A Review of Identity Theft Shield Program
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A Review of Identity Theft Shield Program

Since the 1990’s, identity theft has grown to be a major criminal problem throughout the United States and Canada. It has resulted in thousands of dollars being lost by both business and individuals and ending up in the hands of criminals. Not only has it resulted in immediate financial losses, but it has also resulted in damaging the solid reputations of innocent victims and left them with destroyed credit histories that has prevented career advancements and home purchases. Identity theft has become one of the major problems facing society in the 21st Century.

Realizing that this problem is a growing concern for people in both the US and Canada, Kroll Fraud Solutions has developed their Identity Theft Shield program. This program is marketed by PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. and is designed to help protect your driver’s license number, social security and social insurance number as well as your medical records. By looking at your credit bureau reports and other important data, the program offers top-quality protection to your identity.

This program differs from its competition in that it is backed by one of the largest risk management and fraud prevention companies in the world. Kroll Fraud Solutions stands side by side with you to help restore your identity in the event that anyone happens to steal it. They offer up to $1,000,000 in protection to help restore your identity if it is stolen for any reason. By using proactive searches of national databases and setting fraud alerts on your credit report, this program seeks to stop identity theft before it happens to you. Another fact that sets Identity Theft Shield apart from its competition is that it offers protection for the entire family unit. Many other programs simply offer individual protection and then charge a fee for each additional person needing identity theft protection. The Identity Theft Shield program wraps this all together in one low monthly cost. This saves your family money because you will not face having to pay for multiple identity protection policies.

In addition to the differences that are mentioned above, the Identity Theft Shield program from Kroll Fraud Solutions offers numerous advantages not found in other programs. Der Räuber Hotzenplotz  One major advantage is that this program is compliant with all aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other national regulations regarding credit reporting. It also is backed by a company with more than 30 years of expertise in preventing and investigating criminal fraud. Belle Sebastian It also is formulated by one of the few companies that is compliant with the Safe Harbor Act. The Shield program also is run by investigators and customer support personnel that understand the importance of recognizing a credit fraud violation as a leading indicator of a larger identity theft problem. Overall, this program is designed to provide better identity protection than any other program on the market.

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