5 Darkest Characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime
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5 Darkest Characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime

The Rising of the Shield Hero has earned a reputation as one of the darkest fantasy isekai fused series. The anime distinguishes itself from more upbeat anime, such as Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Many dark characters in the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero. This series does have many bright spots, but this series is more dominated by plot twists and dark characters.

Anime characters are called dark for external and internal reasons, such as characters who are innocent, but have bad luck or characters who are cruel from the bottom of their hearts. With all that, it can be determined who is the dark character in the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero. Here are five of them!

Ost Hourai

Ost Hourai debuted in season 2 before the battle of the Spirit Tortoise. He also died in the same story arc. He was no ordinary human. He is the #1 familiar of the Titanic Spirit Tortoise, a creature bound by the Tortoise and its will to destroy. He has no personal freedom so there is nothing to discuss

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Ost does have the ability to fight against his master, the Tortoise. He can also ask Naofumi Iwatani’s group for help to kill the beast. However, he prefers to sacrifice his life for the sake of defeating the Tortoise. Despite his tragic death, what he did was the only way he could escape his terrible fate.

Kyo Ethnina

Other worlds have their own isekai heroes, some even have anti-heroes. In line with black and white, the Rising of the Shield Hero also has an antagonist, in addition to the protagonist. One such antagonist is Kyo Ethnina, a cruel bookkeeper. He was very fond of stealing other people’s powers, even experimenting with taking advantage of others.

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Kyo has also stolen unique magic, such as Spirit Tortoise. He was indeed a vicious criminal who could not be forgiven at all. There is no positive trait in him, other than his skills as a researcher. He likes to torture others with magic, sometimes even with piercing words, he even acts similarly in his pre-isekai life, which is being a jerk on online sites.

Biscas T. Balmus

The church leader, Biscas T. Balmus, is an example of how fiction can subvert the image of a kind priest who always glorifies people with the word of God. Instead of sharing love and affection, he is the mastermind of a terrible plot that wants to take down the protagonist of the Rising of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani.

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Biscas is a brutal vicious person in the Rising of the Shield Hero. He could exhaust his followers with magic, even risking their lives to trigger his combat magic. He tried to kill the four Cardinal Heroes in his final battle.

Malty S. Melromarc

The eldest daughter of the kingdom of Melromarc, Malty S. Melromarc, is a dangerous planner and user of devastating fire-based magic. He and his father, the king, were involved in the Three Heroes Church’s plot to destroy Naofumi Iwatani’s heroic career, even making horrific false accusations.

Malty’s evil and shameless nature makes her a pretty dark antagonist in the Rising of the Shield Hero. He didn’t do anything to atone for the wrong he had done, even though he almost died when the queen revealed her crimes. After the incident, he was not trusted by anyone.

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