven Wonders, though he probably wouldn’t have been powerful enough to master all of them. This theory would also link Madison to the Infantata, making her one of this creature’s few living relatives (supposing that she was brought back, but more on that in a bit). The Montgomery lineage might be one of the most powerful but also dangerous ones in the universe of American Horror Story, as they can bring people back to life and more, but they are deeply troubled individuals who use their powers impulsively and with horrible consequences.

After creating the Infantata, Nora shot Charles and then killed herself, becoming the first ghosts in Murder House. As a ghost, Charles manifested mostly in the basement and intervened in some of the tragedies that took place in the house, such as the death of Elizabeth Short and the birth of Vivien’s twins, one of those becoming the Anti-Christ in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. As for Madison, after Kyle killed her at the end of Coven, she returned to her own personal hell (a superstore), where she was rescued by Michael Langdon, the Anti-Christ. Madison was later part of Cordelia’s (Paulson) plan to defeat Michael, but the latter eventually killed her. It’s implied that Mallory (Billie Lourd) brought Madison back from the dead (again) at some point after American Horror Story: Apocalypse, but what happened after that is unknown.

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