Tessa and Hardin will finally return to our screens, for the fourth (and normally last) chapter of the After saga. It is therefore time for the phenomenon inspired by the books of Anna Todd to put an end to this love story. Will they end up together? Prime Video has finally revealed when we’ll have the answer, and the good news is that there are only a few days left…

It is no longer a phenomenon, but a meteorite. In just a few years, the After saga has managed to settle in the hearts of millions of teenagers, but not only, thanks to a series of books published from 2014, which then inspired films, available since 2019. , with the release of a new chapter per year. It is therefore After: Chapter 4 which arrives in 2022 on the streaming platform, and this new film is not just any. It is especially the last, the one that will reveal to us (if we have not yet read the books), if Tessa and Hardin end up together. To find out, we will still have to wait a little, but not too much: After: Chapter 4 will be available from September 23, exclusively on Prime Video.

It’s a bit like the Harry Potter of the erotic saga, even if among the influences of After, it’s easier to find Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. But as with the story of the most famous bespectacled magician written by J.K. Rowling in pubs while she was unemployed, there was no indication of Anna Todd’s success. Because the young American started writing in 2013 … on her smartphone, and published her texts on a website, Wattpad. When it was revealed that the character of Hardin, a tormented young man whose heroine Tessa falls in love, was inspired by singer Harry Styles, then member of the boy band One Direction, the excitement was total, so an editor wanted to publish After, which almost instantly became a bestseller. And as the best jams are made in the old jars, it is also in the books that they sell the best that the films that are seen the most have done. Hence the arrival of the After films in 2019, exclusively on Prime Video.

It is therefore next September 23 that After: Chapter 4 arrives, which gives you time to embark on a marathon of the first three films, to (re) discover all the adventures experienced by Tessa and Hardin. Because the couple has lived through it, dramas, arguments and hot moments (like the famous jacuzzi scene in After: Chapter 3), since Tessa succumbed to the charm of bad boy Hardin. And we will therefore find them at the time of choice, after the incredible cliffhanger at the end of the last film, on the identity of the father of the young man. Staying in London, he sinks deeper and deeper, while Tessa must return to Seattle to pursue her brilliant career. But she will have to face a tragedy that could call everything into question…

If the books were made up of five volumes, the fourth chapter of the After saga was also announced as the last. But there is good news for fans: there will finally be a fifth film, which will be released in 2023. It is the actor Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the interpreter of Hardin, who formalized this sequel in a video posted on the After films Instagram account.

This new film will be called After Everything, and could be based on the other books of the saga, Before, Landon and Between, which tell the same events, but expressing the points of view of different characters. While this prequel seems the most likely, there’s also a planned sequel, set several years after After. But we will not tell you more, because it would be a huge spoiler to reveal to you that it is the children of Tessa and Hardin, Emery and Auden, who would then be concerned…

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