5 Strongest Punches in One Punch Man Anime Series, Scary!!

5 Strongest Punches in One Punch Man Anime Series, Scary!!

Strongest punches in One Punch Man anime series with the theme of the battle between heroes and villains, One Punch Man has many strong characters with various abilities. This is one of the things that makes this series interesting, because the series has so many characters with extraordinary powers.

Of course, every character in this series has their own special moves. Of the many battles that have been shown in the two seasons of this anime, here are five Strongest punches in One Punch Man Anime series moves ever in the One Punch Man anime. Check out the reviews, come on!

Strongest Punches in One Punch Man Anime Series
Strongest Punches in One Punch Man Anime Series

Serious Hit Strongest Punches Anime Series

As the strongest character ever in anime, of course the strongest move in this series belongs to Saitama. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing special about this move. However, this punch is different from Saitama’s other punches, because the amount of power released is greater.

This move was first used on Boros at the end of the first anime season. As seen in the fight, Saitama completely destroys Boros with just one strike. Due to the shockwave generated when this move landed on his enemy, Serious Fist could even split clouds all over the world.

Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon Strongest Punches Anime Series

Next, there is a Strongest Punches Anime Series move that belongs to one of the strongest monsters who ever fought with Saitama, who else if not Boros. Just like Saitama’s Serious Punch, Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon is a move Boros only uses when fighting really strong enemies.

Using this stance, Boros can release an enormous amount of energy strong enough to destroy a planet. Due to its immense power, this move is nearly impossible to block or stop. The only move that can beat this move is Saitama’s Serious Punch.

Consecutive Normal Punch Strongest Punches Anime Series

Also a jutsu owned by Saitama, Consecutive Normal Punch is actually not much different from ordinary punches. However, these punches were delivered successively so that the force was greater.

When Saitama’s ordinary punches are already very strong, it’s quite impossible to survive Saitama’s multiple punches. Like Serious Fist, this move was first used on Boros. Interestingly, Boros was also the only one who managed to survive after receiving this move.

Meteoric Burst

Meteoric Burst is Boros’ second Strongest Punches Anime Series move, after Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon. This move is usually the first move Boros uses when he’s under pressure, before finally using the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon.

This stance also allows Boros to expend great energy, as well as increase the user’s physical strength and speed. This move is strong enough to throw Saitama to the Moon. However, Meteoric Burst has a weakness because the user’s age decreases every time he uses this move.

Super Spiral Incineration Cannon

Super Spiral Incineration Cannon is a stronger variation of Genos’ Incineration Cannon. Just like the Incineration Cannon, the Super Spiral Incineration Cannon also allows Genos to emit very hot combustion energy.

It’s just that, the energy generated through the Super Spiral Incineration Cannon is hotter because it is released directly from its core. This move was first introduced in the fight against Elder Centipede, and is strong enough to burn the monster’s insides.

Even though this anime has only had two seasons, the series has featured many extraordinary powerful moves. Of course, there are definitely many powerful moves that haven’t been introduced in the series yet. So, what do you think about the five moves above?

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