5 Recommended Chinese Dramas Set in Villages, Full of Inspirational Stories

5 Recommended Chinese Dramas Set in Villages, Full of Inspirational Stories

Most of the dramas we watch often depict life in the city. Skyscrapers, as well as the busyness of workers in the city, of course, the audience can clearly see. Even so, there are also many dramas that show life in the countryside, here. The following are five recommendations for Chinese dramas that have a rural setting, curious? Let’s see!

On the Way to Hope (2021)

On the Way to Hope is a drama that will air on September 15, 2021. This drama stars Cao Jun and An Yue Xi. Set in the countryside, this drama tells of Zhang Nan who is determined to live in a big city, since his mother was imprisoned for fighting with residents over irrigation water.

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Right after he graduated, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and forced to return to the village. Through his travels, Zhang Nan and his girlfriend invest their time and efforts to help the village.

Going Rural (2021)

The drama Going Rural tells of Sun Guang Ming, a secretary of the Trade Bureau’s Youth League Committee who goes to Dahuashu Village to strengthen grassroots training. The incident of poisoned vegetables made him faced with a complicated job, it also threw the village into chaos.

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Sun Guang Min was determined to defend the village from being wiped out, he opened a market with ecological vegetables, showcased tourism, and used the internet to promote the village.

New Generation: Because I Have a Home (2021)

Airing on July 9, 202, drama New Generation: Because I Have a Home Tan Song Yun and Bai Jing Ting. This drama has relatively few episodes, here, which are 8 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes, suitable for those of you who prefer short dramas.

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This drama tells the story of students, Village administrator Huang Si Qi, and Zhuang Xiao Dong, who invite villagers to use e-commerce. Not only benefit, residents can also revitalize their village.

New Generation: Happiness Method (2021)

The drama New Generation: Happiness Method tells the story of a student who becomes a doctor in the Emergency Department after graduating. In order to take care of his mother, Liu Shi Lan gave up on her dream of working at a famous hospital in the city.

Liu Shi Lan decided to become a doctor in the countryside in place of her mother. There he clashed with the village chief secretary, Hai Yang. The drama will air on July 5, 2021, starring Janice Wu, Leon Zhang, Sa Ri Na, and Sun Jian.

The Story of Xing Fu (2022)

The Story of Xing Fu is a new drama set in the countryside. This drama will air on June 29, 2022, starring Zhao Li Ying, Liu Wei, and Tang Zeng. The drama The Story of Xing Fu tells of He Xing Fu whose life is filled with ups and downs, he experiences many unexpected things.

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Despite the chaos, Xing Fu lives happily with her husband, Wang Qing Lai. But that happiness had to be disturbed because a factory moved to the city and immediately took over his father-in-law’s land, he of course refused.

However, all the deals that were made did not go well, it forced him to look for work and fight as hard as he could. Xing Fu finally decides to return to his village and try to make the life he dreams of, not only for himself but for the whole village.

The series of dramas above will not only provide entertainment for the audience, but also many stories that can inspire. Is there a drama that you are interested in watching?

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