3 Important Spoilers from One Piece Manga Chapter 1062
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3 Important Spoilers from One Piece Manga Chapter 1062

After last week’s One Piece manga was out of publication, this weekend the One Piece manga will be released again. However, before the official version is released, there is nothing wrong if we try to discuss some spoiler points that might actually appear in the story of One Piece Manga Chapter 1062.

Quoting from Redon and Worst Gen Forum, One Piece Chapter 1062 this time will be titled adventure on the island of science. Here we present some spoilers that are expected to appear in the One Piece Chapter 1062 Manga story.

  1. Kuma is Bonney’s Father

In the last chapter, the Straw Hat Pirates were attacked by a giant robot shark. This caused Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney to fall into the ocean which was then rescued by Jinbei. In the last chapter it was also mentioned that Bonney’s arrival to Egghead Island was to settle his business with Dr. Vegapunk.

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It was learned that Bonney and Dr. Vegapunk is related to Bartolomeo Kuma who turns out to be Bonney’s father. As previously informed Kuma has been changed to Cybord by Dr. Vegapunk. This makes Bonney angry and wants to take revenge on Dr. Vegapunk.

  1. Six clones of Dr. Vegapunk

In the last One Piece Chapter 1061 manga, it was shown that there was a young girl who said she was Dr. Vegapunk. However, from the leaks that circulated, it turned out that the figure of a young woman who claimed to be Dr. Vegapunk is a cyborg and is one of the cloned cyborgs of Dr. Vegapunk.

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And according to information circulating the number of cyborg clones from Dr. There are 6 Vegapunks, where each cyborg has its own character and free will.

  1. CP Zero Intentions to Kill Dr. Vegapunk

It was reported that when Luffy’s crew landed on Egghead Island, it turned out that CP Zero was also on Egghead Island. And what was more surprising was that the arrival of the CP Zeros was to kill Dr. Vegapunk. By bringing several Seraphim weapons in the form of cyborgs in the form of small children as a substitute for the Sichibukai, the CP Zeros are in attack mode to kill Dr. Vegapunk. It is not clear what the reasons for the World Government’s intention to eliminate Dr. The Vegapunk.

So, those are some spoilers that emerged from the One Piece Chapter 1062 manga, a more complete and accurate story we will try to discuss after the official release is issued.

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