5 Anime Movies That Make You Love Your Family More, Make You Emotional!
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5 Anime Movies That Make You Love Your Family More, Make You Emotional!

Anime is not only about action and combat. There are many anime with a simple storyline that presents a message of its own life. The themes raised can be very diverse, can be the process of self-maturation, romance, to kinship.

This time, the author will recommend five family anime films that are mandatory to watch. In addition to giving a message that is full of morals, the affection of family members in this film can certainly make you emotional when watching. Come on, let’s see the review!

When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There is a film directed by Studio Ghibli which was released on July 19, 2014. Besides having beautiful designs and animations, this film also has a calming story with a touch of fantasy and family themes.

In this film, Anna Sasaki always hates herself for not being able to get along. Anna became increasingly quiet after finding out that she was adopted as a child. Because of her asthma, Anna then moved to the countryside to get fresh air.

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While walking, Anna found an old house across the swamp. Every evening, a girl named Marnie appears at the house and plays with Anna. Marnie’s presence makes Anna better. However, there is a secret about Marnie related to Anna.

The Grave of Fireflies

The Grave of Fireflies could be one of the saddest films that Studio Ghibli has worked on. Released in 1988, this film is based on Akiyuki Nosaka’s autobiography which portrays the dark side of war after the death of his little brother.

Set in 1945, the story in the Grave of Fireflies begins with Seita and Setsuko who have to separate from their parents when they want to go to a refugee camp. The situation at that time was war so their house was blown apart by missiles. Unfortunately, the mother had to die in the refugee camp due to severe burns.

With the hope that his father is still alive in the navy, Seita and Setsuko then go to their aunt’s house to hitch a ride. However, their aunt’s treatment of them as parasites makes Seita and Setsuko choose to leave.

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The two brothers found a former refugee bunker which they turned into a simple hut. With food shortages at that time, Seita and Setsuko had a hard time just filling their stomachs everyday. Seita even had to steal because he had no choice. Their situation is further tested when Setsuko becomes weaker due to malnutrition.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Combined with fantasy elements, the film Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms becomes one of the interesting spectacles by raising mother’s affection as the focus in the story. The film, which was released on February 24, 2018, was also produced by Studio P.A Works so that the graphic design will not disappoint the audience.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms tells the story of a minor race called the Iorphs. This race has the immortality that other humans crave. One night, they were attacked by the kingdom of Mezarte and no one survived, except for Maquia. On her journey to find a new life, Maquia finds an abandoned baby who she later names Ariel.

Despite never being a mother, Maquia tries hard to raise Ariel. Maquia’s immortality makes Ariel growing up even more embarrassed to be close to her mother. That’s because they are often referred to as an elopement couple, rather than as mother and daughter.

After many years, Maquia discovers that some Iorphs are still alive after the massacre. Maquia also joins them, while Ariel joins as part of the Mezarte royal army.

Wolf Children

The struggle as a single parent can be felt after you watch Wolf Children. The film, which was released on June 25, 2012 is quite interesting because it presents an interesting story with a touch of fantasy.

As the title suggests, Wolf Children tells the story of a girl named Hana who falls in love with a mysterious man. It is revealed that the mysterious man can turn into a wolf. Even so, they still have two children named Yuki and Ame.

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Unfortunately, Hana’s husband died in an accident while hunting. As a single parent, Hana is quite difficult to take care of her two children, moreover they can turn into wolves following their father. In order not to reveal the identity of her children, Hana also moved to a rural area.


Last but not least, the Mirai film by Studio Chizu is also interesting to watch. Released on July 20 2018, we will be invited to see how parental treatment is seen from the point of view of a small child.

Kun is a 4-year-old child who is very loved by his parents. He had a big house, lots of toys, and was always pampered. When his new born sister, Mirai, came to the house, Kun was initially overjoyed.

However, he quickly realized that his parents’ full attention had shifted to Mirai. Not infrequently, Kun can go berserk when he sees his parents having trouble taking care of Mirai.

One day, Kun suddenly travels through time and meets several members of his family from different times, starting from his dog named Yukko, Mirai from the future, his mother when he was a child, to his great-grandfather. This time travel makes Kun overcome his spoiled feelings and begin to pay more attention to the condition of his parents who are trying to share love for their two children.

These five films are focused on the sacrifice and love of the family. Through these five films, the perspective on affection from family members can certainly change your view to love your own family more. Have you watched any of the anime films above?

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