Alone in the Dark Remake Stars Jodie Comer, David Harbor
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Alone in the Dark Remake Stars Jodie Comer, David Harbor

David Harbor said he made a horror game with Jodie Comer, but it was unclear what game it was. It is now confirmed since the two actors are the two main characters of the next Remake of Alone in the Dark.

Who are David Harbor and Jodie Comer in the Alone in the Dark remake?

Harbor plays detective Edward Carnby, a grizzled private detective who is visually quite different from his 1992 counterpart. stated that Harbor had a “strong presence” as an actor and could do well in comedic and dramatic situations. Harbor also talked about the show and what he loves about Edward.

“I knew about past iterations of the game,” Harbor said. “The world of video games is something that interests me a lot in general. The horror genre specifically. He’s kind of a gruff detective and he’s looking for something, and he’s badass, but he’s got a sense of humor. It’s a bit of a trope or a type, and I like that. And I love the world and the way it explores this madness in the middle of all the horror and stuff.

Comer plays Emily Hartwood, Jeremy Hartwood’s niece who has been haunted by a character named Dark Man. Hedberg said Comer brought a lot of nuance to the character, which made it easier for players to empathize with her. Comer also talked about Hartwood and how she tried to juggle all of Emily’s complexities.

“I love the mystery of the game and I love the picture of her,” Comer said. “There was so much about her that interested me. There’s a lot of fear in her and a lot of speculation, curiosity, dread, intrigue. There’s a lot about her that’s on edge. Yes, there’s the scary element, but she still has to go on a journey and discover different things. And there should still be room to breathe and have a fun time or a sarcastic time or a discovery time. So he’s just trying to keep all these other beats alive in the darkness of it all.

Developer Pieces Interactive also talked more about the game by talking about the psychological horror that is “more than just jumping,” the resource-focused shooter, lots of puzzles, and thick atmosphere. The team also announced the game’s release date, which is October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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